Denies Climate Change: house DESTROYED by hurricane!

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Thunderf00t : Fact..... hurricanes are driven by warm oceans. Fact..... the oceans are warmer than they used to be Fact..... theres a LOT of people in denial about the logical conclusion of this!

OmegaTou : Don't worry Thunderf00t, they're going to counteract climate change with solar roadways.

Rick Sanchez earth 278 : Something tells me Thunderf00t doesn't understand sarcasm.

Dark Lord Satan : Don't include Pewdiepie in the vid dude. I watched the entire video, and he was clearly making fun of people using the hurricane and people dying as a way to promote their political views. He never denied climate change. The context was; people blame Trump for the hurricanes. Like he was the one who made them. Like hurricanes have never happened before. Sure, they are stronger and more likely due to climate change, but not because Trump magically spawned them.

kniklas1 : The new Thunderf00t: Where context doesn't matter.

JNF : Who actually thinks that it is more likely that scientists across the globe came together with some crackpot, nebulous conspiracy than that the oil companies are paying Republican politicians and talking heads to run interference for them? There are actually leaks showing exxon-mobile's own scientists have been warning their company internally about global warming since the 1970's.

Random Fabulous Commenter : BTW, Pewdiepie isn't denying anthropogenic climate change. He's just trying to say, that hurricanes weren't a result of Trump....

Robin Hood : All the right wingers triggered by science give me life

kjpmi : Ok. 14 seconds in and you’re quoting The Independent. The same tabloid rag which runs stories from climate change deniers. Do you NOT see the irony?? You have lost ALL credibility, Thunderf00t.

Tyler Costantini : Fact you could have you house destroyed by a hurricane in 1900 the same as 2017! I don't deny climate change but your cause and effect argument is weak.

Roscoe Van Damme : Anything that speeds up the process of human extinction, I'm all for it 😃

Random Fabulous Commenter : ... Forget the data cos "they're all made up by leftist scientists". Just talk about the fact that combustion of fossil fuels produces CO2, which fundamentally imbalances the Carbon cycle, which increases atmospheric carbon dioxide. Then talk about how CO2 interacts with IR waves trapping the IR in the atmosphere... IR spectroscopy works in this principle.... Therefore, Climate change is A FACT.... FFS Edit: BTW, Pewdiepie isn't denying anthropogenic climate change. He's just trying to say, that hurricanes weren't a result of Trump....

John Hellrung : Very biased and using correlation to prove causation. Furthermore, there has been a 12 year span of incredibly light hurricane activity. The best climatologists have also gone on record stating these storms can not in fact be linked to global warming. Not at all up to your usual standard, very disappointing. Be careful or you are coming dangerously close to a religious conviction about global climate change

lostperfection05 : This video is about Pewdiepie, like all Tf00t political videos, they are always attacking a person. Often rightfully so, but that is how he works, he makes hit pieces. So many people complained when he attacked Sargon that he should stick to science vids, so when he made this hit piece he made the second half science so he could gain a better footing for the backlash. Regardless, the first clip of Pewdiepie is completely out of context, Pewdiepie was absolutely not saying that the hurricanes were fake like fake news. I just happened to sub to Pewdiepie a week ago and that was like the 4th video of his I watched ever, if I hadn't seen that I'd have taken Tf00t's word on it and never thought back. I mean we've all heard the gossip about Pewdiepie and how he's a Nazi so of course hes a climate change denier right? Maybe not, nothing in his video says one way or the other as that is not the topic he is addressing. Just like when he attacked Sargon, he had a lot of cross subscribers, and if they know both, out of context shit doesn't fly and you see large dislike numbers and loss of subscriptions. I would wager that the dislike ratios on all videos mentioned (Sargon hit piece's, this video) are a similar percentage to the subscriber crossover, but of course I have no way to prove that, just speculation. If the first video clip Tf00t throws at us is complete bullshit, how can we just take his word for the rest? If we need to go check every single snippet to verify then it defeats the purpose of watching these at all. We need to be watching someone who is honest ALL of the time.

GruntBurger : Waiting for the next thunderfoot video, where he tries to argue that he didn't take pewds out of context.

David Bird : You're a moron, you want to "debunk" PewDiePie and S.Crowder by ripping on their videos. PewDiePie was taking piss, are you really to stupid to understand that? Then you add some shitty footage of you driving through a forest and present that as evidence..... how is that different from what the "deniers" do? Reliable weather records only go back as far as 1914. So, 103 years of recorded weather patterns on a planet that is in excess of BILLIONS of years old. You think that's enough to determine if the current warming of the climate is unnatural and completely on the shoulders of humanity? You're as dense as the elements you use in your experiments. Lauren Southern was also noting that the hurricanes and typhoons were ALL supposed to be devastating and there was supposed to be more by an order of magnitude. In your video you have one example, Irma, then sit back as though that is valid evidence to prove that there is supposed to be a plague of hurricanes as predicted. Stick to the science you know and stop trying to Al Gore or Bill Nye your "expert" advice to people. Idiot.

provostkhot : Still giving it a thimbs up, but SERIOUSLY You don't have to repeat same clip 3-5 times in Your video for Your viewers to understand. We are not stupid, we got it the first time, we got it the first time, we got it the first time, we got it the first time.

Ben Griffin : Thunderf00t, how disappointing. The solid basis and irrefutable logic that distinguish your previous videos is sorely missing. Were you rushed? Was this video made under duress? Have you had enough quality sleep? Why did you pick this time to get sloppy? . Simply put, Irma is not, as you claimed 'The most powerful storm in recorded history'. It wasn't even the most powerful well measured storm. At least four other storms had equal or greater sustained winds; Allen, Labor Day, Gilbert, and Wilma. . By minimum atmospheric pressure, Irma is even less impressive, being tied for twelfth place. . There is no statistical increase in hurricane formation nor in intensity. In light of this, your sloppy argument that attempts to tie increase temperatures to greater numbers of more powerful hurricanes, would suggest that since there is no statistical increase then there must not actually be any actual warming. . Please either unfuk this video, or publish another that corrects your wild ass assertions and poorly thought out arguments.

Gode Agarunov : NOAA must be lying, according to Thunderf00t: "It is premature to conclude that human activities–and particularly greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming–have already had a detectable impact on Atlantic hurricane or global tropical cyclone activity." "Anthropogenic warming by the end of the 21st century will likely cause tropical cyclones globally to be more intense on average (by 2 to 11% according to model projections for an IPCC A1B scenario)."

Jonathan B : Did he really take PewDiePie seriously? Didn't see that coming

Anthony van Hamond : echooooo echoooooooo echooooooo ...... repurpose and repeat and repeat and repeat ... like we are all dumb infantile's.. come on thunderfusss.

Blueskull : Please have a fist fight with sargon

Mumba Mumba : 4:47 Liberal thermometers have proven to us that they are quite effective at showing the polar opposite of what is actually going on. In reality it have been the coldest years on record. Derp... derp...

EgadsNo : How loathe fully intellectually dishonest pointing to what is essentially meterological data and passing it off as climatology. Whats a matter TF dont like the past 600 million years worth of data or are you anti science? Hottest on record, what a laugh- well since I started measuring at the start of this video you are full of shit I guess.

Gary Watson : I was looking at the hurricane and tropical storm frequency chart from Dr. Ryan Maue of FSU, and it's clear there's no upward trend. Are you saying this is false?

kjpmi : You’re doing what the right does when it says, “oh look at this extremely cold winter we just had, therefore, climate change is fake.” NOAA itself has said that we need to be careful not to look at any one hurricane as proof of climate change. They also said that by the end of this century we can expect a modest increase in hurricane intensity (2 to 17%) but not any increase in frequency. That’s 80 years from now, 2 to 17% increase in intensity. Your low brow fear mongering doesn’t fit with NOAA’s models. The hurricanes we see now are not statistically different enough from the hurricanes we’ve seen over the past 100 years to pin them on to climate change. I thought you were smarter than this, Thunderf00t. THIS is why stupid people are skeptical of real science because “scientists” like you (you aren’t a climate scientist by any means) fall into the same trap and make stupidly false claims to support your argument. You’re hurting the cause with this BULLSHIT. When did you completely toss your critical thinking skills out the window Thunderf00t? Or are you just making these videos in order to generate more views? Click bait is what that’s called. Shame on you.

Dasafrak : The only people that listen to Lauren Southern are thirsty idiots

Grim reaper : Do more research instead of skimming you falling for false shit too easily checked in this video. Not speaking of climate change etc either.

YouPlantTube : SHOW ME, Earth's last 1000 year temperature graph. SHOW ME, Earth's orbit around the sun is always standard. EXPLAIN to ME, Why the sun is getting brighter. GIVE US SOMETHING that would explain these temperatures other than man made global warming.. I'm not denying that are Summers are getting hotter, I just don't believe it's man-made, for all i know Earth maybe on its period..

no one : Hurricanes have nothing to do with climate change you are a moron.

Angelo Sasso : The comment sections is pure cancer. Climate change is caused by us and it has some devastating effects, additionaly a president who denies it, won´t do anything to stop it.

Dan Gleeson : It's not his house. It's a different building that he is just claiming is his house in order to tyr and get attention and sympathy.

Katie Groth : Thunderfoot: I fucking love your channel. You say everything I would want these infantile minded people to hear.

TheAv940 : taking shit out of context which is obviously meant to be sarcastic and making people think it is real is not cool.

david kowalkowski : "climate scientist are effective at predicting the polar opposite of what is actually happening" LoL Retard Republicans at there finest. an "I told you so" is so fitting :)

Sonny Knutson : +Thunderf00t You prob won't read this but. PewDiePie was being sarcastic about the climate change and hurricanes. He does believe that humans effect climate change. He was trying to make fun of deniers.

drax325 : Tfoot you screwed up with pewdiepie. First he was using sarcasming. Also he was talking to people that believed hurricanes were a punishment from god and not about climate change.

Koala : Jesus Christ, lauren southern is a fucking moron. how do people take her seriously even slightly?

octarineflame : Fact - WE ARE KILLING THE PLANET Fact - man made climate change IS REAL Fact - This video is bang on the money 👍 Nice job in showing the mass stupidity in the ruling elite 👍

asifur rahman : i hate that Rebel Media woman. i hate her. She says so many stupid argument that will anger u to ur core. How a successful person who doesn't have to worry about money says this stupid stuff. fuck them. Great video once again Thunderfoot, once again u totally destroyed this SOB.

firecloud77 : Once again Thunderf00t misrepresents what 'deniers' have said. This is what happens when you worship at the altar of Climate Change. You lose your hearing.

QuantumOverlord : TF its a little bit dishonest to include that clip from Pewdiepie. He wasn't commenting on or ridiculing man made climate change but an asinine comment made by Jennifer Lawrence.

Ailerath : I like the video but i have to dislike your use of Pewdiepie. Im not with Pewdiepie im just against misusing clips. Also if you were sarcastic sorry but you really didnt sound like it.

Cory Louis : These people are the reason the world is like this. They have no place on our earth if they're going to continue blindly actively promoting it's destruction. They're no better than flattards, probably even worse because of their numbers and influence.

MakerInMotion : Thunderfoot is so concerned about climate change. Just not enough to stop flying all over the world and driving a car.

jonathan bacon : Scientific consensus used to be that the world was flat!

rockerteen8300 : Here come the right wingers to tell you they will unsub unless you say what they want to hear! Lolz

Knight Chime : So all the racists & sexists hate science, even when it's hard science? Numb skulls.

THE REAL ZENFORCE : @ Thunderf00t : i like many of your videos (not all) and i agree on climate change also human induced one (depends on how much is human induced) but fact is in your video you claim it is the hottest temperature on record which is not. Nature too without any human does climate change even with higher measured temperatures than today yet. For example during the PETM, the global mean temperature seems to have risen by as much as 5-8 °C (9-14 °F) to an average temperature as high as 23 °C (73 °F), in contrast to the global average temperature of today at just under 15 °C (60 °F).

DJ M.I.A. : Lol, its ironic how we are all the frogs sitting in the pot thats slowly starting to boil