Shane takes a bath in the hotel pool

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Brianna Salo : I also have SMA and seeing that an actual relationship is possible warms my heart. <3

esther o : Okay but Hannah's a whole snacc

Dave Kincla : "I look like the afterbirth" I laughed out loud dude. Hello from a fellow SMAer and a great start to a channel.

Allison S. Sunflower : I just found you through SBK and I’m obsessed with your dynamic and humors, you two absolutely complete each other happy to subscribe and spread your account.

mdkushner : Thank you for captioning. Helps this hard of hearing guy a lot. I know how much extra effort it takes and I really appreciate it.

ucacheer2213 : Emotionally support her by 👀 looking at her butt... lol.

d00shm00k : I think the greatest joy this dude has is knowing that he probably makes tons of dudes mad that his wife is a total babe.

Meg Alyssa : So much of this was absolutely hilarious. “Your boob gave way”.

Kiley Pippenger : This was great! I’ve followed Shane on tumblr since his video on soulpancake and his humor translates so well on there, it translates even better in a video. Very excited for more👍🏻👍🏻

nicole p : Shane is actually very handsome, and Hannah is soooo beautiful and it's awesome the love they each have, and you can see they love each other completely. When you do that you are attracted to their features because it's THEM

Victoria Arm : I think It’s so sweet that he sits with you while You do household chores. Most men would be off watching tv or something else. 💕🙌🏼

Laine White : Hannas body is 🔥🔥🔥

B Noel : These two should go on Ellen

zestguest : Hi Shane & Hanna. I just found you two while I was surfing my tumbler feed, and I'm so glad I looked you up and saw this video. I'm a 61 year old T5 Paraplegic and have been in my chair 36 years now. I've never married, but have dated plenty :) Some wonderful and some hurtful, but that's life for most long term dating people right? I worked as a rehab technologist and helped many people with all kinds disabilities. Oh the stories I could tell ;) I really just want to let you know how much I enjoyed this video, and seeing you two enjoying life! I will be a follower for sure. I wish you much strength in keeping up your pace. Love the smiles and laughter :) <3  Peace, Love, and Soul~

Renee Laventure : “I look like the afterbirth” 😂

Gus Tamer : And i can't even get a single tinder match.

Taylor Capers : the way she looks at him is the greatest thing ever

Pretty Hussain : Hi Hannah and Shane. I found you two by watching sbsk, I'm glad I found you guys. I'm seventeen and I have Cerebral Palsy (quadriplegic), I have been in a wheelchair since I was born. My Cerebral Palsy hasn't effected me the way it should have, I can do everything but walk on my own. I have had fifty-two surgeries all together. 💕

Gonçalo Alves : 6:24 THICC

Cara Attwood : “It looks like I’ve just gave birth to you and were bonding❤️❤️” “I look like the afterbirth” 😂😂😂

Lisa Lymburner : I laughed out loud and I have my sleeping, 1 month old baby on my tummy and I woke her up and now I am crying... so thanks for that lol ;)

Christine Lee : Such a cute video! I definitely laughed out loud a few times! #relationshipgoals can’t wait to see more videos! Love from your northern neighbour in Winnipeg, Manitoba! 🤗🇨🇦

xneverwalkalonex : This kinda makes me want to find a tardis, because, you know, theyre real. go back to the mid 90's, and make that able bodied girl i had a serious chance with my future wife. I was born with Spina Bifida and that kind of thing hasnt happened before or since her, it doesnt help that she was a real head turner, oh well, live and learn.

Stoop Low : Just a warning... You're gonna be sick inside a family diner in Mobile, Alabama. It's going to packed with people. Take extra pants.

Noella Hall : I found you because of Reddit and I now follow you on IG. I COULD NOT wait for you guys to post your first VLOG! It was worth the wait! I can't wait to see more! You both are amazing!!

Amanda B : This is so cool i just found yalls channel. My oldest & only son was born with a birth defect. He is 15 & has alot of issues with his looks & worrys about ever getting in a relationship. He is the only 1 of my children that was born with a bilateral cleft lip & palate. He has had about 20-21 surgeries with at least 5 more to go. Its really cool to see how yal mesh so well together!! I hope my son can find someone that is willing to over look his differeneces & accept him for all the greatness he has!! I tell him not to rush it just sucks cause he sees his friends all dating. He has a bunch of friends but i think girls are mainly worried about what others would say/think if they admitted they like him more than a friend. We live in NC. Any advice for my son???

Elizabeth Earles : "And I got.... cat throw up in a bowl..." LOL 😂😂

Aly Fisher : OMG, loved this! I have a feeling many vlogs will include the topic of boobs and how dirty Shane is! Cannot wait to see more of your adventures! Much love!

Juni Arina : Hi Shane! I have been a fan of your sense of humour since I saw you in My Last Day, so I am so excited to see you back in videos! You and Hanna are so well together, I hope for the best for you. Keep 'em coming! Lots of love from Indonesia 💕

Breanna Sullivan : I read Shane's book around two years ago. I so badly wanted to meet you cause you're such funny dude. When I saw you started a blog channel I lost my mind. It was surreal to join you from where the book basically left off.

Steven Werley : Awesome guys, love your story!

Joann Smith : This video was so good and so funny! I will now have to watch all of your other videos because I have fallen in love with your personality and how you find humor in almost everything!

thegrowingtreeblog : Great episode! Thanks for getting vulnerable and giving us a glimpse into your life. Can’t wait for episode 2! 💜

Tony Wettle : You sir, are legendary

Laura Durr : He’s so witty!

Hoobie D : you both are awesome!!

aneliese : My friend Christine introduced me to you both on instagram, & I'm so glad she did! This was a great first video into your lives, & your dog is so cute! More love coming from Winnipeg, can't wait to see your next video! :)

TraceyWooo : 5:27 Had me rolling. Loved that you are there with her when she does stuff you can’t do.

Nicole Nieuwendijk : You guys are so adorable! Loved every second of it

Chalkybuttggmb : Hannah do you ever feel resentment that you have to do all the laundry, packing, folding, cleaning, feeding, ADLs. It’s completely wonderful what you do but I’m wondering how you juggle it all!!! It must have its frustrations?

VampiraPericulosa : I started following shane like 7 years ago on tumblr, checked his blog everyday, had the biggest crush on him.

eddy sanchez : 8:30 favorite part Mmm i feel the dirt coming off of my body smart 😂😘

Alicia Ginochio : This was awesome! You guys are entertaining to watch, I definitely laughed out loud many times!! You are so cute and fun together, you reminder me of me and my boyfriend! Looking forward to the next episode!

Cheryl Jones : "I look like the afterbirth"----I am dying laughing. You guys are the best. So excited to see you on this platform.

Audry Antithetical : Facebook brought me here. Even though fb can be toxic this is amazing.

Graysya Redenbach : Loved it! You are both amazing and you have a fan in western new york <3

Zach Beach : This is good. Love you bro

probles45 : You guys are awesome and clearly have a great relationship! I look forward to checking out some of your videos. All my best from So Cal. :)

Frank : You guys are hilarious and awesome together

vexity jayy : I hope u never brake up with her or him