Tender Crisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch

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The awesome advert for burger king with some sweet lyrics by Hootie! feat. subservient chicken

Comments from Youtube

fungafly : it's like a parody of "Big rock candy mountain" from "O brother, where art thou?"

foxbear60 : This is one of my most favorite commercials of all time. It's stayed in my head for over a decade now, and I still love it.

APodbayDoor : When my belly starsarumblinah

NickMiz93 : The Old Crow Medicine Show version was better

Shawn Thornton : why did they get rid of this sandwich it was so amazing

MrBigglessworth : This came out...11...years ago...where does the time go?

God hand Mishima : Back when commercials were good.

Matthew Fluty : I want this played at my funeral

BaronPraxis8492 : 12 years later and I still know by heart this acid trip of a commercial

EiD0L0N : It's 3:05AM, it's raining outside, and I'm just trying to go back to sleep. Yet all I'm hearing in my brain is this chocolate cowboy singing me this 12+ year old ad. It's a real TripleDent gum situation; thanks brain.

66goody66 : Im pretty sure this jumped started his country career!!!

Reaverdead : Can you believe this commercial is already 10 years old (2004).

Dork Born : Nuka World DLC commercial reminded me of this

joelmondragon36 : beat BK commercial... ever! if you dont agree ill fight you.

Scratch King : All the lotto tickets pay......I LIKE YOUR SPEAK MISTA RUCKER

whaduzitmatr : The beginning of Darius Rucker's country music career

Carl Mauch : "There's a couple ladies comin' with a nice caboose." Burger King would be crucified if they put that in a commercial today.

Kipp Shives : This was the moment in Darius's career when he thought to himself, "Man, maybe I could do this country thing, like for real, yo."

Kairu Hakubi : wtf happened to BK having the best commercials

TwoFacedEar : I JUST noticed this is a play off the song Big Rock Candy Mountain. Man...

mercilesscuttlefish : ps triple

Tim Sullivan : Well, it was going to be until you blew the lid off the big secret =-D You cynical jackball.

God hand Mishima : Good question if it wasn't should have.

God hand Mishima : Haha didn't look down on Darius one bit for doing this! so funny love this commercial and Darius/Hootie always forever.

SuperRobotBox : David LaChapelle fuckin' crushed it

DramaticoLives : I hacked Burger King's twitter to try and get this back. It didn't work. Sry :(

Glade Cornelius : Was this a super bowl commercial

hainesb09 : i hope you arent referring to this commercial because this is early 2000s lol

WorldClassBullshitters : best BK commercial ever.

Tim Sullivan : Inspired by a song called "Big Rock Candy Mountain" which appeared on the O Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack.

Aqua Man : I think this is what got him into country.

Fasano : You can get these in the big rock candy mountains

Kevin Allen : Breasts they grow on trees

Your Music Show : Arguable the best commercial ever.

jaredvillhelm2002 : The greatest commercial ever.

Tim Wakefield : This is just a classic. I think about this commercial all the time all these years later.

ragemanchoo82 : Why don't they do more weird/funny ads like this?!

segaprophet : Bring it back Burger King! And bring. back the funny ads!

HoneySuga IceTee : VIda Guerra!

Douglas Canoe : Yea buddy, I learned by watching you ....

Douglas Canoe : Is that right? EVERYONE here knows? do you always use 'we' when speaking for yourself? derp derp, thanks for the attempted putdown...you should spend more time trying to think of something positive to say.

Douglas Canoe : This song is a play off of a much older song by Harry McClintock hahah awesome... 'big rock candy mountain'

TX Leprechaun : Still want one of these sandwiches but dont know how to get it? Here is how: Buy a Tender-crisp sandwich, Sub Ranch (no mayo), Add Bacon, Add Red onions, Add Cheddar Cheese. If you want to make your BK experience even better order like this "When my belly starts a rumblin and im jonesin for a treat, I close my eyes for a big surprise...The Tender-crisp bacon cheddar ranch"

PainOrPleasure : the morning stream brought me here lol

fireboltaz : He has the voice of an Angel...

Jason Bertrand : Best commercial ever.

SteamTeamRedubUK : @moomeraver He said shaves.

SteamTeamRedubUK : @GarlandFraser gigity! lol

Walloficecream : Hey, Dance Dance Revolution lovers: If you play this song in Stepmania on the hardest difficulty, the arrows spell "Hootie sold out"