Oh well, mines real! 7-11 Robbery

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Gus Goose : Damn... that security guard is a real life action hero! He even drops a movie type line lol. Awesome job Sir!

soldierof239 : This was amazing. Not the security American liability lawyers want, but the security American common sense needs.

nycupperes : Who else replayed this a few times?

Mary Berry : 2 infractions who tried to rob a honest business get shot by a black man who has a job. Learn the differences.

Jordan Niagara : Marsellus Wallace is coming back with some pliers and a blow torch and gonna get medieval on their ass!

Ryan Wigglesworth : I feel like this guy shoulda barked like dmx after that

Cornflakes And Milk : If this was a white security guard, the people of the town would have Rioted and burned the place to the ground screaming blood murder.

Abner Doubleday : I like that man's attitude toward punks.

Justin Edwards : "Surprise, muthafucka!"

Karen Anthony : That made my day watching that. He did fine with a revolver and didn't have to empty his cylinder. Kept a cool head and didn't look for any dogs. Didn't have to wait for backup or SWAT. These are the clips that should be going viral.

Elijha : This aint OG's first tickup lol them young bloods didnt see it comin

Joshua Stewart : I want this mans name, because if I ever need a security Guard, I want to hire him.

450/400 Man : Give this man a medal and assign him as the local father figure for all colored youth.

T Semi : If this wasn’t real I would have thought this was a scene from a Quentin Tarantino movie. Sam Jackson’s next role?

Kuchiri : There needs to be a TV series based off that man.

Dave Reloader : Coolest security guard ever. Has ice in his veins and looks like he is taking trash out to the curb!

Michael Newell : Steve Harvey doesnt mess around at his night job

techtronicman1 : CNN Report: "White officer guns down two innocent African Americans at 7/11"

sirreal6 : I saw this on MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS...oh wait...its a black guy delivering justice to two black thugs...the only place this will be seen is on youtube,...for a little while...and then the net will be scrubbed of it by Twitter, Facebook (CIA) and Google.

Allison Casey : LOL @ the guy nearly falling back on his ass the first time he tried hopping over the counter

NastyNati0527 : That's some dirty harry shit right there haha good shit

KillingerDOOM : Clearly that cop is racist for shooting those innocent, upstanding citizens who merely wanted to feed their families.

Doug Johnson : When the guy in the blue couldn't hop up on the counter, he should have just called it a day and went home.

Taylor M. : The guy was so relaxed during the whole thing! This guy needs a medal!

pcmcobra : can't stop smiling.

Fate Destiny : They are lucky that it wasn't the police otherwise they would be dead.

NorrinRadd22 : This dude is a legend.

Schlomo Weissbergman-Goldsteinwitz, Ph.D. : The joys of diversity. Pure cultural enrichment.

TROOPERfarcry : It's a blessing and a curse to have the best Youtube video of 2018 appear so soon into the new year.

Patron : Wow, just wow. This is beyond racist. That White Supremacist security guard bigot had NO RIGHT to attempt to MURDER those two youths. I am literally shaking. All anyone had to do was first ask if the firearms were real and then politely ask them to stop and this whole bigoted mess would have been avoided... ALL guns MUST be outlawed, this proves it

Dev Slash : This is exactly how you should deal with criminals. A bullet each to calm them down first. Then ask questions later. Great example.

Quetzalcoatll : Imagine that he's WHITE now! "police think they have the authority to kill a minority" what if the police is minority?


Paul Lopez : "It's fake..Oh well, mines is real" Give this man a raise

JohnBart : This man deserves a medal. :D

Igneous_is_my_Alias : This video will make internet history.

Skwon Man : If that security guard was white they would be protesting and looting that entire city.

James Caudill : This is a great American!

GunQuickie : That's the best comeback i've ever heard!

JerBear96 : When Marcellus Wallace is 711 security

Hakeem Hakim : He came in there like he was Marsellus Wallace and his soul was in the cash register....

paulgilpin : this guy needs to be chief of police in chicago.

C Dunk : It was in Gardena, outside of Los Angeles. I was having a bad week but now I'm in a very good mood.

P_ Roc33 : There’s a lot of controversy with this video the Hamilton Police say this robbery didn’t happen anywhere in New Jersey? Both 7-11s in Hamilton also denied being robbed and both don’t look anything like this store. Even the local New Jersey paper is trying to figure out what’s going on?

Joseph Charles Colin - The NEW FACE of Art : Use a gun like its real get shot like you are using it for real.

Jman : All the thumbs down came from people who thought the two robbers dindu nuffin. I'm surprised those two fools shot weren't crying for the amber lamps.

ron l : Harambe don't play.

Alex Charles : "OH YEAH HOMIE!"

NitaAlwaysWinning : What is this guy name. I want him as my security guard when I win the lottery for millions of dollars.

Amir Khan : someone give that man a raise!!!