Oh well, mines real! 7-11 Robbery

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Gus Goose : Damn... that security guard is a real life action hero! He even drops a movie type line lol. Awesome job Sir!

laplantski : Thank God the cop was black, that could have been racist


Red Meat 2nd Amendment : I almost got on the ground myself...

James : Anyone else watch more than five times?

soldierof239 : This was amazing. Not the security American liability lawyers want, but the security American common sense needs.

Big -D : The security guard isn't alone. He brought 2 friends with him... Smith and Wesson. To of the best friends a man can have

Cee Tee : Give this man a badge and let him be a cop. I like his attitude...

Jon Dearden : At one point the Clerk thought he was next.

cowslikemoney Tv : " am I shot? "

Elevated Emotions : Note to self : never rob anyone

iforgotmyscreenname1 : And I thought Clint Eastwood was the shhit. This guy is the real deal!!

Ozzy Armendariz : It's fake it's fake well mine is real. 🤣🤣

reignman2112 : Wtf, a revolver? Well played sir!

Shultz : True hero doesn’t wait to ask questions just does the shit that needs to be done


Ben Rivera : When big brother walks in the room. 👍

ZSTRODE. : Wow the karma is real

frank rodriguez : Hes the Black Clint Eastwood.....one Bad ass guy. That's how U do it......That's it!!!

Voodoo Matsu : Wow detained two people who appeared to be armed without emptying his whole clip/cylinder or killing either one, dudes a security guard and handled this 1000% better than most cops would have

Dandy 30 : You just know this isn't even the coolest shit he's done this year.

HardAnall Jr. : 0:34 *Robber: it's fake, ah it's fake* *Cop: ohh well mines real*

Jooligan Dubb : 😒This is what happens when Top Flight Security hires Deebo!

Oliver Mayo : Did he shoot the guy or what? Its like he been shooting up robbers for 30 years.

Kham Persona : How was he so accurate.

Doug Johnson : When the guy in the blue couldn't hop up on the counter, he should have just called it a day and went home.

bansheemania : Damn Hope we Have More people like THIS MAN..."ITS FAKE" MINES NOT😂😂😂😂 GOD BLESS THIS SUPER HERO WE NEED MORE OF EM..

Makin Bacon Greasy Again : Alpha on the scene

Procharged32 : This guard needs to straight into the movies so cool and collected.

TakeTheJurny : Title should have been *BEST. COP. EVER.*

Darfo : This video look like a movie scene, he just entered shooting one handed and saying a funny dialogue,pure comedy this man deserve an oscar. Haha

Jesus Lopez : This cop is gangsta!!! Strait up G!!!

LoboStream : ITS FAKE ITS FAKE! ...oh well...mines sis real.

dark druid log : This man is worth his weight in salt. Before anyone goes off on me for that statement. The Roman soldiers were payed in salt it was a highly valued commodity along the lines of gold. I would love for this man to be my neighbour, he's welcome at my bbq's anytime.

Nevek Fsm : I mean if you’re a security on the job and see a robbery taking place , you’re not gonna go in there and ask questions .

Eulogy : Lmao he did it like he dose that 3 times a day


Tone Seeker : That grown up wasn’t playing with a toy, he was banging for real...

ray hanes : They're lucky he didn't kill any of them cause he was popping them like he had a paintball gun and it only would sting a little. He's shot folks before, and that's good.

ryan hayes : That cop was bad ass

Best HIP HOP : Glad to see Steve Harvey doin some good.

grizzledoldfart simmons : Marcellus Wallace is the man!! Right on time!!

MrSmashmonkey : The shit mainstream media never shows because it doesn't suit the blacks are victims narrative

Ash Hawk : Could've been a bad move telling them to put their hand behind their backs, glad it worked out for him. What a bloke! He should be awarded and recognised

J 2004 : “Mine is real” 😂

SwagDolphinFTW Quantekk : I love how he just shoots the guy on the floor just cause😂😂😂

the first the last : I think Ving Rhames doesn’t know he’s not in a movie....

Anime Hunter 6969 : This is a security guard who's for real tired of the young ones making his race look bad

Been Ballin : Good god could you imagine if this cop was white?

jim bobbs : True American hero