The Enfield Poltergeist: England's Most Terrifying Ghost Caught on Tape | Documentary

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The Paranormal Scholar : Prepare for the 2016 release of The Conjuring 2... here is the real story of the Enfield Poltergeist!

mannymanuel259 : Conjuring 2 brought me here.

Kondic Mihailo : Who got here right after watching The Conjuring 2?Hahah lol

BeingPlainJane : Cell phones levitated? That can't be what you meant, right?

Tawnya Luke : While the girls may have been faking some things, the mother called police to the house on more than one occasion. Poltergeist activity was witnessed by police on more than one occassion. Janet's gruff voice might be a trick we all could do when we were younger, but Janet managed to use both voices at the same time. The Enfield haunting is a case I first read about in the early '90's. There used to be good books on it. When Janet talked to the parapsychologist about Bill she gave him details about Bill's death that family members of Bills corroborated. The Enfield haunting has been a premiere case study since the '70's. I find it difficult to poo poo the whole case because two young girls decided to have some fun.

TeRRinItup xx : somtimes its not the house. its the family

bud ekins : My mum used to know the policewoman who first went to the house in 1977 - then WPC Caroline Heeps. She said she saw a chair move three to four feet by itself. She also signed an affidavit confirming her eyewitness account. Are debunkers seriously suggesting a police officer lied under oath? . .

Jamboe Dinkle : I could do that demon voice when i was 9, it was my schoolyard gimmick ha.

Jo Lisa Dukarić : They can record the supposed voice of the poltergeist, but didn't get it on camera, the supposed poltergeist talking through the young girl. How convenient!

Alex Turner : that audio tho

Jo Lisa Dukarić : What a co-incidence that the footage was "tampered with" by the "poltergeist", therefore rendering it useless! How convenient.

seoulkidd1 : never play with a quiji board you will summon an entity and it will trick you to leave the portal open. Most hauntings are linked to ppl playing with quiji boards or magic.

Scarfs6080 : Wait so this was fake the whole time

Bijinius Cross : "caught on tape"? where's the tape?? what, the film equipment was "tampered with", making the footage useless? that's very convenient, don't you think?? (and i'm so sorry, but a photograph of a girl jumping off her bed is not exactly convincing evidence)

Nicki Mnj : Is someone living in that house today?

Gabe Powers : Those girls have the biggest teeth ever.

Pallah DaOracle : The recording is slowed down to make the voice deeper

Anna nbjhfbjdh fmxnbfvj : I feel like imma regret watching this

Farhan Wazir : cuz I'm G. H. O. S. T lol I bet this old man has pronunciation problem.

Rachel Griswold : fake no such thing as a poltergeist

LordOfNomNom : 5:11 the ghost farted...sorry

Jason Rochford : That little brat needs a good old beating!

Jefrey Meza : I like this channel I'm subscribing

Pamer : I enjoy your videos, and I have recently subscribed, but I have to ask: What is up with the seemingly subliminal type messaging that a couple of videos contain, including this one? It appears at 8:30 and is the same message as seen in another of your vids. Please explain.

Michael Rentz : 2:43 he says "cell phones would start to levitate spontaneously"? Wat cell phones this was the 70's

Mr&Mrs McCabe : wow dead Bill speaking thru the little girl is chilling.

Andrea DiGanci : if only they had video of her flying in the air would be the missing piece to the footage.

Kayla G : What, are those pictures of the kids supposed to be evidence? It's pretty obvious it's just them jumping off a bed.

michael ham : I wish people would stop talking about this case. its fake. those pictures are obviously just the girl jumping off of her bed. Also there is no evidence that the voice on the tape was actually coming from the girl.

David TheMandingoGringo : Love your videos...keep it up 😁✌

Tee : I believe they were really haunted.. They might have played a couple of tricks but the story sounds genuine. Why would the men lie about the drawers opening by themselves and things being thrown around

nazarov ikmat22 : Why photos black and white but camera 📽

Michael Miller : Why would you stay in a house for all of your life that you knew was haunted? Sleep on the street if you have to mate.

carolynan : The Iron fFreplace had been Rpped from the wall ive never heard that in the story before its news to me

2 Re.p : On 0:56 IT sound and looks like he is saying The same as janett is saying if you hear what he says and look at jannets mouth at The same time🤣😂

Sweetz T : Cheeky fucken family! Man I believed them all this time! Not cool

megi megg : I have a question:After all those scary and paranormal things why they didn't move house?

Nathan Lewis : Emily Rose Was Worse True Storie Worst Paranormal In History

surivis lion : Why would she continue to stay in the house after all of the hauntings or stuff that went down? I mean she supposedly had a nervous breakdown.

jasmine gurung : wait !....where is valak ?..In conjuring 2,it showed that the old man bill was in under control of valak😯...I think the movie showed too much to gain popularity 😑😑😑

james chhan : G-H-O-S-ugghh- T LOL

Akshat Vats : Going full screen at 5 am.

Liibaan osman : Conjuring 2 brought be here LOOOOOl I couldn't sleep last night

Jason Cook : who on this earth would want to live in that house today? bullocks to that.

Jënnä røøts : -.- aun no se ingles u.u buen video

nazarov ikmat22 : Light 💡 camera 📽 action 👻👽👹

Sonia Veras : Were do ghost get their wardrobe and who choses wich ones wear black or white???

Lee Lee : to those that think this story is fake...I don't believe family have several stories that hauntings are real... 1. my mother heard knocking on the backed door and pots and pans moving in the kitchen one sister and I were in the living room watching television... my mom she received a phone call from the let her know that her mother passed away... 2. my God brother and his girlfriend...watched my deceased grandmother appeared right in front of them...while my oldest brother was talking to her in his sleep...they were in Florida at the time...the rest of the family were in New Jersey... 3. my younger sister and I were sleeping in our beds...when were around age of 11 and sister woke me up out of a sound sleep one stormy night...she told me she could hear foot steps in the hallway and doors opening and closing...we check around...and no one was wasn't our mother and stepfather...because they were at work...and we were alone in the house at that time. 4. my daughter and I felt several spirits presence in our 1st apartment...when we first moved in and while we lived there for a year...our neighbors welcomed in particular...was a middle age woman...she told me that there were spirits in the hallway of the apartment building...she didn't go into details...but I believed her...sometimes I would hear coins dropping...coming from my apartment daughter and I hated going to the laundry room...because you could feel a heavy presence...we didn't sleep in our bedroom...because we felt a heavy presence in there as well...I was told the apartment building was used as an hotel...but had a fire years ago... 5. a few years back...I was working my regular overnight shift...I was standing at the counter...doing paperwork...when I looked of the residents bedroom door open slowly abour half way...and close slowly...I called out to the resident...there was no answer...I was scared (because there are several staff members over the years had several paranormal experiences...myself as well...had other experiences while at work) I called out to my co-worker...I said the bedroom door just opened and my co-worker was scared as too...but we had to check on the resident...when we open the door and turn the lights on...the resident was sound asleep...there was no way in hell...the resident could've got open the bedroom door and close backed into bed and under the covers so quickly... theses 5 stories are true...and there are other stories as well...say what you want...about what I shared...and that's fine...but there's no doubt in my mind...that these things happened