Voctave - Disney Showstoppers

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AMagicProduction : why couldn't this video be 3 hours instead of 3 minutes.... MORE PLEASE

Irun Mon : Sorry pentatonix, but you're now my #2 favorite acapella group

Thevesh Theva : It's not the Disney songs that are the showstoppers; it's the voices of you angels on earth. Disney should hire you to be a part of every movie they ever produce.

AWonderBoyProductions : The main tenor in 'Just can't wait to be king' - Can we just appreciate his singing ability. His riffs and belt is just gorgeous <3

Aasief Pillay : Sing Deliver Us and All I Ever wanted from Prince of Egypt please

Keat : man i love the bass section. they always seem to be so happy and chilled it's great

SiboVG : Can we all take a second to appreciate the amazing arrangements that Jamey Ray writes!

Melonball9 : I've gone back to listen to 2:12-2:40 an embarrassing number of times...

superjsun : We've hit the point where I smash the like button before the video even begins, because I'm never disappointed.

Chris Vergara : The look that Ashley, Kate, and Tiffany give EJ while he riffs for his life is exactly the look I make whenever I watch these videos. Thank you Voctave for another incredible piece! And a shout out to Jamey for another beautiful arrangement (and rocking your solo!)

Chris Boles : Oh my god the way Kate did the transition at 1:38... perfect

YourPrincessLainie : E.J. can win a marathon with those vocal runs.

Lyle Orr : I'm a tenor. A wannabe Voctave quality singer....tough level to reach. BUT....the bass team....you really nailed this. Tough to jump around and be dead on pitch with each other. I am always truly amazed. The biggest question I have - who in the world would give this a thumbs down? Seriously.....what could you possibly not like about it??

HwaYoun Kang : The enunciation at 1:33 is absolutely everything!!!!!!

Emily Carroll : if they made CDs of literally anything I would GIVE THEM ALL MY MONEY. Christmas album, disney covers, literally anything

ObsidianMadman : Simply phenomenal.

Tammian : The transitions were absolutely seamless... you guys are just amazing

freyafabulous : YOU ARE ALL AMAZING:) Literally I couldn´t stop smiling because you are all so cute and you have so much fun when you sing.

Sebubble : You should do 'Deliver Us' from Prince of Egypt

Heebs : EJ Cardona is everything I aspire to be as a singer.

TehWolfmanOP : Fucking finally Kurt gets a solo. I didn't know he had such a good higher register (I mean he's no E.J. but still). Great work as always

Ryan Critchlow : That 'yeah' at 0:52 though.

Arnie Daniel Valera : I love you all! But most of all, I love it that Kurt von Schmittou and Jamey Ray had been given a chance at the melody! EJ Cardona had been breathtaking, as always! You are all amazing. Can't wait to hear everyone else having his/her own part! Congratulations!

David Smith : You have perfected your art.

Thevesh Theva : I love how this video showcases what an all-round genius musician Jamey Ray is...arrangement, piano, composition, and man, what a set of pipes!

Loes Gerrits : Jamey Ray is the most talented arranger I have ever seen

Carolina : You guys should post some behind the scenes of the whole process, like doing the arrangements and rehearsing and stuff. I bet a lot of people would love to see that :D

Alex Smith : Such a clean arrangement! Usually when one hears an acapella mashup, the segways are a little rough but not here! I've also never heard a better acapella version of Under the Sea! Thanks for this!!

Blue Frog : Such an adorable and nice looking group of ladies and men! I think I found my new favorite group here.. Where have you been all my life?

Trasy1001 : Can Jamey Ray just please get to voice a disney 'prince' already? This medley is amazing! I can't stop listening.

Adair Valencia : Amazing i love it! especially in the minute 3:05 when bass seccion makes that blues chord!

Vinaluv : I love how they look so happy singing! makes me happy!

לביא גלזמן : Voctave = 100k views Jake Paul = 10m views YouTube can't do maths...


Skyler Wixom : I am amazed by all of their voices (solo and group), but man, Jamey Ray absolutely nails it! Bravo!


James Moyner : Awesome this just made my day. Thank you for sharing your amazing voices with us.

Rand Zopyr : Love the bass singers - would love to see them get a feature in the future.

Raghav Suneja : You sure you are not just a bunch of angels?

OnMyWaytotheFLA : Way to rock that solo, Jamey Ray! Fabulous recording! Also, I was thinking literally last week that someone should do a mashup of "Under the Sea" and "Just Can't Wait to Be King"!

Alfredo Perdomo : IS NO ONE GOING TO TALK ABOUT 1:41- 2:38 ! Chills !

Johanna Lloyd : Under the sea 1.15 YES! Would love to see a 'behind the scenes'

iWillow54 : The best part is watching everyone interact with each other (especially during E.J.'s solo!)!!


isla : Goodness, the solo during just cant wait to be king, KILLER.


Catarina Rodrigues : So much talent yet way to less recognition. What a shame. So much talent. I always love your videos. Continue pleeeeeeeeaaase !!! 😄

Matthäa Reithofer : The deep 'yeah' alone is so stunning to hear, all your voices are so incredible, I looooove listening to you!

Jason grenade : I mean at this point i'd like to see the score Kate is reading, most of it is off the staff, they might as well create a new cleff or maybe octave above? XD

Mykaela McDowell : Why did I 100% know this would be astounding and awesome before I even listened to it? Oh, right...because Voctave uploaded it. DUH. 😝❤❤❤❤