Amazing! This Boy Saw Heaven During His Near-Death Experience!

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Jager Mitchell : Oh my god, Papyrus on Windows Movie Maker-blue. This is probably the most glorious thing I've seen.

Mob Pod : Clickhole is DANGEROUSLY underwatched.

Darren Smith : "And on the 7th day, God did not rest, for it was leg day. No one skips leg day, not even God"

Dillon Robinson : The swole shall inherit the earth

danehb89 : And thus spake Jesus unto his apostles "You need to get HUGE and stay HUGE"

Blick Winkel : He's got the swole world in his hands.

Lazlo M : I watch this everyday before I go to the gym.

Jesus Christ : Satans going down. Wait till he sees my 6 pack.

FartMaster69 : 1 like = 1 papyrus font

byronius : Some say that when you hear thunder, it's just the sound of Jesus grunting in heaven

Rowan Atkinson : The Windows Movie Maker screens at the beginning are a nice touch.

Mobius10000 : So Jesus is a JoJo Character then

Matthew Lindfield : 1 reply = 1 bench press

Flowboat : The best part of ClickHole comments isn't the people falling for it, it's the people vehemently patrolling the "newest first" part of the comment section replying to every comment going "IT'S _SATIRE,_ IT'S NOT _REAL,_ I AM SMARTER THAN YOU."

Davis Hunsinger : I love clickhole


sloop : Father forgive me for these gains I'm about to receive.

birdiaction : this is like what Mac from Always Sunny would see Jesus as

LAVATORR : I bought this book at Rite-Aid while waiting for a prescription to get filled. Here's Jesus' regime: 1) Squats 2) Romanian deadlifts 3) Bench (regular, and incline) 4) Lateral raises 5) Shrugs Jesus consumes 8,000 calories a day and does very little cardio, but I mean, that's in the Bible and not exactly news.

The Humungus : Why does no one ever go to Hell during these near-death experiences?

Lazlo M : What does Jesus's supplement regiment look like? Does he subscribe to the old testament creatine protocol or the new? I am just a little boy myself but I am already getting strong. I hope someday I will be strong enough to beat up Jesus in a wrestling match but all my friends are too busy listening to Miley Cyrus. I love old music, especially your favorite song, that one's my favorite. I wish I was born in whatever generation you were because those years were the best and people were cooler back then. Sincerely, Little Boy

Cup : I think in 2010 this story was debunked by mythbusters, I might be wrong though.

Jesus Christ : My secret is steroids. Loads and loads of steroids.

Froge : This sounds like a near-death experience Mac would have


Cowflapper : "during his routine tonsillectomy."

SirBunker : Kid has talent to become a professional actor.

The Rambling Loon : Jesus lifts weights?! I want whatever crack this kid was on.

DoomLooms : OMG I prayed for Tyler Benson to survive his illness and he did! I was actually praying for my son, Tyler Benson...who just died yesterday...but THIS Tyler Benson lived! What other explanation could there be???

Ella Sophia : This must be really confusing for people looking at serious things and then stumbling on this.

zedooncadhz : I need to get huge I need to stay huge. Amen

incrediblejonas : Well of course Jesus is ripped, no need to state the obvious kid

Chris Duane : My biceps are the alpha and the omega, the first and the last.

Sergeant Succ : AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA Too soon?

Jill Jillio : Pretty sure Jesus wouldn't grunt while lifting weights, and he also wouldn't ignore a child either. To me it sounded like he was reading a story or reciting a fairytale. Jesus and Heaven is definitely for real but not the way this boy describes. However what do I know? if Jesus was lifting weights, then I want an eternal supply of Slim-Fast.

Renan Oliveira : Jesus body builder

TadeshiKP : people still think this is real. oh wow

The Rambling Loon : He saw what his parents told him to say.

RTF : Chad Jesus

Thījs Moroder : I heard this story was declared fake by him

John nhoJ : If this kid were smart he would worship a *real god* like Thor instead of that Jesus pansy. I mean seriously, Thor slew Jörmungandr the world serpent with a mountain-leveling hammer. The best Jesus could do is turn water in to wine. I like wine, but Thor is *obviously* way more powerful. Thor: 1 Jesus: 0

Freedom Thinker : That kid is coached by an adult. He is lying.

Lin Dzay : What would Jesus do

menachem rephun : In 2015 I was clinically dead for fifteen minutes. I could feel my soul leaving my body and I flew upwards towards a glowing, otherworldly light. I remember this feeling of infinite love and warmth enveloping me. Then I saw a long-haired, bearded man in a robe. The strange thing was that he was sitting on the sofa in front of the TV, and he wasn't wearing any pants. He also seemed very flustered and upset. "Bro!" he yelled at me, "what...what the hell are you doing, just get-get the hell out!" Then my soul returned to my body, and I woke up in a daze. But I'll never forget the day I saw Jesus whacking off.

Michael Wright : Every time I watch a clickhole vid, youtube links me to more clickhole vids. Except this one, which always links me to more people's near-death experiences where they think they see heaven

Duke John : This is a joke...come on....LOL

aj valentine : what if this is actually what heaven is like

huxleyable : Jesus looks down upon us and laughs "That's what you mortals call Mr.Universe? Psh....amateurs."

Alucard : Jesus is probably trying to compete against Hercules.

Em Jones : LMFAO this is the most hilarious thing I have seen in a long time!