Never Share Your Goals If You Are Serious About Achieving Them
Never Share Your Goals If You Are Serious About Achieving Them

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Don't share your goals, why you should never tell your goals, how to achieve your goals, Never Share Your Goals If You Are Serious About Achieving Them. Do subscribe to us for weekly videos - Say you’ve decided to set a new goal for yourself; to train yourself to run a marathon, to set up a new business or to learn a new language. You’re optimistic that this target could help you change your life for the better and you’re genuinely serious about making a go of it and hopefully making something happen. Then you tell it to your friends and family so that they can support you. Chances are that upon telling that person you will feel an instant sense of relief, as though you had already accomplished what it was that you were setting out to do. This is what we call the ‘social reality’ – simply having your goal acknowledged makes it a part of your identity and results in a rush of feel-good reward hormones. Unfortunately, this satisfaction then tricks your brain into thinking that the job is already done – and you then feel less motivated to actually go out and really achieve the goal. It’s like it has already happened. There are other reasons not to tell others goals as well which include practical and psychological arguments. For one, if you tell someone your goal this can then increase pressure in a negative way, which may not be helpful when the goal is something that requires you to remain calm and composed. A perfect example is taking any entrance test: many people choose not to tell their friends and family when taking their G.MAT or S.A.T. tests because they don’t want to risk having to face anyone when they fail. Another reason not to tell people your goals is that they can then end up judging your actions, which may end up being unhelpful. Tell someone you want to run a marathon for instance and you can find that they end up giving you looks every time you don’t train or relax. This can actually remove your determination to stick to a training as nobody likes being controlled and our natural tendency is to do the opposite of what we feel pressured into doing.


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Ericc Brasi : What if you already told people your goals ? That means they are gonna fail ? Or if you stop telling them the goal of yours you can still make it happen

Vicente Villanueva : The title of the video is factually incorrect. The paper written by Gollwitzer et. al. is titled "When Intentions go public." Not goals, intentions. Goals are desires more than intentions. If you say "I will run on the upcoming marathon" that's an intention. In fact, anything prefaced with "I will" is an intention. If you say "I want to run on the upcoming marathon" that's a goal/desire. It will not prevent you from completing your goal. Your motivation will not decrease. You can even share your ideas about projects. They are not intentions, and as long as they aren't, there is no proof that suggests they will reduce your motivation. The video also excludes some exceptions the paper talks about. For example, say you have a physics mentor. You honestly believe your mentor is superior to you when it comes to physics. If you tell them you will take the physics test, you will not suffer a decrease in motivation. Another exception is people who are high on dutifulness (as measured by the big 5 personality test). Source:

Keith In ADHD : How does this work when trying to get people to work on the goal with you? I want to do something creative and would love people involved. How do I goal without explaining what I want when talking to them about their involvement?

Carlos Nevarez : I've been thinking exactly this same shit. It's like you're reading my mind man.

pratik shetty : Now make a video on how to respond to the people by not telling our goals directly.

Brian Storey : big tings a gwan

Nigel A : I find a whole lot of truth in this. There's definitely a rush of accomplishment when you haven't achieved anything. I think you can overcome it, but still, the focus should be on the work itself.

Guransh Chaudhary : Nailed it.

More Bacon : Spot on! 👍

Entuous : Great video

Mental Toughness : I like your Chanel und britsh accent (;

Dotgifs : does this apply to being sober goals too? should i not get support from others?

Irene Ewens : I keep quiet. People who think you can't do it will voice their opinions and give you several reasons why you will fail. I think they do this because if you succeed then they are confronted by their own unrealised dreams and then they hate you for it.

Owen Daniels : Tony Robbins thinks it's a good idea to tell your goals to others because they won't let you off the hook. You may feel compelled to achieve your stated goals if for no other reason than to not look like a quitter and that's a good thing. I have some pretty outlandish goals and I don't want to deal with ppl looking at me like I'm crazy so I keep quiet about them. Also it's more fun telling ppl you achieved something that they didn't even know you were trying to achieve. It's more of a shocker

roman pabiańczyk : Oh. My actual sin

modig Abdi : Goals not dreams. Share your dreams. One is short term the other long.

Jack Parsons : Makes sense!

Josh S : Never tell your secrets. You never know who wishes you ill will.

diana banana : Elon musk says otherwise

Victor Bergkvist : can you link your sources?