Circuit City Fun!

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Artzie Music : ahaha this is great

Gill Bates : this video is screaming 2007

ambivalent benevolent elephant : Found some youtube gold today.

That One Ford Guy : Man if circuit city was still in business id work with some of my buddies and do the same thing ahaha... gotta make work fun. Best video ever, nostalgia is huge in this one. Can't have this much fun at Best Buy now, can you? I love BB but CC Is for life, childhood electronics store. RIP. I hope it comes back one day and would be fun like this but made good decisions. Circuit City is now  Edit 1/26/18: CIRCUIT CITY IS COMING BACK! YEAH BABY!

Batmansentell937 : Who are these people? We need to find them!

bigdog one : all the way to the unemployment line

SHADOSTRYKR : guess you have a lot of time to practice dancing when you have no customers

madasylum1 : "Hello, I would like to Pre-order the Halo 3 edition Xbox 360 please."


matt alder : this is one of my all time favorite vdeos. we used to do shit like this all the time at work at circuit city. best job i ever had.

AtomicWolf_375 : Ah I miss the older better YouTube days when people actually made videos for fun and not money

Thatoneblackguy258 : Look how empty that place is, wonder why they went bankrupt ;)

musiclover4ever2000 : This is all over Facebook now. Someone track these two dudes. 😂

Bims Mixed Channel : this video is so 2000


Abu Meme Al Australi : No wonder Circuit City closed

Zoey Merenda : I found the short white one

Captcha Neon : I didn’t even know Circuit City was still open then lol Love this 🤓

BennyBobGaming : There is no better way to summarize 2007

C E : Classic youtube

L Z : i came here from some facebook fp

Oliver : I don't want to kms anymore

Ol' Ben : Yo, where the vcr’s at?

Arcane Elite : ........

Ericirno : LOL!

Mark Stapleton : Damn i miss all of you guys from the 3146....It's nice to see what my guys did when i off that day.

Skatz1016 : lmfao!!!!

Angela Gourlay : This video is amazing. I worked for CC for 2 years up until the end store 0876 in St. Pete, FL. It was the greatest job. The people were fantastic to work with, we always had fun and enjoyed our job. I'm still sad to this day they went out of business.

bluesteelmagnolia : CCITY 4 LIFE!!!!!!!

Thebus001 : I worked at Circuit City and I thought it was okay, but wow... Now that I worked for Best Buy, I realize how informal my Circuit City was...

Randy Tellez : man i miss Circuit City :/

Williestubz2008 : i worked at Circuit City in Ct, it was the craziest job...our store was messy...some good and bad times there...Circuit City represent!!!!!

Mac W : @Twirlyman u aint liein lol

Twirlyman : chamillonaire and napoleon dynamite what a match up :D

Computergk91 Gaming : the reason they closed is they went bankrobed

Nicole Hill : I miss good times at Circuit City, this stuff happened back in the roadshop constantly...ahh memories.

John Colonna : That is awesome the superman will never die just look at E Honda in Street Fighter 4.

Gurl Bye : Lol should yall not be doing you jobs? Nah let me stop! thats a cool video yall was having fun :D

M0derB0dder : just for everyone talkin that extra ish....lil white dude is my homie brandon and is actually an actor..he was on csi and im pretty sure he just got casted for a major movie

bkocherrr : yo circuit city was the best job, i've ever had. it was the most laid back and coolest people worked there, i hope one day it comes back even tho probably wouldnt be fast enough for me to work there again, anyways good fucking times, bay area was always sick, smoked budd n shit with my workers, good shit. if anyone disses on cc. we gave your mom a disscount since she let us all bang her and thats why we went outta business we thought with the wrong head. Circuit City will forever be in our <3's.

missrachael357 : ah i miss workin at cc. it was fun times.

Jae Jaye : juz so people know both these guys got fired for this video but that was almost two yrs before circuit city closed

thecitythatreads : This is why circuit city went out of business.

Samuel Wright : And now we know why circuit city is bankrupt...

Will Sharp : LOL! if your boss fuinds this you might get..... a written warning!!!! DUN DUN duuuun !

simysimy9 : this is why someone bought circuit city a few weeks ago.

ThaBoiFromIL : I was being sarcastic don't take tha internet too serious.This is one of my favorite videos on YouTube.

ThaBoiFromIL : This is why yall mufuckas went out of bizness.....too much goofin around lol

leeroy4022 : 1:56 the white guy made me LOL SOOOOOO HARD

taylor22222222 : you could? That doesn't make any sense