Never Share Your Goals If You Are Serious About Achieving Them

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zapto E : Great advice. I've always noticed this on myself. It's so true

Keith In ADHD : How does this work when trying to get people to work on the goal with you? I want to do something creative and would love people involved. How do I goal without explaining what I want when talking to them about their involvement?

Entuous : Great video

Ericc Vasquez : What if you already told people your goals ? That means they are gonna fail ? Or if you stop telling them the goal of yours you can still make it happen

pratik shetty : Now make a video on how to respond to the people by not telling our goals directly.

Victor Bergkvist : can you link your sources?

Guransh Chaudhary : Nailed it.

Brian Storey : big tings a gwan

More Bacon : Spot on! 👍

Nigel A : I find a whole lot of truth in this. There's definitely a rush of accomplishment when you haven't achieved anything. I think you can overcome it, but still, the focus should be on the work itself.

Josh S : Never tell your secrets. You never know who wishes you ill will.

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