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The life of a first poster.


Jacob C : The video that started it all... Anyone else remember when this was featured in 2007?

nevinevius : Absolute legendary video this is.

Advanced Garbage : >windowbreaker >crazy dude76 woah so that was the insparation behind overwatch's character names

0 0 : Not going to lie. I've made my username puffyjacket45 before.

Matt Allen : A decade later and people are still posting first haha

Stuart Murray : Still love this

Kamil Blecha : God, this video is so old already. I remember seeing it for the first time, when it came out

Varifyable : actually good video on youtube

Someone : Five-Thousand One-Hundred and Fifty Third!!!!!!!!!

Sapphire Crook : But why the huge puffy jacket? Is that to break impact when he lands that first? 

Monero XMR : I was here when it was featured! YouTube was better back then, I miss those days

Lucas Merat : One of my favorite videos on youtube. genius. 

Choustin Y. : It’s crazy how a 12 years ago vid is that accurate even now in 2019

SmasherREX : *I am The 2,874 Commentor!* *So yeah...* *BEAT THAT!*

Tommy Mintz : The dual CRT monitor set up!!!

Polish Filipino : 0:33 so this video must of trained Justin Y. Since he is always so early 1:18 is also Justin Y. Logic

Will Davis : I wonder if most of the dislikes come from offended First Posters.

Indrė Mažeikaitė : the thing is i watched it literally the day it was uploaded and it brings back many memories

Lawson Taylor : I posted this to my discussion board for an online class :)

Michael Nonyabizniss : Much later!

Jesus Saves : 2007 damn youtube is already 9 years old i feel old

can we hit 100 subs with no videos : Almost 9 years later and this video is still accurate. Sigh...

VivaLaRazsa : this is still comedy gold

AnonUserGuy : This was posted in 2007.

Goodbye My friend : People still comment first to this day..

somebuddyX : i tried to mullet over but i passed out and woke up in a ditch.

AquaSkye : not first in fact, i'm 11 years late but that's okay

AmericanGamer : I found this of of Kongregate on an acheviment. XD

BOY0038 : FIRST IN 2019

JJK 5 : 0:51 umm. Identity revealed.

Burakku : LAST

Mr. Airflakes : CasimirN you are a hero to all of us

Ty : 5151st comment.

Can we get 6969 subs for no reason : This was uploaded in my 9 birthday

loverofjesusMKII : good old youtube

Ramadan546 : All these years later, I stumble back on this video and still love it.

Rob W. : Whoever firstest this is the champion, obviously.

OnlineID43 : 5160st !

ihatepie : first in the future

David Greenwood : "First poster has a philosophy... and that is what makes it dangerous"

l x : legendary, still 10 years after

Will Davis : Don't you mean he's your inspiration? I doubt he knows you so how would you inspire him?

Will Davis : First posting is like a dog urinating on a fire hydrant. The dog simply HAS to mark it's presence, mark the fact it was there, marking THAT fire hydrant before other dogs come along. So when I see 'first' on a YouTube vid, to me it's someone's way of saying "look at me! I was here before you and feel the need to boast about it! I'm insecure!"

Will Davis : Bet most of the dislikes are from first posters who got upset watching.

mathieuboa : i saw this video few years ago. since then when i see some video in the first place i ALWAYS write first in the comment. i cant do anything about it this guy will always live in my head.FIRST

Rogie Dayan : i did

Kater : Did anyone get here from kongregate?

Matt S : first

Chill Player 123 : NO, THIS ONE.