Oh well, mines real! 7-11 Robbery

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NorrinRadd22 : This dude is a legend.

TrueFilmz : "Issa fake bro!" "OH WELL. Mines real!" "I dont give a F*** if you die here right now!" This video deserves some type of award.

Sheriff Brown : Bruh you know this guard sit in his post 8 hours a day 5 days a week just thinkin wtf he would do if some shit went down in front of him. Today was the day.

Joseph Charles Colin - View Modern Art : Use a gun like its real get shot like you are using it for real.

Gus Goose : Damn... that security guard is a real life action hero! He even drops a movie type line lol. Awesome job Sir!

PhantomoftheInterwebz : Who's the man that would risk his neck for his brother man? (Shaft) Can you dig it? Who's the cat that won't cop out When there's danger all about? (Shaft) Right On They say this cat Shaft is a bad mother- (Shut your mouth) But I'm talkin' bout Shaft -(Then We can dig it)

Robert Stever : Not his first time. I can tell.

Moose Moose : Someone give this man a million dollars.

Rocco Elleto : Security guard is calm, cool, and collected. In control the whole time. More cops should take it from this guy. But then again, this guard doesn't have the media calling him racist, bigoted, etc. Nor does he have several hundred policies to have to worry about. But, Damn. What a great video.

pcmcobra : can't stop smiling.

Mary Berry : 2 infractions who tried to rob a honest business get shot by a black man who has a job. Learn the differences.

patricio de matos : 33 homies don't like this video.

Igneous_is_my_Alias : This video will make internet history.

┐( °ー ° )┌ I'm a Pelican : I was here before it went viral. Hi mom

anarchoutis : 'Am I shot?' 'Oh fuck yeah!'

soldierof239 : This was amazing. Not the security American liability lawyers want, but the security American common sense needs.

nycupperes : Who else replayed this a few times?

Amir Khan : someone give that man a raise!!!

Jordan Niagara : Marsellus Wallace is coming back with some pliers and a blow torch and gonna get medieval on their ass!

DruiiChannel : what a racis.. oh, wait, he's black so leftist snowflakes cant blame him for these poor guys' life choices

Joshua Stewart : I want this mans name, because if I ever need a security Guard, I want to hire him.

Cameron : "Am I shot?" "OH FUCK YEAH!"

BaronUnderbite : Damn, Steve Harvey doesn't fuck around in the nigh shift

sandy ernst : Ahahahahahahahahahahhhaha (breathes in deeply)ahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaha...

JohnBart : This man deserves a medal. :D

Robb : this owns so hard

discobaby795 : Fuck the Justice League. This is a real hero!

kur1tan : "Am I shot?" "Oh, fuck yea." "Oh, fuck." LOL

BalticStatesAcademy : Marsellos Wallace.

Elijha : This aint OG's first tickup lol them young bloods didnt see it comin

Cylon : my hero right there. " Am I shot?" " OH, FUCK YEA!!!"

blahers blaher : hero

Pete Hadaya : There’s a lot of controversy with this video the Hamilton Police say this robbery didn’t happen anywhere in New Jersey? Both 7-11s in Hamilton also denied being robbed and both don’t look anything like this store. Even the local New Jersey paper is trying to figure out what’s going on?

Dave Reloader : Coolest security guard ever. Has ice in his veins and looks like he is taking trash out to the curb!

Right On : This is probably better than any Action movie I've ever seen.

ToastytheG : This guy is incredible! Not the most tacticool or quote unquote "professional" approach to the situation, but it worked and was fucking bad ass to boot. Hero!

bob the : That security guard is a fuckin legend! Chuck Norris wishes he was that bad ass

Thomas Rodriguez : For everyone claiming it's a prank or fake video it's not. It's been verified by numerous legit news agencies... http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-gardena-robbery-video-20180118-story.html

Alex Charles : "OH YEAH HOMIE!"

August Ahlebrand : Legend

T Dub : It’s like the Wild West!!!

vee3367 : What is this guy name. I want him as my security guard when I win the lottery for millions of dollars.

Quetzalcoatll : Imagine that he's WHITE now! "police think they have the authority to kill a minority" what if the police is minority?

Abner Doubleday : I like that man's attitude toward punks.

Taylor M. : The guy was so relaxed during the whole thing! This guy needs a medal!

mcfortner911 : Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

John Kersch : dude, if that man is a police officer, god bless; hes hardcore af. if hes not, hes still a god damned American, and knows how to deal with the shits. GJ DUDE

chili24137 : LOL, that dude has been waiting for this day to come, just comes in and without any warning just iced them without thinking, jesus christ, zero hesitation even though the victim was right next to the blue jacket guy.

Ed Champion : They got bent

Brick Tamland : surprise muthafucka