Harry Potter Spring Teen Comedy
Harry Potter but its a teen comedy

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After finishing the book series the producers are making a teen comedy movie just in time for spring! This is not my video, Originally posted by 'Thewlis Rox' @ davidthewlis.net.


CowsR4me : ... Could this actually be done? Could some editor out there actually recut enough of the 8 movies into a teen comedy? Maybe with some growing pains sub plot flashback's to use footage from earlier films... I would watch this.

strayster2 : I feel like what ties this all together is the quidditch scenes, because no REAL teen movie would be complete without some sort of "big game".

youmeandi100 : This just shows you what music and editing can do to change the mood of a trailer completely. So well done ! :D

ax_0101 : "but Im the chosen one.." xd

OJMIV : This made the "but I am the chosen one" line a million times funnier. i can't stop rotflmfao!

letgo2217 : This absolutely perfect especially for Half Blood Prince which should have been named Harry Potter and the RAGING HORMONES!

Q.T.ฯ€ : I just watched the movie, and it was not what i expected compared to the trailer...

Stickman News : Damn it now I want to watch that movie

SatanicHorse : I would actually really love to see one of those kinda movies set in a fantasy world.

iamzs dawgy : Perfect reason why music makes the movie.

Sebi's Random Tech : I wanna see someone do this with Star Wars...

Emily Royce : I happen to be his girlfriend...... And I happen to be his................ Friend

Unknown Person : The most misleading trailer ever

kztar621 : Oh my GOD, this is genius! Then again, the sixth movie did have some of te goofiest plots of the series and a lot of jokes, guess they wanted to catch up with the teen dramedic stuff from the books.

LankshearMedia : One of my favorite videos on the entire internet

MakiPcr : Somehow I feel this movie would've been better this way

Yesenia Perez : Hermione: You see that girl over there she's trying to smuggle you a love potion. Harry: Rly? *Hermione snaps fingers* She's only interested in you cause she thinks your the chosen one. Harry: But I am the chosen one.. *Hermione slaps Harry with parchment paper* Harry: Sorry kidding...

RealCheeseOnly : In description: "This is not my video, somebody else made it."ย  THEN POST WHO MADE IT, WANKA! Thanks.

Hannah Darkbloom : This is so cool! Whoever made it... YOU'RE AWESOME! :D

strayster2 : Wow. This makes me smile so much.

Helene : If only it was a teen comedy! :'( I'm still scarred from the deaths :((((((

Timothy Robert : This is bloody brilliant. I want this movie, NOW

Dennis Tsai : The power of editing!

Mango Mint : For some reason seeing Snape in the Hospital Wing watching Lavender and Hermione fuss over Ron, I imagine him rolling his eyes pleading Dumbledore to excuse him from watching another teenage drama. xD

Alex Remedy : "But I am the chosen one" gets smacked with paper "ow sorry. Just kidding"

Batmann : OMG there's no massive negative comment war on this video... It means that everybody loves harry potter teen comedy!

Heather Mackenzie : They should literally do this for every Harry Potter movie

spikeman4pres : I seriously want this to be a thing..... imagine if it was XD

muun : this is my new favourite thing

Zachary Laban : is that a fan made because this is perfect

25Celtics : Their needs to be more of these for LOTR and such lol

Havana Tropicana : THAT'S BLOODY BRILLIANT <3

ลžafak : Wow amazing flawless video... It can be great trailer..

MestizoFilipino : thank you for citing the source :)

Helly Potter : Omg thats perf! I love it :D

Rachel D : I'm reading half blood prince at this very moment and I jUst got to the scene he took the luck potion and this video immediately popped in my head

blitzkingful : Oakwood Academy of Spells and Sorcery - The Movie.

Michalla Hayes : This is my favorite out of all the movies and you just made it ๐Ÿ’ฏ better

Ana Cullen : This is artistically brilliant

BaddestSalmon : I like this more than the actual movie lol

Funny Bones : Great video, keep it up. I like this. Amazing video! Enjoyed your video! Great video you should make more. I really loved your video.

Dally Dally : Looks more interesting than the actual film

Daniel Meneses : This is fucking brilliant! Best thing I've seen all year!

Marblez2295 : Harry: "but I am the chosen one..." Emma: :slaps him:

kaitlyn marie : Amazing editing!! Really pulled it all together๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป

Nan Nanco : If only i could like this video more than once!

night bird : Great video :)

teenagecleanbag : eternal love for the person who made this

SteamPunkWillie64 : It's kind of funny when you think how excited most people probably are to be going to a school of witchcraft and wizardry, and yet Harry and his friends never really got to have any fun.