Drunk Idiots Fight over McNugget

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maxmoefoePokemon : unlisted.gif

DeSinc : PLEASE make this video public the world needs to know

Clyde : I'm reporting that Maccas to work safe

A0Refrigerator : This is completely unrealistic; The police would never show up that fast.

Art Of Life : 1:56 is golden


Chronically Fabulous : Working late on NYE at Maccas was always the most, er...eventful night of my year, lol. - A guy drank his Diet Coke, pissed in the cup & tried to return it for a refund, saying it didn't taste like Diet Coke. - Another tried to hold up the drive-thru with a fishing spear. Only the guy working drive-thru that night was a refugee with kids who'd gotten his family out of a war-torn African country and wouldn't tell us which one and was naturally disinclined to tolerate this guy's shit. He shut the window on the spear to trap it, grabbed it and turned it on the guy, who then apologised profusely and tried to order a 20-pack of nuggets. - Some asshole ordered 6 cheeseburgers, then decided afterwards that didn't want pickles on them, even though he hadn't told me that when he ordered. He came back to the counter and proceeded to throw the pickles from each burger at me, dropping each burger on the floor as he went, and then demanded fresh ones (for free, of course), "without the fuckin pickles, ya dumb cunt". - A drunk woman dragged her stumbling boyfriend in and demanded that we feed them for free because it was Australia Day and they were "real Australians" (AKA white), even though it was NYE and, I mean, wtf? She tried to jump the counter, presumably to steal food, but completely stacked it because she was so drunk and just lay there on the floor, yelling about how she was going to sue us for her "injuries", lol. And there are plenty more stories where those came from, lol. Ugh.

R JP : ‘Why is he beeping us coz we Muslim??’ I grew up with leb mates, story of my life.

DB : I'm really liking this content.

MegaFat1 : "He wouldn't even make the top 50"


Lars Platinum : This is not in any way, shape or form satire. This is the most accurate documentary of Australian life ever.

Tom Berry : "why's Tuesday like a deros weekend?" Aren't Tuesdays welfare payment days? Working late night Maccas must suck, but late night regional pizza delivery is up there as well. You're entering the home turf.

taegukki : Still not as bad as Burger King. My mate saw a homeless man order an ice cream cone, pull down his pants, dip his knob into the ice cream and then eat it with a grin on his face and ice cream covered downstairs operation in front of everyone else ordering.

Malphar : the guy he imitates at 0:22 i seen guys like that. This guy is funny

Brandon Reda : Is that Damo

SuedeSalmon : Bro this isn't showing up on your video page or my subscriptions

DarKcS2 : 100% on Rotten Tomatoes

The Watcher : I worked at a KFC for 6 years. Let me tell you, it's not much better there! *LOL*

hiram : Is Callum a popular name in Australia or what

Josh Boughton : fuckin doooooooog

ı : Why did you unlist this?

Kristy Kelly : Total animals. You only go fully sick over half empty popcorn chicken Maxi box. McNuggets not worth it.

Alex Jackson : I never worked face to face customer service, but I can confirm this humanity exists and contacts call centres. I once had a customer complain that we didn't know where he lived to order a cab (calling from a mobile before location services was a thing) and another customer that wanted to formally complain that his iPod was working normally (that's not a typo... It was working correctly, and he didn't like that). In my experience, there's two subsets of people that willl stoop to the lowest levels of humanity and abuse just because they can. Old guys that don't give a shit, and young girls that don't care (usually drunk, but not always).

Insert Name Here : This gives me PTSD from working at KFC in the early 00's in Shepparton, Victoria

R JP : I feel you and Michael cusack should do a colab

ChillyBite : I thought this was a documentary at first...

Living Tar : Unlisted sneaky breaki viewing B^)

Sam Wright : This is 100% real, I did overnight manager shifts at two country McDonald's and this was every second person. They need to start refusing service to aggressive people. Those people would grow some common courtesy pretty quickly.

Batman Barry : whats the song at 3:20-3:30 ?!

X : Glad to see that the fighting outside McDonald's tradition has carried on from the English to the Australians. Hardcunts

Greedy Imp FREE @ Google Play : Eddie Redmayne has really gone down hill in his acting.

Static Drifter : I crack up every time I hear the FOIGHT MEY!

Ol' Green Nipples : Jordies this might be your most accurate video yet. Especially that derro walk pose at 0:23, holy shit you didn't leave out even the tiniest detail

Scott Paterson : is that the goddamn running man soundtrack

piepods : Is it an insult to Jordies to say he's the only credible successor to Micallef? IDK, everything else is garbage.

corey munckton : whats the song at the end

CJ Welsh : Seconded, this didn't show up on my subs page

His Holliness The Great Almighty Imperial Lord King Emperor of Navassa : Whats the song at the end?

Roach Dog Jr. : Congratulations on getting on pyros channel

The Sir Rolfe : I wanna hear his top 50 worst customers

ASTRØ : 0:20 is that a script i can see lol

T Reasons : I'm dying over the "big bad wolf' bit. Dying.

Markstubation01 : I assume this is because Labour lost South Australia.

Seretical : yeah i work at mcdonalds and this is pretty much on the money

Jas2davir : went to a maccas in gc, a guy and his bird was shagging right at the doorway between the male/female toilet, best part was it wasn't near clubs or anywhere with alcohol its one of those near uni/homes....

jayrush01 : i dont know if your bogan vids are getting monetized. i hope they are. but please dont stop making them. they are the greatest content on youtube. you just became my favourite youtuber.

Stephen Woods : Someone please link me that outro song on YouTube, I don't know how to search for it!

Nickster63 : Is "dog" really a swear word? I know that it's intended as an insult when used by derros, but it's not what I'd call a swear word.

chickenassasintk : anyone know the song at the end, good video