I was offended - steve hughes (linkto him in description)
Did you assume I was offended

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Cosmo Kramer : "I want to live in a Democracy, but..." And therein lies the problem, they want to live in a Democracy populated only by people who agree with them.

LittleImpaler : God, this is so true!

petersouth1000 : This was common knowledge 30 years ago. Some things are best left alone.

Village_Peasant : this video offended me, woke up the next morning with aids.

Carl Daves : I guess the person who downliked the vid was offended

Roben : Ever more prevalent in 2018.

Darth Daddy : This needs to be broadcast at full volume in every major city in the west immediately.

The British Guild of Assassins : Every time someone says I have offended them I link them this video

Tom.Style : This quality offends me

Tony C : A dose of truth.

Kristinapedia : He reminds me of George Carlin. <3

FenderJunkie100 : It is remarkable that he can make a hilarious sketch about something that only 0,1% of people actually understand. This should be taught in schools.

Coexzist WTF : I'm offended by the offence of offending.😼

xygomorphic44 : 29 people got offended

Boathousedave : this should be mandatory during college orientation

Daniel Gould : The funny thing is, the stuff worth getting offended about, the stuff that needs to change, not enough people seem to care about to change.

Froggeth81 : "I went to the comedy show last night and he said something about the Lord and I was offended! And when I woke up in the morning, I had leprosy!" Hahaha genius. Nail on the head.

Turtletvcom : Flagged for offensive material

Nicktuga : thank god there is still normal people in this world

Goldie Hoffman : Not an exaggeration when I say this is literally one of my absolute favorite comedy bits, period. From one comic to another, kudos, and thank you for this very important material. :)

culcune : This should be a mandated viewing for all incoming freshman to any university in the US. Yes, FORCE them to watch it...

Fred Smith : This man is correct. How did we get here?

IggyTthunders : Thank u skinny, hirsute stranger....are...are you Jesus? 

What ever goes : Hugh Mungus WHAT!!! Are you offended now?

Matt McGuire : This is perfect. Seriously this is what gets me through the workday. Grown men whining and bitching and moaning - you're an adult deal with it! Lol

Taylor Mclaren : 56 people have been offended so far by this video haha

Devil Forger 4/Arcanus Zenbrk : Imma say something people won't get offended by ......

Heather Robertson : ROFLMAO... you've offended 5 people so far.

Jamie Todd : "Be offended. Nothing happens!" Oh, not anymore! Now it's called a "micro-aggression."

Mark Adams : 292 labour voters disliked this 🙄

Badum tsst : So true yet so sad that government doesn't give a damn...Hence why a guy could do a year in prison for a joke he made. -_-

smartchip : By the way, I am waiting to see how the sjw shall stop comedians from saying things NOT on the list ( which will grow every day) that is acceptable to joke about,

StrahaoftheRace : Political correctness is FASCISM pretending to be manners. George Carlin.

artie whitefox : This guy is funny, truly, truly.

This Leprechaun Writes : Looks like we have 16 overgrown babies that were 'offended' at this.

harpersneil : They've moved on from calling it offensive and now they call it "hate speech".

mark jones : I was terribly offended by your video. It caused my milk to curdle and my driver side, front tire to go flat…

wendi speigle : ppl offended by the starbucks cup need to chill out and watch this video. IT'S A FLIPPING CUP PEOPLE !

John Sivewright : 2018 and this is more relevant than ever. Too many millennial snowflakes around that need to watch this and get the message!

Brendan Tannam : Very relevant after they passed the C-16 law in Canada.

Cobtiger : I watch this every month or so to have a laugh.

xTrmVelocity : Funny how when everyone was children we could take insults from each other but as adults we can't handle it..

mika ܡܝܟܐ wood : hahaha.If Jesus lived today,he would say something like that...I bet on it. ;)

Kristinapedia : I can't tell you how many times I've shared this skit. It's prob my most shared one ever from youtube. (not all this link tho...other uploads too). It's so true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ian Gerig : All the more relevant with the situation at the University of Missouri

Lenny Pearl : I bet this would be considered "hate speech" today!

MorleyHaus Bloodlines : 121 offended people and growing and still nothing has happened....:-)

Declan Duff : 12 people were offended

aabbccddeeffgg1234 : god i love this guy