Shane takes a bath in the hotel pool

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Brianna Salo : I also have SMA and seeing that an actual relationship is possible warms my heart. <3

Dave Kincla : "I look like the afterbirth" I laughed out loud dude. Hello from a fellow SMAer and a great start to a channel.

zestguest : Hi Shane & Hanna. I just found you two while I was surfing my tumbler feed, and I'm so glad I looked you up and saw this video. I'm a 61 year old T5 Paraplegic and have been in my chair 36 years now. I've never married, but have dated plenty :) Some wonderful and some hurtful, but that's life for most long term dating people right? I worked as a rehab technologist and helped many people with all kinds disabilities. Oh the stories I could tell ;) I really just want to let you know how much I enjoyed this video, and seeing you two enjoying life! I will be a follower for sure. I wish you much strength in keeping up your pace. Love the smiles and laughter :) <3  Peace, Love, and Soul~

Kiley Pippenger : This was great! I’ve followed Shane on tumblr since his video on soulpancake and his humor translates so well on there, it translates even better in a video. Very excited for more👍🏻👍🏻

Meg Alyssa : So much of this was absolutely hilarious. “Your boob gave way”.

Gus Tamer : And i can't even get a single tinder match.

mdkushner : Thank you for captioning. Helps this hard of hearing guy a lot. I know how much extra effort it takes and I really appreciate it.

Noella Hall : I found you because of Reddit and I now follow you on IG. I COULD NOT wait for you guys to post your first VLOG! It was worth the wait! I can't wait to see more! You both are amazing!!

thegrowingtreeblog : Great episode! Thanks for getting vulnerable and giving us a glimpse into your life. Can’t wait for episode 2! 💜

Aly Fisher : OMG, loved this! I have a feeling many vlogs will include the topic of boobs and how dirty Shane is! Cannot wait to see more of your adventures! Much love!

Juni Arina : Hi Shane! I have been a fan of your sense of humour since I saw you in My Last Day, so I am so excited to see you back in videos! You and Hanna are so well together, I hope for the best for you. Keep 'em coming! Lots of love from Indonesia 💕

Steven Werley : Awesome guys, love your story!

Christine Lee : Such a cute video! I definitely laughed out loud a few times! #relationshipgoals can’t wait to see more videos! Love from your northern neighbour in Winnipeg, Manitoba! 🤗🇨🇦

aneliese : My friend Christine introduced me to you both on instagram, & I'm so glad she did! This was a great first video into your lives, & your dog is so cute! More love coming from Winnipeg, can't wait to see your next video! :)

DrumInfected : Such a great and uplifting video! You guys are perfect together! Just curious how you guys met? I have SMA myself and seeing couples that love each other for who they are is very inspiring and give me hope one day to have a relationship like yours.

Graysya Redenbach : Loved it! You are both amazing and you have a fan in western new york <3

Zach Beach : This is good. Love you bro

Hoobie D : you both are awesome!!

Tony Wettle : You sir, are legendary

Ijlal Rizvi : From Reddit to IG, I have been following you guys lately :). Awesome guys, post more vlogs.

Alicia Ginochio : This was awesome! You guys are entertaining to watch, I definitely laughed out loud many times!! You are so cute and fun together, you reminder me of me and my boyfriend! Looking forward to the next episode!


probles45 : You guys are awesome and clearly have a great relationship! I look forward to checking out some of your videos. All my best from So Cal. :)

Joseph Silimperi : Hi guys, As spoken by Jessica Tandy in "Driving Ms. Daisy" it is "Mo-Beel". My grandmother is from the south and I can attest to this pronunciation. Love the vlog, be well - Joe PS-on that note, I am sure we would all like a segment on Shane "making water" hahahaha

TraceyWooo : 5:27 Had me rolling. Loved that you are there with her when she does stuff you can’t do.

GhostGirl420 GhostGirl661 : You 2 are so CUTE together!! Xoxo. 😀❤☄

Julia F : Hi from Julia in Toronto, Canada! I love you guys! I've been following you on Facebook for quite a while. So glad you have a v-log now that I can follow as well. :-D.

Lisa Lymburner : I laughed out loud and I have my sleeping, 1 month old baby on my tummy and I woke her up and now I am crying... so thanks for that lol ;)

Nicole Nieuwendijk : You guys are so adorable! Loved every second of it

Bradon : Can't wait for the next video!

Tiago Roland : More videos please! :D you are such a nice couple, hugs from Ibiza, Spain!!

Jay Rao : Nice vlog keep breaking stereotype ✌✌power to you bro

Jay Keller : Awesome Sauce :)

Tyler Holwell : Been following your story for awhile now! Very excited that you guys have started a Vlog! Can’t wait for more episodes! Cheers from Canada guys

Alex Gallagher : Shane remembers me to myself a lot (I'm spanish so I don't know if that is well said) I always arrive like an hour before to everywhere.

Erin Clement : I just found your vlog through Instagram and may I just say.... you two are so cute and hilarious! I am hooked.

Crush SMA : This is the best video I have ever seen!!!! Really great thank you!!!!!!!

Carissa Roca : The two of you are so great together! I was smiling the entire time watching this video. Excited for episode 2!

Hayleigh Gavaldon : Weeee, loved it!!

Andie F : Oh, if only I had the timing to run into you in St. Louis! I hope you guys have a ton of fun on your road trip!! It looks like a blast!

Roger Ramjet : Only about four more sleeps to the next episode give or take 24,48,72 or about 96 hour's.

Leslie Hardy : I loved your first episode, can’t wait for the second one! Hope you guys continue to vlog, there’s a lot of positive feedback here😀

Lindsay Davis : This was pretty amusing and you guys were definitely funny enough - I loved it :D Keep it up! (P.S. Where did the names Squirmy and Grubs come from?! :L)

Sunny Narshi : This was genuinely beautiful! Definitely excited for more vlogs!

Miles Max Davis-Matthews : Love you guys so much! I'm a long time fan and I'm so excited to see the upcoming vlogs!!! Keep up the fantastic work!!

Frank : You guys are hilarious and awesome together

how_to destroy_angels81 : THIS WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING WHOOO HOOO! PS… Shane dude- I have anxiety so I show up to EVERYTHING early esp concerts: my friends always made fun of me but oh well… DUDE your fave tank top- buy some RIT dye or bleach and tie dye it!

Cheryl Jones : "I look like the afterbirth"----I am dying laughing. You guys are the best. So excited to see you on this platform.

mistycgrimm : You guys are so funny!!! Can’t wait for the next episode!!!! 💗💗💗

James Braine : Im going with Mobil MO-BILL.