Oh well, mines real! 7-11 Robbery

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Gus Goose : Damn... that security guard is a real life action hero! He even drops a movie type line lol. Awesome job Sir!

soldierof239 : This was amazing. Not the security American liability lawyers want, but the security American common sense needs.

NorrinRadd22 : This dude is a legend.

Joseph Charles Colin - View Modern Art : Use a gun like its real get shot like you are using it for real.

You Tuber : Talk about advertising! What company is THAT! I'll hire you guys hands down if you have more "I ain't playin'"/ Level headed officers like this!

Robert Stever : Not his first time. I can tell.

PhantomoftheInterwebz : Who's the man that would risk his neck for his brother man? (Shaft) Can you dig it? Who's the cat that won't cop out When there's danger all about? (Shaft) Right On They say this cat Shaft is a bad mother- (Shut your mouth) But I'm talkin' bout Shaft -(Then We can dig it)

Moose Moose : Someone give this man a million dollars.

Justin Edwards : "Surprise, muthafucka!"

Karen Anthony : That made my day watching that. He did fine with a revolver and didn't have to empty his cylinder. Kept a cool head and didn't look for any dogs. Didn't have to wait for backup or SWAT. These are the clips that should be going viral.

WolfyGladly : When did Samuel L. Jackson become a cop?

ray hanes : Fox News won't show this, neither will CNN

Rocco Elleto : Security guard is calm, cool, and collected. In control the whole time. More cops should take it from this guy. But then again, this guard doesn't have the media calling him racist, bigoted, etc. Nor does he have several hundred policies to have to worry about. But, Damn. What a great video.

BalticStatesAcademy : Marsellos Wallace.

450/400 Man : Give this man a medal and assign him as the local father figure for all colored youth.

Mary Berry : 2 infractions who tried to rob a honest business get shot by a black man who has a job. Learn the differences.

Jonathan Logan : They played stupid games and won stupid prizes

Amir Khan : someone give that man a raise!!!

Fate Destiny : They are lucky that it wasn't the police otherwise they would be dead.

pcmcobra : can't stop smiling.

Mike : I LOVE THIS VIDEO!!!! This man is EXACTLY what America needs more of! Someone who sees a wrong happening and takes the correct and decisive action. He's a damned hero and I would be honored to shake his hand, buy him a beer and count his among my friends!

Ryan Wigglesworth : I feel like this guy shoulda barked like dmx after that

Igneous_is_my_Alias : This video will make internet history.

Jordan Niagara : Marsellus Wallace is coming back with some pliers and a blow torch and gonna get medieval on their ass!

patricio de matos : 33 homies don't like this video.

A55KRK GAMING : Switch that Black cop to a white cop and I guarantee the world reacts very different to this video. This coming from a black man.

Tralvan : For all the 2nd amendment haters, the "good guy with a gun shows up and stops a crime" situation that apparently never happens, right here on tape full with audio and good quality.

nycupperes : Who else replayed this a few times?

scottieray : I didn't know Terry Crews was working security now. Sweet.

┐( °ー ° )┌ I'm a Pelican : I was here before it went viral. Hi mom

Kuchiri : There needs to be a TV series based off that man.

Cornflakes And Milk : If this was a white security guard, the people of the town would have Rioted and burned the place to the ground screaming blood murder.

Joshua Stewart : I want this mans name, because if I ever need a security Guard, I want to hire him.

Dave Reloader : Coolest security guard ever. Has ice in his veins and looks like he is taking trash out to the curb!

sandy ernst : Ahahahahahahahahahahhhaha (breathes in deeply)ahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaha...

SomeTotalRandom : ALPHA

FrameRater : So this is what Trump was telling us about.

Robb : this owns so hard

Libertarian Nationalist : I love how he shoots the guy and then makes him stand up! hahaha

JohnBart : This man deserves a medal. :D

T Dub : It’s like the Wild West!!!

Zach Loveless : How can you dislike this? I just don't get it

Elijha : This aint OG's first tickup lol them young bloods didnt see it comin

Right On : This is probably better than any Action movie I've ever seen.

Taylor M. : The guy was so relaxed during the whole thing! This guy needs a medal!

Savannah Russell : This is Steve Harvey

justin henderson : If the security guard was white it would be a Hate crime'. BLM would be ALL over it.

Abner Doubleday : I like that man's attitude toward punks.

P_ Roc33 : There’s a lot of controversy with this video the Hamilton Police say this robbery didn’t happen anywhere in New Jersey? Both 7-11s in Hamilton also denied being robbed and both don’t look anything like this store. Even the local New Jersey paper is trying to figure out what’s going on?

Wojak Feels : As much as I like what this guy did he is probably going to jail. Security companies throw their guards under the bus unlike police officers working for police departments. The most likely reason will probably be that the man wasn't in true danger because he was complying with the robbers and the robbers were going to take the money and leave. Another HUGE safety concern was he almost shot the cashier. He came in shot while moving not aiming down sights using one hand. He also stupidly climbed over the counter which could have caused him to lose his own firearm if both of the robbers tried to tackle him. This guy either completely ignored his firearms training or never took a class to begin with.