Denies Climate Change: house DESTROYED by hurricane!

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Thunderf00t : Fact..... hurricanes are driven by warm oceans. Fact..... the oceans are warmer than they used to be Fact..... theres a LOT of people in denial about the logical conclusion of this!

Crimson blitzer : I identify as a hurrikin.

xwize : These right wing nuts should stick to sports, church or the military.

[sic] : "I'm not an atmospheric scientist but neither are you!" - Steven Crowder. So we should just listen to the atmospheric scientists then?

Roy de Vegt : please don't repeat obvious points over and over as if most of your viewers don't already know

Kyle's talkin sh!t : You know I kind of expected you to be smart enough to know this, but Irma was not the most powerful Atlantic hurricane ever. Not by wind speeds, not by rainfall, not by barometric pressure. It's closest by wind speed in which it is part of a 4 way tie for 2nd highest wind speed. It's not in the top 5 by any other metric. You know what Atlantic hurricane does beat or tie Irma for every measurable category of intensity? The Labor Day Storm of 1935. I'm not even saying man made climate change isn't a thing. I simply don't know enough about climate science to be able to verify or disprove that. What I AM willing to say is that I find it particularly strange that people who try and support that theory, people like Thundrf00t who should have learned at least the basics of research at some point on the way to achieving a PhD., and yet you can't be fucked to do the five minutes of research I just did before boldly proclaiming Irma "the most powerful hurricane IN RECORDED HISTORY". So here is my conclusion, is man made climate change a problem? Don't know, but Thundrf00t is definitely full of shit.

Richard Watt : And bear in mind that the Tsar Bomb was supposed to be 100Mt but the Soviets put a dampener in it to reduce the yield because they were worried the energy released from the detonation could burn up the atmosphere.

Rem : i cant understand why this retards wont accept climate change. god damn hear what the scientists are saying why is america so dumb?

pfarabee : Brings to mind that scene from Erik the Viking with the sinking island and the leader assuring everyone it isn't... I assure you, Hy Brasil is NOT SINKING!

March : oh cm'on now, poor pewds was just shitposting about an idiot who thinks trump is responsible for the hurricane, that was out of context

ö. . , : Guy who made a lot of money by scamming people, says it's a scam from people who want to make a lot of money. Looks like he thinks everybody is like him.

Henrik Svensson : flat earth, no global warming, trump will kill the hurricanes with all their gunnns, otherwise fuck flat earth lets go to flat mars with elon musket if elon pussies out then build big space station to survive in space and try to get to a flater galaxy that has a better climate since it flater

systematic101 : Hurricanes have reached 185MPH before multiple times and has been higher. They did in 1935, 1988 (I was in that one), 2005, and hit 190 in 1980. Maybe the 24 hour part he may be correct but come on. Irma was not even the largest in size. By diameter that goes to Sandy, Igor, Olga, Lili, and Carl. They were all 1255-1520 KMs wide. Irma was about 680KMs. In terms of joules of energy it was still not the most powerful. Denying climate change is not the same as denying man made climate change. Since we are technically coming out of an ice age it is reasonable to consider that the change may be influenced by us but may not be caused by us. The climate change could be accelerated by us but what's coming is likely inevitable. Even if we were to switch to completely carbon neutral everything the climate would still change.

Incrediblemagpie : 21:38 " the scale of anything mankind is capable of." This is the basis of the argument that climate change is not caused by the human interaction with the environment. Look elsewhere, it must be bigger.

4estrose : Milo said, "I don't believe in MAN MADE climate change.". Milo did not say, I don't believe in climate change. HUGE difference there. We live on a constantly changing, constantly moving planet. Of course the climate is going to change. Is what going on right now, man made? Is it something new the planet is going throw? Or is this part of one of the cycles, us humans have not recorded yet? If the planet can go throw a 10 year cycle? Why could it not go throw a 100 year or 1000 year cycle? Hard science? Science dose not even fully know what is going on with the human body. What would make any of you think science understands the planet? 50 years ago science thought the female orgasm was a myth. Only within the last 20 years have we learnt that women can have squirting orgasms.

Fractal Shard : this is the natural cycle of the planet but ok thunderfoot, you know best, since you know an active volcano spits out more CO2 emissions then we have since the industrial revolution

Ed Wo : Thunderf00t love your stuff. The pine beetle problem has nothing to do with temp., it is a by product of the tree density being more than double the carrying capacity of the land. In short because we have had a logging ban in place, coupled with being extremely good putting out forest fires the tree population is the highest its been in the Colorado Rocky Mountains in the last 200 years. The over population of trees has weakened them and left them susceptible to the pine beetle.

joes04redrx8 : Fact the climate is changing Fact the climate is getting hotter Fact the climate goes through heating and cooling cycles Fact the climate will cool off again Fact nothing man has done in the past 20 years has slowed or stopped the world from getting hotter Fact at some point people will bitch the earth is cooling off Fact mankind has only been recording and tracking global temperatures for 50 years or so Fact the earth is over 4 billion years old

Anon ymous : So much intellectual dishonesty that i am losing respect for this guy more and more. The only thing he constantly had in this video is the graph that showed temperatures rising. And fine even if we assume there is no false or agenda(cough scientist get generous funding when they support climate change and none when they don't cough) in that measurement and temperatures did indeed rise that doesn't directly correlates to nether human activity or political decisions like taking a country out of the Paris agreement or Carbon taxes. When the dinosaurs were walking the earth the temperatures where a lot hotter than now and there were no humans factories and cars then. there was also lots and lots of vegetation. More than now actually. The earth was very green at the time as am certain Thunderfoot knows since he is so into science. So the question isn't whether there is a climate change or temperatures may rise or not but whether humanity is creating a hostile environment for it's own survival and that is not answered by a simple graph showing increased temperatures. As for political decisions that is even more complicated. Because getting out of an agreement doesn't necessary mean that that agreement was the best or a good solution even we assume that humans are heating up the planet and also putting more taxes on people threw Carbon tax so governments get more money doesn't mean that government will use that money to find a magical solution to save us all and not make a shitty job of them and waste them all or fill their pockets while emptying ours even more. Look you want to convince sceptics(yes because like me there are people like that, i haven't decided one way or the other, i am trying to swim threw the bullshit and see if the people so keen on this like this guy are really absolutely on it or not) that you are just looking for the best after seeing scientific results and there is no agenda at all? Then is simple. Come out and say there will be no Carbon taxes. We will sit down and find a solution to climate issues without trying to shift the burden to more economic penalties that will throw unnumbered trillions threw the years to organizations and government pockets out of the taxpayers money. That means that the government will have no motive to fund scientist only if they support human climate change theories. Do that and i will be the first to say: "Look guys, there is no gain in claiming humans are heating the planet to a bad degree, they have no money to gain from this at all so why would they insist? Let's listen because this guys may have a good point here". As long as you have carbon taxes and scientists getting funded only if the say a specific thing then you got that thing called "possible ulterior motive" hanging over your heads when you try to convince people on how absolutely scientifically right you are and you are only saying this stuff for the good of humanity and no other cause. If you have such noble goals as you say, governments and environmentalist all over the world then prove it by taking your hand out of our damn pocket and point it at the frond first and show us that you are doing what you do because you care for what comes into the future in frond of us and not the contend of out pockets. It is completely up to you to do so.

DesRoin : Great, now I have a picture of a toddler firing a MG 42 in my head 😑

The Boss : You've become such a pathetic and disgusting person.

JollyFlowFuck : Really fucking scary how these ideologues try to bent reality. That shit with the snow is still on Kilimanjaro while it lost 80% of it's ice in rapid pace. fucking scary.

critical thinking : Tons of cities found under the sea old more then 1000 years ,who farted co2 then? Warmth equals hurricanes, ok ,so when it was warmer in the past there were bigger hurricanes as well,boo hoo,,before you predict climate change and it's cause ,,how about predicting just weather one year from now

Boo : I bet it sending the hurricanes was all trump's idea.

Paul M : It's not that they're denying climate change, they're debating whether it is caused by man.

SilentMott : To think I used to like Milo, but it turns out it was just his anti-feminist rhetoric that drew me in. But he's a climate change denier, die-hard christian who believes atheists are destined for hell, has a hard on for big daddy Trump, and is famous mostly for being an inflammatory troll on stage (along with some nebulous language about being interested in underage boys). Frankly the guy's just a grade "A" prick. No wonder he used to work for Breitbart.

MichaelF : Crowder is a moron. Ignores facts and science. What a buffoon.

Gray : i feel like we are beating a dead horse with this climate denier stuff. but it's still fun. thanks for the great video Mr. F00t. I really like your new style. sort of like an investigative journalist. plz keep this format going.

Terrence Koeman : Extreme weather events are a very noisy signal. Dr. Pielke (not a "denier") explains why extreme weather events can't be statistically significant for decades to come: It seems just as unscientific to use a statistically insignificant event to support anthropogenic climate change than to try to dispel it by throwing a snowball. Neither is useful.

Fakixel : Yes the earth is warming. Now instead of telling me that in a few different ways that the earth is changing, explain how humans are doing it. Or is it not your job to educate me, which is something I get told all too often by a certain group of twats on the internet.

Aintjack : Thunderf00t is definitely autistic, he don't get normal human behavior and does not get jokes. People talking about using fans and shooting were joking and playing around, due to what they knew was coming, because that is what normal people do.

David Laughlin : "...retarded President..." You're more than welcome to go back to your retarded Prime Minister any day. Pretty bad when "I'm a scientist, but Pewdiepie gives more fucks about objective, unbiased science than I do" is the hill you want to die on. Disingenuous fucks like you have started Trump's reelection campaign for him by being insufferable, and between incompetent and insufferable, we'll take incompetent, for incompetence can be rectified. Besides, it keeps us from having the sort of immigration policy your country had that leads to glow-in-the-dark sand niggers running amok.

bevilhive : you shouldn't say retard. it's offensive to actual retards like Paul Joseph Watson.

Davidson Paulo : - Says that the global warming isn't real because it's snowing. LUNATIC. - Says global warming is real because hurricanes. SCIENCE. LOL

gl777 : The age of the Earth is approximately 4.54 ± 0.05 billion years (4.54 × 109 years ± 1%). A climate record of 100 of years can really show the cycle of earth's climate ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Mighty 300 : So from the title I am to believe that if he had believed in climate change, his house would be fine, or that hurricanes never were a issue until climate change. I don't even want to watch this video due to how dumb the title is.

Dwight E Howell : If you look at a graph of hurricanes and tropical storms over the last 50 yrs it goes up and down and up and down and up and down over what appears to be a very short cycle. By the way all arctic ice is supposed to be gone during summer a couple of yrs ago and dude it is a long way from that.

PWN Design Studio : I'm not fan of Pewdiepie.... but wasn't he being facetious?

smee smirgol : i would love to see a debate between you trumpm and michio kaku :-)

GLAORleader : It's time to exterminate conservatives.

Richard Depaola jr : Yet there are other facts as well. Fact: Irma and Henry are not even close to being the strongest storms of the last 100 years, they dont even make the top 20. Fact: We have not seen an increase in the amount of hurricanes/Typhoons, 1969 is still one of the top hurricane seasons with 5 major hurricanes, the year...of Camille, one of the most devastating hurricanes in modern history along with hurricane Inga which last for 25 DAYS and is still one of the longest lasting storms ever recorded. Fact: Typhoon Tip back in 1978 was almost 1300 MILES in size, making hurricanes of the last 4 decades seem tiny. Fact: If warmer waters drive hurricanes/typhoons then we should be seeing them dwarf storms of the past in size, power and duration. Fact: That is not happening. Last Fact: Denying some of the shit being spit out is not a denial of climate change itself.

Vamps TheFallen : Fact hurricanes have ruled the oceans since basicly they have had water on the earth, fact per historia heat was way hotter then this, fact the earth cycles from hot to cold threw out the earths history, fact Not long ago in the mideval period there was hotter weather then this called the period of warmth :3

Aaron Jarvis : Taking people out of context yet again Mr Thunderf00t. You just earned yourself another dislike. Just stick to the science and stop attacking people you don't like.

michel broekhuijsen : that video of pewdiepie was a reaction on some dumb celeb that sed the huricanes where the wrath of mother nature becource the usa elected trump looks like you are miss reprisenting him a bit.

dgs .astgh : dont make it political, focus on the science. but yeah, its ridiculous that people cant read charts. this shit was predicted before the 50's and people still get swayed by these climate change deniers, likely because of their shared political views. thats why you gotta focus on the science.

jamesnewdroid : 12:50ish : you shouldn't insult "retards" in such a fashion! ;)

Johnny Nunya : A hurricane in hurricane season!! Global warming! /s

Romaniususa : Can we verify the data on that graph and exclude data manipulation?

3ducs : There have been more powerful hurricanes in recorded history. Recorded history, who knows what may have come before. Hurricanes act as temperature regulators, radiators if you will. They transfer heat from the oceans to the upper atmosphere and then into space whilst reflecting the sun's heat back into space thereby further reducing solar heat gain. Americans have experienced hurricanes for hundreds of years, something Brits and Northern Europeans are unaccustomed to. The fact that one sceptic lost his home to a storm is amusing to some but it does not prove a point, it is simply an occurrence.

Patar : I think by the time this becomes a huge issue we'll have technology that can handle climate change