The Enfield Poltergeist: England's Most Terrifying Ghost Caught on Tape | Documentary

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The Paranormal Scholar : Prepare for the 2016 release of The Conjuring 2... here is the real story of the Enfield Poltergeist!

mannymanuel259 : Conjuring 2 brought me here.

Kondic Mihailo : Who got here right after watching The Conjuring 2?Hahah lol

Tawnya Luke : While the girls may have been faking some things, the mother called police to the house on more than one occasion. Poltergeist activity was witnessed by police on more than one occassion. Janet's gruff voice might be a trick we all could do when we were younger, but Janet managed to use both voices at the same time. The Enfield haunting is a case I first read about in the early '90's. There used to be good books on it. When Janet talked to the parapsychologist about Bill she gave him details about Bill's death that family members of Bills corroborated. The Enfield haunting has been a premiere case study since the '70's. I find it difficult to poo poo the whole case because two young girls decided to have some fun.

Tsi Vue : somtimes its not the house. its the family

Jo Lisa Dukarić : They can record the supposed voice of the poltergeist, but didn't get it on camera, the supposed poltergeist talking through the young girl. How convenient!

BeingPlainJane : Cell phones levitated? That can't be what you meant, right?

Jamiro Smajic : I could do that demon voice when i was 9, it was my schoolyard gimmick ha.

Alex Turner : that audio tho

Jo Lisa Dukarić : What a co-incidence that the footage was "tampered with" by the "poltergeist", therefore rendering it useless! How convenient.

Nicki Mnj : Is someone living in that house today?

Scarfs6080 : Wait so this was fake the whole time

Pallah DaOracle : The recording is slowed down to make the voice deeper

Bijinius Cross : "caught on tape"? where's the tape?? what, the film equipment was "tampered with", making the footage useless? that's very convenient, don't you think?? (and i'm so sorry, but a photograph of a girl jumping off her bed is not exactly convincing evidence)

Farhan Wazir : cuz I'm G. H. O. S. T lol I bet this old man has pronunciation problem.

Will deBord : explains EVERYTHING that happened to the...fake knocks with broom handles,girls bending the spoons on hidden camera. FAKED!

seoulkidd1 : never play with a quiji board you will summon an entity and it will trick you to leave the portal open. Most hauntings are linked to ppl playing with quiji boards or magic.

Anna nbjhfbjdh fmxnbfvj : I feel like imma regret watching this

Jefrey Meza : I like this channel I'm subscribing

Gabe Powers : Those girls have the biggest teeth ever.

Pamer : I enjoy your videos, and I have recently subscribed, but I have to ask: What is up with the seemingly subliminal type messaging that a couple of videos contain, including this one? It appears at 8:30 and is the same message as seen in another of your vids. Please explain.

Jason Rochford : That little brat needs a good old beating!

David TheMandingoGringo : Love your videos...keep it up 😁✌

carolynan : The Iron fFreplace had been Rpped from the wall ive never heard that in the story before its news to me

nazarov ikmat22 : Why photos black and white but camera 📽

jasmine gurung : wait !....where is valak ?..In conjuring 2,it showed that the old man bill was in under control of valak😯...I think the movie showed too much to gain popularity 😑😑😑

Mr&Mrs McCabe : wow dead Bill speaking thru the little girl is chilling.

LordOfNomNom : 5:11 the ghost farted...sorry

2 Re.p : On 0:56 IT sound and looks like he is saying The same as janett is saying if you hear what he says and look at jannets mouth at The same time🤣😂

Sweetz T : Cheeky fucken family! Man I believed them all this time! Not cool

Nathan Lewis : Emily Rose Was Worse True Storie Worst Paranormal In History

Jason Cook : who on this earth would want to live in that house today? bullocks to that.

michael ham : I wish people would stop talking about this case. its fake. those pictures are obviously just the girl jumping off of her bed. Also there is no evidence that the voice on the tape was actually coming from the girl.

Boy Trent : over 14 months. of course the girls played about. There would be something wrong if they hadn't made the situation lighter and a "bit of fun" on occasions. This - means nothing.

Gyro Zeppeli : jessie j can sing with water in her mouth

Spirtual Anarchist : I would not mind having my "teapot" being taken, in exchange for golden coin showers ;-)

paul bellenie : I remember when this when it was first on the news..

Carver : That family was haunted by Ugly.

Teddy Wess : All lying bastards proved long time ago

Kneon Knight : The Enfield Poltergeist is rubbish from beginning to end. Just the photos of the girls being "tossed" out of their beds should be enough to convince even the most gullible of that fact. it is obvious to even the most casual of observers that they are leaping out of their beds of their own volition, and there is absolutely nothing paranormal about it.

Mark 13 : Dont play ouija kids !

Fat Cunt : My god I just had a 5 killstreak on CoD

Red Stevens : you guys do such a good job. I know that I might be sounding like a Broken record at this points, but you guys do such a great job. I know that you guys have your own lives and so much to do but if I could get a couple pointers for an up-and-comer, that'd be so bool. if not all, good. Yall need to keep doing ya thang! great info, visuals, editing, music, sound, mixing etc.. you guys really do, do a great job and I am a fan and definitely a subscriber! keep doing yall thang fa reaAl! Oh my gah!! that talking through the lil girl with the grown ass man's voice; holy shit! that was hella creepy!

Ingrid Vampiress : hmmmm..strange she could talk in such a creepy manly voice

Dana Joan : no actual footage? stop wasting my time.

Severend 24 : Who else is scrolling in the comments while watching the vid

Neil Goloy : ....authentic or not, it is nonetheless a chilling tale. Thank you so much! :-)

Joshua Frenkel : It is amazing on video she admits the place was not haunted but people still believe this. Makes no sense on a logical basis.

mychannel302 : At 7 min mark , Janet as an adult admitted 2% were fabricated? So 98% of incidents were real? Did I hear the number incorrectly of the fabricated part?