Mr. Plinkett's The Phantom Menace Review - HD Special Edition Remaster

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¯\_(ツ)_/¯ : plinkett in HD - it's so dense.

10outta10 : Thank you for doing this! For once I can see all of the PM review in HD 16:9! Can’t wait until the AOTC review!

Tristan Best : Yo thank you for providing this public service to the internet

sokkuse : Thank you for putting in the effort for this!

Blomsternisse : HD Edition? That's gonna be great!

Dalton Swayze : how exactly did you do this?

Karen Elizabeth : 9:30 This review is perfect and I'll always love it... but I'll admit that I don't think they're being fair to Queen Amidala. She was smart, wise, and humble. My favorite moment in the entire PT is when she reveals herself to the Gungan king and begs them for help. It's just something you don't see heroes do that often. Then in the next movies, she a damn idiot and just gets more and more retarded! She could've been so much more. So my comment here doesn't detract from TPM being a pile of shit-- it only means that it's /even worse/.

Vala plays : Awesome - thanks for the effort :) Can't wait for AotC and RotS :)

Ruby Milotic : I liked Plinkett’s review better before, before the new version added in that cgi dance sequence in Jabba’s palace

floppy_ : this is awesome, props for putting the time into this

Julius Reich : Thank you so much. Tremendous effort.

Jodi Wright : The absolute final word on this stinker of a movie.

fufv fufvv : Ha ha exactly.

TRoL MaRz : Oh Jesus, what IS this?! The original version looks so much better without HD. It was nice and dry-looking, and retro... Just kidding. It looks really good. Nice job. 👍

kambion : This is amazing. Thanks for doing this.