Never Share Your Goals If You Are Serious About Achieving Them

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zapto E : Great advice. I've always noticed this on myself. It's so true

Downtown Success : Your Thoughts??...Also, Do subscribe to us for such weekly videos

Keith In ADHD : How does this work when trying to get people to work on the goal with you? I want to do something creative and would love people involved. How do I goal without explaining what I want when talking to them about their involvement?

Ericc Brasi : What if you already told people your goals ? That means they are gonna fail ? Or if you stop telling them the goal of yours you can still make it happen

Daniel Rivero : The title of the video is factually incorrect. The paper written by Gollwitzer et. al. is titled "When Intentions go public." Not goals, intentions. Goals are desires more than intentions. If you say "I will run on the upcoming marathon" that's an intention. In fact, anything prefaced with "I will" is an intention. If you say "I want to run on the upcoming marathon" that's a goal/desire. It will not prevent you from completing your goal. Your motivation will not decrease. You can even share your ideas about projects. They are not intentions, and as long as they aren't, there is no proof that suggests they will reduce your motivation. The video also excludes some exceptions the paper talks about. For example, say you have a physics mentor. You honestly believe your mentor is superior to you when it comes to physics. If you tell them you will take the physics test, you will not suffer a decrease in motivation. Another exception is people who are high on dutifulness (as measured by the big 5 personality test). Source:

pratik shetty : Now make a video on how to respond to the people by not telling our goals directly.

Guransh Chaudhary : Nailed it.

Entuous : Great video

Brian Storey : big tings a gwan

Victor Bergkvist : can you link your sources?

More Bacon : Spot on! 👍

Mental Toughness : I like your Chanel und britsh accent (;

Jack Parsons : Makes sense!

Nigel A : I find a whole lot of truth in this. There's definitely a rush of accomplishment when you haven't achieved anything. I think you can overcome it, but still, the focus should be on the work itself.

Josh S : Never tell your secrets. You never know who wishes you ill will.