Alicia Vikander Calls Random People In Sweden | Vanity Fair

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kyakyakyak laugh : she has a really lovely voice :)

TT : "Yes..Yes actually i am a random swede." hahahah

myscrnnm : How can you tell if a random Swede is vegan? Don't worry, they'll tell you.

Ignatius : Imagine getting to hear that laugh everyday. Fing Michael Fassbender. )

Oracio : That vegan-evangelism attempt... XD

JustinHenryfan : She should have asked them "Do you like Alicia Vikander" and after their answer, she should've let them know who she is... That would've been hilarious!

ivyraffe : Her hair is so nice *sigh*

Alexandra Vlasova : Alicia is a little prankster, I see.

SK LM : She's doing the same thing that I would do if I were famous. (asking random people on internet if they know me). hahahaa

marre321 : This is so cringe. Why don't she just say who she is and, it would be funnier hearing the reactions.

DANzwKU : "or you can just go vegan, and end animal suffering." aww

Jason Lam : Classy, Elegant, but funny. And her voice is 10/10

Kuivia : damn she looks way better in the video than on that cover

igaratih : I really want her to meet PewDiePie..and just watch them talking..or play games together and hear them cursing in Swedish.

MrJapanApan : Why are people so butthurt about the vegan? Alicia asked and she answered that she couldn´t help her. No one would react if she asked for the best beer and she said that she doesn´t drink. I´m not vegan myself so i dont care, but i get tired of hateful people.

Play-a-maker : lol not a single Swedish person recognized her voice

Adi Adrian : So in Sweden the official language is English

Heidi Caterina : 2:48 yes!!!!!!!!!! get that vegan promotion!!!! 😂😂😂

Pedro Thiago : her voice it's so soothing.

Northerner : Amazing voice and English

Kah Weng Chok : it sounds like the machine says "calling freedom"

Nea Emrys : She's so cute :D

radjedi2010 : I really hope some of those Swedes who were called see this video and comment on here. Would love to know their reaction when they found out it was actually Alicia Vikander. Also, I think Alicia should have started singing along with that guy.

Lolas Mandola : Any swede here?

iamdmc : I live in London too, but I haven't met Alicia Vikander. Do you know her? I'd like to meet her

TheXV22 : Why does she have such a posh accent? or am I mistaken?

monikavec : "OR YOU COULD JUST GO VEGAN!" Yaaaaaas. <3

Steve Soares : She looks like such a sweetheart

Andreas Lindén - Pro Triathlete : Haha, when I heard the vegan preach I was like: YEES!!! Hahaha. Cute video, Alicia is lovely. /Ida

Jorge Gonzalez : she's so beautiful and cute!😍, I really love her!😍❤

tate m : freaking Magneto! First he gets to control metal, now he gets the girl?  smh!!

Alexander Wollheim : Damn, she's a delight.

Leela C. : I loved the vegan!!

Linnéa Kjellström : yes vegan 💜

Potato King : what is really interesting and impressive about this is how well spoken the Swedes actually are. Pretty much everyone over there can speak English very fluently... Also Alicia is gorgeous as hell.

Sam : this was so weird and awkward LOL

Andy Smiley Cinema - Animaliste & Zero Waste : "Or you could just go VEGAN and end animal suffering..." YEAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH !!! <3 THANK YOU ! <3 MEAT IS MURDER !

Cholesterol isn't all bad. : "Alicia Vikander is a huge coward." - Hope Solo

Steve Shaw : Swedes are the nicest people

Ellirkos : Damn vegans!

Dalton K : So veganism is a religion, trying to preach over the phone now. How much longer till they go door to door?

Julia Nolla : HAHAHAH i loved the vegan one

scottish matters : meat is actually murder....if you think not, go visit the neighbourhood cannibal to discuss...

Shar : I don't know why people hate on her being Lara Croft. She fits the role good.

Michelle : i love her so much ♥️

Henry Collins : I love her voice, it actually is melodical

Julia Butter : 1:35 so adorable!

Shiva S : Sweden is a great nation..👍

Film4Life : Well I met her. It was awesome. Best day of my life or so!

Antonio Lempiäinen : If you call a random swede there is a 98% chance a vegan will tell you to stop eating meat.