Kinect Star Wars Duel Trailer

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Gehab : Why was this recommneded to me now lol?

Alex Bernal : Star Wars takes place in the same universe as MCU confirmed.

Revolt : Star Lord vs Lord Vader ?! Fight!

Arc 77 : Let’s be real. This is how we all would act if we had a lightsaber

Sophi Val : It's like Peter Quill's wet dream...

mkohlhorst : I'll never buy this but the commercial was hilarious

Raif : Young Chris Pratt kind of reminds me of Jack Black

Tais Gomes : Chris Pratt was born to be badass...

Galactic Jewels : This is the man Guarding our Galaxy.

rodimus184 : "There's another name you might know me by..."

afroman255 : First he was an outlaw of the galaxy, then he was a raptor jesus, now he's a jedi.

Another Geek : So when can we get Chris Pratt in Star Wars?

kpalms 1001 : "Why is Obi-Wan wearing my bathrobe?"

Damien Khan : Burt Macklin...Thought He Was Dead? So Did The Rebels Enemies

Ben Porter : 1:27 swing and a miss

billygowhoop : I like how Chris wasn't wearing any pants for this.

Wes Ellison : 1:35 gets me everytime when he puts the lightsaber in his face making his own sound effect.

The Crimson Cosplayer : Chad Vader the Day Shift Manager Vs. Andy Dwyer from Parks and Recreation

William Bass : "Can I get a hand? No?" 😂

pronto355 : 1:58 Jebus Star Lord, talk about one too many cheeseburgers

Marcus Casas : What's Peter Quill doing in here? XD

haziq torres : darth vader vs starlord

ElegantAndPoised : Hate the game love the trailer lol :)

MakaiRanger99 : Still so awesome he managed to lose that much weight since then

jacobslayer55 : How a new hope should have ended

msmissjordan1 : *Vader misses* Me: Strike one! *Vader misses again* Me: Strike two!

Renan Jordao : OH HELL STAR LORD

Sithkiller411 : Who knew Emmet was such a badass

kapitan19969838 : Pratt's performance - bestest!

13th Evergreen : to bad it was a dancing game

muffin eater : Before he was the PRATT PRATT....

TubaDudeNick : Sounds like Chad Vader...

Juan R : He had a plan for sure.

Anonymous Anonymous : Thanks, YouTube for recommending this to me just in time to pre-order

Angelo James Mordini : The little laugh after he says earth 😂

Koffe : Chris Pratt should never play Obi Wan

An Evil Resident : He's going to be in Jurassic World... I still haven't lost faith.

D a D : You are on this council but we do not grant you the rank of Obi Wan Kenobi

Nanao Midori : He looks like he's pregnant at the end lol

Overrated : Crazy how buff he got

Trent Devlaminck : lol omg this is the best

Axepicker79 : chris pratt looked so different back then, took me a while to recognize him

Paul Hruby : Vader killed Star Lord!

Leia Organa : I think Chris Pratt is an amazing actor but whenever I see him in a movie or show I see just that, Chris Pratt. He's too well known and I wouldn't be able to see him as the young Han Solo. It should be someone relatively new just like the characters in the Force Awakens.

Parallaxus : Fat Pratt!

Darth Bane : I took one look at the thumbnail and said “is that Starlord?”

SomethingNowhereMan : What if that was the deleted scene for Guardians of the Galaxy, but then Gunn or some other producer was like "Wouldn't that be breaking the fourth wall?"

Michael Ruelas : Now do Chris Pratt vs. Kylo Ren, lol!!!


GB Games : Still the greatest Star Wars commercial in history.