Borgore - Are u up?

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Comments from Youtube

Deaths 0079 : He's starting to look like Adam Sandler

mattzdubst3p : Next single: Borgore - Am I Adam Sandler Or Dillon Francis

oskininja : I really missed this Borgore

Jak : Borgore dancing with gf, best video evuh!

MOONBOY : This is the greatest thing ever 🤣 I need a Clairo X Borgore haha

Jhin : Y los culos? A ya los vi en el 0:33 ya quedé satisfecho papi Borgore <3 :v

Vasilis Papanikolaou : WARNING that song has stuck in my head from the first time i heard it <3

snvff xxx : i was excpecting a drop not disappointed tho

gtabro1337 : OMFG these past few days I was listening to his older Rap-Dubstep stuff, we need more of his crazy crossovers

Minecleto Youtuber Secreto : Im not sure if his Borgore or Dillon Francis 🤔

Dylan Scott : If Drake and 90’s Adam Sandler had a love child......

Riker : I absolutely HATE the fact that I like this song unironically

Berk B : You need to learn some scooter tricks from Oliver Tree

Ben Tu : * drunk at the party * “Don’t text her Don’t text her Don’t text her” 5 min later: “ARE U UP?”

Brianna Manning : His girlfriend is such a doll 💖

Joki Tochü : Borgore sin barba se ve muy diferente xd

InterrexOfficial : “I got five milfs in my area who’s tryna hook up” 😂😂😂

Canal Skaikru : 0:45 That Blue Screenshot it's simple awesome

Daniel Wilson : How the mighty fall. This and Go to Bed don't even occupy the same plane of existence

jilly bean : this was hilarious! love this side of u! and its cute u had ur gf in this 1 with u 💗

bloop gloop : he lost a ton of weight damn

Sir Renzo De Doncaster : Awesome 🤪 just dissapointed it isn’t on spotify 😶

AndraSterian : I am up your butt. 🍆😋

Yoniz : Borgore like: I have two days in Israel, Lets make a video clip at 6AM When no body in the streets to recognize me 😅

Pun faianță și bat cuie Fut în cur și dau la muie : Hmm... Now I asking myself: " how will be at Untold if this version of Borgore will be there?"

Guimustaine : The remix are gonna be 🔥

k k : You should do a song with oliver tree

Dave The Cake : The real question is, are you up @borgore?

Mike Kich : When you finally reached bar mitzvah

hybrid : This clip cured my heterosexuality.

Renatod24 : The "hoe glasses" really fits him

killertrap fame 1000 Gaming : Aye borgore my dawg 🔥 skrt love you dawg ❤ 😎 😋 aye

Chelsea Chasse : Sonia you up? Looks like Borgore needs your booty for the vid. 💚 xoxo

Margarita Jaén : I can´t stop watching this video, I have the song stuck in my head. Amazing

Hvlfmoon : Fresh vibe, a new star chasing his way ... Or milfs

Adrián Géza Veress : Calvin Harris vibes, borgore quality 🙌

KAUAN PHELLIPE : Até quando o cara faz bosta, faz bem feita kkkkk

Evander Lara : 0:51 This is how I wait to see you in Guatemala on may 4th 🇬🇹🇬🇹

mattvgs : I think this video is heavily influenced by Bitch Lasagna 😄 I love it

Михаил Янкин : Ha-ha, it's like good old borgore: clips are so dumb that even funny af


Hernán Guzmán : What kind of Clairo is this?

Diego Garcia : He look weird without his beard😂

Franklin Zambrano : Que te pasó antes eras chévere!! :( Ourselves❤ regresa a lo de antes

Emmanuel Sánchez Izaguirre : Second 0:45 best part of video XD

Ferdes : Hahaha love you man, you're crazy

Axel Perez Garcia : I put this on my crush and the next day I deflowed it

jose cruz : Los 80's

Arman Topchu : Awesome, glad to see borgore like this. Love u