Shane takes a bath in the hotel pool

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Kiley Pippenger : This was great! I’ve followed Shane on tumblr since his video on soulpancake and his humor translates so well on there, it translates even better in a video. Very excited for more👍🏻👍🏻

Christine Lee : Such a cute video! I definitely laughed out loud a few times! #relationshipgoals can’t wait to see more videos! Love from your northern neighbour in Winnipeg, Manitoba! 🤗🇨🇦

Noella Hall : I found you because of Reddit and I now follow you on IG. I COULD NOT wait for you guys to post your first VLOG! It was worth the wait! I can't wait to see more! You both are amazing!!

Gus Tamer : And i can't even get a single tinder match.

Juni Arina : Hi Shane! I have been a fan of your sense of humour since I saw you in My Last Day, so I am so excited to see you back in videos! You and Hanna are so well together, I hope for the best for you. Keep 'em coming! Lots of love from Indonesia 💕

Brianna Salo : I also have SMA and seeing that an actual relationship is possible warms my heart. <3

thegrowingtreeblog : Great episode! Thanks for getting vulnerable and giving us a glimpse into your life. Can’t wait for episode 2! 💜

Hoobie D : you both are awesome!!

Graysya Redenbach : Loved it! You are both amazing and you have a fan in western new york <3

Steven Werley : Awesome guys, love your story!

Aly Fisher : OMG, loved this! I have a feeling many vlogs will include the topic of boobs and how dirty Shane is! Cannot wait to see more of your adventures! Much love!

aneliese : My friend Christine introduced me to you both on instagram, & I'm so glad she did! This was a great first video into your lives, & your dog is so cute! More love coming from Winnipeg, can't wait to see your next video! :)

Zach Beach : This is good. Love you bro

Meg Alyssa : So much of this was absolutely hilarious. “Your boob gave way”.

Ijlal Rizvi : From Reddit to IG, I have been following you guys lately :). Awesome guys, post more vlogs.


Hayleigh Gavaldon : Weeee, loved it!!

Alex Gallagher : Shane remembers me to myself a lot (I'm spanish so I don't know if that is well said) I always arrive like an hour before to everywhere.

Lisa Lymburner : I laughed out loud and I have my sleeping, 1 month old baby on my tummy and I woke her up and now I am crying... so thanks for that lol ;)

Tyler Holwell : Been following your story for awhile now! Very excited that you guys have started a Vlog! Can’t wait for more episodes! Cheers from Canada guys

Tiago Roland : More videos please! :D you are such a nice couple, hugs from Ibiza, Spain!!

ThinkingPinkie : I'd watch this every day! Keep it up!

mistycgrimm : You guys are so funny!!! Can’t wait for the next episode!!!! 💗💗💗

Gaby Gibson : Oh, this was great. I busted a guy a few times. I can't wait to see the next episode

Katherine Doherty : Excited to follow your vlogs!

how_to destroy_angels81 : THIS WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING WHOOO HOOO! PS… Shane dude- I have anxiety so I show up to EVERYTHING early esp concerts: my friends always made fun of me but oh well… DUDE your fave tank top- buy some RIT dye or bleach and tie dye it!

Mortem Nox : Loved it!

Sammy W : Ugh you guys are so damn cute! Those southern accents killed me 😂

Racheal Lobin : Omg yall are such a great and cute couple! Loved the vlog!!

Sunny Narshi : This was genuinely beautiful! Definitely excited for more vlogs!

Roger Ramjet : Only about four more sleeps to the next episode give or take 24,48,72 or about 96 hour's.

Cheryl Jones : "I look like the afterbirth"----I am dying laughing. You guys are the best. So excited to see you on this platform.

Communication for Life : Loved it! Definitely looking forward to episode 2!

Andie F : Oh, if only I had the timing to run into you in St. Louis! I hope you guys have a ton of fun on your road trip!! It looks like a blast!

Tyler Dykema : "Cat throw up in a bowl" literally killed me. I am now deceased. Lmao. <3

Lindsay Davis : This was pretty amusing and you guys were definitely funny enough - I loved it :D Keep it up! (P.S. Where did the names Squirmy and Grubs come from?! :L)

Dave Kincla : "I look like the afterbirth" I laughed out loud dude. Hello from a fellow SMAer and a great start to a channel.

Bradon : Can't wait for the next video!

evierose : I love this! I've already watched it about 5 times over and can't wait for more. Hope you guys are well and are enjoying the road trip!

Miles Max Davis-Matthews : Love you guys so much! I'm a long time fan and I'm so excited to see the upcoming vlogs!!! Keep up the fantastic work!!

mdkushner : Thank you for captioning. Helps this hard of hearing guy a lot. I know how much extra effort it takes and I really appreciate it.

Alicia Ginochio : This was awesome! You guys are entertaining to watch, I definitely laughed out loud many times!! You are so cute and fun together, you reminder me of me and my boyfriend! Looking forward to the next episode!

Julia F. : Hi from Julia in Toronto, Canada! I love you guys! I've been following you on Facebook for quite a while. So glad you have a v-log now that I can follow as well. :-D.

Jay Keller : Awesome Sauce :)

Doug Hansen : This is the best video I have ever seen!!!! Really great thank you!!!!!!!

Carissa Roca : The two of you are so great together! I was smiling the entire time watching this video. Excited for episode 2!

Frank : You guys are hilarious and awesome together

Leslie Hardy : I loved your first episode, can’t wait for the second one! Hope you guys continue to vlog, there’s a lot of positive feedback here😀

Nakita Rex : You two are great, but when titling your videos, could you do it in proper title format? Lol. I know it's silly of me, a random stranger to ask, its just such a pet peeve of mine and I believe it will make your videos look more professional! Squirmy and Grubs Take on Daily Life. That's my two cents. You two are rad, can't wait to keep watching!

James Braine : Im going with Mobil MO-BILL.