The Forest - Putting Out Fires

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carl Dale : This is so typical of united 😂😂

Paul Koenig : You guys are fantastic! can't wait to see more!

Reiner Braun : Knowing you guys, you’d start fires

Larskin13 : You guys realize you have to beat the game now right, because stopping now would be a crime 😂

Here in My garage : Typical of United Lmao😂

SurBanPink : This is one of the best Disney movies ever.

Desert-Fox R. : Please make a series out of this

ian hachman : I lost it when he chopped the fire in half

Justin Lang : I'm 55 seconds in and I already have tears in my eyes from laughing.

Deutschutch : I'm glad Disney is becoming much more inclusive with the addition of the burn victim princess

Mikala Rouse : Jobey in a dress and on fire. There’s something I can’t unsee. I’ll donate to your gofundme page, Jobey 😂

Kat Adams : How is every video funnier than the last every single time????

Pedro : I dont usually comment on stuff but i gotta say i've been following you since the bar fight videos and I dont regret it, really good content

Scorpienne76 : I can safely say this is the only channel on which I eagerly await new uploads. I love you guys and thanks for the laughs!

meow!69 : Plane crashes in a witch / cult / hell hole .. Spends first two days trying to make fires and not destroy them and setting up a offline go fund me page for self inflicted burns .... Why try and get to safety anyways 😂😂😂 You guys are seriously the best on all of YouTube !

JDNoose : Man this was worth waiting, can’t wait for more content!

Jeppe Steffensen : Why was there a vase in the plane? (The soundeffect) xD

Chris McMillen : Did you have to wear her clothes??? Hahahahahaha

Glitch001 : Make 👏🏽your👏🏽videos👏🏽longer👏🏽to👏🏽satisfy👏🏽my👏🏽needs.

William Cochrane : HR u should do a big series of this😊 great video

Deutschutch : That stewardess costume was fire.

kutip1027 : I love your videos. I had to pause the video cause I was laughing so hard

Thori Thoroddsen : if the VR version of this game is anything like the normal version, then you guys have to make this a series, because there's so much to do and explore besides the main story (and the survival of course)

Shrek Paul : I'm sorry I'm late my birthday was yesterday and it ended at 2 am, I'm so sorry, but keep up the great work you're going to blow up and be one of the biggest youtubers

REALletsfail : Never klicked on a video so fast

Tanks4Nuthin : YES YES YES!!!!!!! I’VE WAITED FOR THIS DAY!!!!!!

dimitri kayser : Haha I love how jobey went total psychopath and started chopping the lady's head off and then put on her dress just because fluffypuppy axed a bird out of the air haha love it once again amazing and entertaining video guys!!!!

N : Saw this on reddit, fucking hilarious. It's so funny it makes me wonder if it's scripted.

Tim Tommerson 1969 : New video ?!?! I loved right now.

Thori Thoroddsen : "I've got enough meat for all of us to eat"


Blaz Zupancic : Yesss! Best way to relax and laugh on sunday eve before monday work :) ty lots

Andrew Tolmasoff : Well, the first 60 seconds was better than 90% of YouTube. I don't sub often, but when I do, I make a big deal about it.

Im AJ : I came from GameSprout and i dont consider leaving. You guys are amazing!

Nysetari Vera'liath : The real question here is what happened to that Cordon Bleu? In a survival situation you can't be wasteful as the chances of having a fire long enough to cook anything seem drastically low. Well, cook anything besides yourselves.

KidYoda : The forest videos are golden!

Bryant High : I like how, despite the laughter, this is how most people would actually during a plane crash survival scenario. Like write the dialog from this episode, and have someone read it back in a stressed, terrified manner lol #gold

cj ogden : "This is so typical of United" Yeah I know, the last 3 United Airline flights I've been on have fallen apart, spontaneously combusted, and nosedived. In different orders each time.

robbie veiga : This is so typical of United 😩😂

Sai Molleda : "is this ur first plane crash?" LMAO!

Nuto bento : I don't know why this video is so relax and funny at the same time

Seto Kaiba : Just a dude randomly killing birds lol

Funny Face Megee : I came from gamesprout

ShaunFuqua 1 : That looks like a Disney movie......🤣🤣😂

The InvictusSamaritan : Oh he set a bird in half, this is great. XD

D readker : I can't watch your videos commuting or on my break/lunch because I always end up crying with laughter... this is comedy YouTube gold!

WW2 : Lol !! This is so typical of United. That’s my favorite line Love you guys ! Had to catch up on the videos been busy with college

humanix : This channel going viral soon

MrChickenFTW : Funniest channel I’ve ever seen! Great job guys!!

Ian Penrose : Just because you're trapped on an island with mutant cannibals isn't an excuse to not dress fasionable