Denies Climate Change: house DESTROYED by hurricane!

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Thunderf00t : Fact..... hurricanes are driven by warm oceans. Fact..... the oceans are warmer than they used to be Fact..... theres a LOT of people in denial about the logical conclusion of this!

Just an average potato : Something tells me Thunderf00t doesn't understand sarcasm.

Robin Hood : All the right wingers triggered by science give me life

Knight Chime : So all the racists & sexists hate science, even when it's hard science? Numb skulls.

Zeleene : +Thunderf00t You prob won't read this but. PewDiePie was being sarcastic about the climate change and hurricanes. He does believe that humans effect climate change. He was trying to make fun of deniers.

Strength in Unity : Canada isn't real you weaboos.

octarineflame : Fact - WE ARE KILLING THE PLANET Fact - man made climate change IS REAL Fact - This video is bang on the money 👍 Nice job in showing the mass stupidity in the ruling elite 👍

Backspace Gaming : *Standing on the deck of the Titanic* "I'm not all convinced that the ship is sinking, this is just a tide, it goes up, it goes down again. That water? Its fake water. That's just the icebergists trying to push their agenda."

david kowalkowski : "climate scientist are effective at predicting the polar opposite of what is actually happening" LoL Retard Republicans at there finest. an "I told you so" is so fitting :)

Lion Keon : Isn't this a somewhat disingenuous argument? It's like saying climate change has been disproven because of the harshness of the last few winters. Al Gore preaches the threat of global warming... the pipes in his house freeze!

Calm1 : The title reminds me of something creationists might say. "Denies the existence of God: Got struck by lightning"

YouPlantTube : SHOW ME, Earth's last 1000 year temperature graph. SHOW ME, Earth's orbit around the sun is always standard. EXPLAIN to ME, Why the sun is getting brighter. GIVE US SOMETHING that would explain these temperatures other than man made global warming.. I'm not denying that are Summers are getting hotter, I just don't believe it's man-made, for all i know Earth maybe on its period..

Holyspecter : I mean I don't deny that statistically the earth is getting hotter, but it's unfair to say just because he denies climate change -> his house is destroyed by hurricane. Did hurricanes not destroy houses before climate change start? And if so, when did climate change start?

Anthony van Hamond : echooooo echoooooooo echooooooo ...... repurpose and repeat and repeat and repeat ... like we are all dumb infantile's.. come on thunderfusss.

Kevlar Burrito : People like these make me want to punch babies...specifically the ones they produce...

Seminko : Dude, taking Pewds out of context like that. His point was not that global warming is not real or anything of that sort. His point was that people were outraged about Irma and pointing fingers at Trump, despite the fact that Irma would have come regardless of who is sitting on the iron throne.

Angelo Sasso : The comment sections is pure cancer. Climate change is caused by us and it has some devastating effects, additionaly a president who denies it, won´t do anything to stop it.

Aaron Evans : Fact.... there are not more hurricanes and they are not stronger than in the past.

Cory Louis : These people are the reason the world is like this. They have no place on our earth if they're going to continue blindly actively promoting it's destruction. They're no better than flattards, probably even worse because of their numbers and influence.

MakerInMotion : Thunderfoot is so concerned about climate change. Just not enough to stop flying all over the world and driving a car.

lostperfection05 : LOL Thunderf00t! *PEWDIEPIE was saying that in sarcasm*, about the fake hurricanes/news, you obviously did not watch that video, are you fucking kidding me? How can I trust the rest of your snippets, GET FUCKED! Yes climate change is real, but taking him so out of context when he was making the most silly jesting sarcasm video ever about the hysteria, you really should put a little effort next time.

jonathan bacon : Scientific consensus used to be that the world was flat!

JNF : Who actually thinks that it is more likely that scientists across the globe came together with some crackpot, nebulous conspiracy than that the oil companies are paying Republican politicians and talking heads to run interference for them? There are actually leaks showing exxon-mobile's own scientists have been warning their company internally about global warming since the 1970's.

Mumba Mumba : 4:47 Liberal thermometers have proven to us that they are quite effective at showing the polar opposite of what is actually going on. In reality it have been the coldest years on record. Derp... derp...

THE REAL ZENFORCE : @ Thunderf00t : i like many of your videos (not all) and i agree on climate change also human induced one (depends on how much is human induced) but fact is in your video you claim it is the hottest temperature on record which is not. Nature too without any human does climate change even with higher measured temperatures than today yet. For example during the PETM, the global mean temperature seems to have risen by as much as 5-8 °C (9-14 °F) to an average temperature as high as 23 °C (73 °F), in contrast to the global average temperature of today at just under 15 °C (60 °F).

DJ M.I.A. : Lol, its ironic how we are all the frogs sitting in the pot thats slowly starting to boil

EvilStreaks : Gonna get shit on for saying this, but hold off because I'm just asking questions. That graph only goes back one century. Geological cycles-within-cycles could be from weeks to several millennia. That graph does show that we're clearly on a steep upturn in temperature, but unless you can zoom out quite a long way you just can't say it proves humans are doing it. I don't know how far back records go, or what kind of cycles are going on, but I'm still not convinced that this is anything more than suggestion of possibility of human influence. Not saying you're wrong or you don't know what you're talking about because you're obvliously very switched-on and thorough, but the content of this video alone doesn't sway my doubt. Global warming is big money, much bigger than solar roadway scams and artifical gill scams. It's trillions big. Carbon tax and stuff... There is plenty incentive to push it. So yeah, that graph is suggestive in a limited zoomed-in way, but not conclusive. I'm open to other evidence and I have no stake in this, and I'll get shit on for saying I have doubts, but I do.

FARBerserker : So, a hurricane is basically a very low pressure area surrounded by a moving high pressure area right? This means a sufficient change of pressure inside the hurricane center would, in theory, be a way to stop one right? So how big a bomb would you need to fly into the center and blow up for the hurricane to dissipate?

jedisenior : Fact, the Earth was much warmer than it is today before the last Ice Age.

The German Sweater : "But but thunderfoot.......the rational skeptics I love are right and above reproach"

senoxat : I love all the Thunderf00t videos but i have to disagree with this one. If you are interested in climate change and if the humans are responsible or not take a look at this article with a lot of studies and this documentary:

Karim Ghantous : I'm not impressed by the question begging in this video (e.g. the assumption that your premise is correct, that CO2 is damaging). And some cherry picking (100 years is not a lot in geological time). And the odd strawman (misrepresenting what Crowder was saying). Not to mention the implied argumentum ad verecundiam (that scientists always know what they're doing). You also forget to mention that most predictions that climate alarmists have made have never come true. Perhaps you ought to rethink your position on CAGW.

Dai Qibao : Fact..... it's freezing here.

Chris Angelo : who would've known that pewdiepie was master in climate studies and meteorology.

Froppy : Freakin' Solar Hurricanes!

Nobody Knows : Thunderf00t seems to have attracted a large number of anthropogenic climate change denialists to his fanbase. Isn't it interesting that so many people who seek out anti-SJW content have little or no understanding of science? Holy shit these conservative alt-right nutters drive me mental.

kniklas1 : The new Thunderf00t: Where context doesn't matter.

Jonathan B : Did he really take PewDiePie seriously? Didn't see that coming

KuroNekoExMachina : We need to get all these climate-change-denier-snowflakes in Irmas path, locked away in a box.

TheAv940 : taking shit out of context which is obviously meant to be sarcastic and making people think it is real is not cool.

Holzschieber : Milo Y. "I don't believe in MAN-MADE climate change", "I don't think WE're affecting the climate significantly". He didn't talk about climate change IN GENERAL, he talked about MAN-MADE climate change.


zHiiPFiiREz : pewdiepie fans triggered lol

YouthInAsiaLKI : If I'm right, I'm pretty sure the PewDiePie thing was him taking shots at SJW's who were talking all sorts of shit about people who were victims of Irma and placing blame directly on certain people, he wasn't talking about man made climate change in general, I'm fairly certain he actually has mocked Climate Change deniers before too. Could be wrong, but yeah, pretty sure I'm not.

Rene Underby : all your political video's are pretty terrible.

Chris Hitchens : Irma was not the most powerful Atlantic hurricane, go here;

derek brown : I love how everyone in the global warming debate ignores the giant nuclear explosion that has been hovering in the sky for the last 4.5 billion years. It's like they assume that it never changes or goes through cycles, otherwise they might have to face an inconvenient truth.

Hercules Mulligan : To stop the hurricane with fans or bullets, you don't need to match the total energy of the cyclone; you just need to match the kinetic energy of its path. Good video though.

Splendidio Del Peonias : "Thunderf00t", no one denies that the climate changes, as it is kind of obvious that the climate changed in the past.

LagG_ : "Denies Earth is hollow: house is OK"