The kg is dead, long live the kg

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Jesus Christ : fundamental constants in nature > physical artifacts

Kaskobi : Damn. I thought I’d be able to finally say I’ve lost weight.

Ville Lepoaho : This is like releasing a new update to a game, with some bug fixes.

Yehezkiel Siahaan : Does that means a kilogram of steel is heavier than a kilogram of feathers?

Hooplaaa : If no one wants the original kilogram after this, I’ll take it ✋🏼

KL Science : The world: we redefined Kg USA: what’s Kg..?

Frodo Baggins : "THE KING IS DEAD, LONG LIVE THE KING" -Balin "The kg is dead, long live the kg" -Derek

djhero0071 : Why the nearly 1K dislikes tho? The video pretty much put it in perspective when he said that we’ve been doing the equivalent of the Indiana Jones sand and statue thing as measurement. The new method is more consistent and allows better measurements along with not changing much. So I don’t see a problem here:

Chris Sexwale : “Should we make a new kilogram block made out of sodium?” Avogadro: “Na”

Rocket Fliegn : But steel is heavier than feethers

zapfanzapfan : Does this mean that I lose weight? ;-)

Sharan Ramesh : High school students gotta memorize a whole set of constants now GL

Abhay Singh : 1 kilograms = 1000 grams Simple !!!😀😀

Ken : If we can stop "r/ whoooosh", then humans will have achieved something great.

FELIX : Metric > Imperial

TheRABIDdude : *4:56** the video in a nutshell*

Jack is not in the box : If you dropped that orb while handling it, were you liable for its cost?

dno440 : Can we go back to the Indiana Jones way, lol

Caffeinated Gaming : Time to change physics books around the world I guess.

Cody'sLab : Sigh, All thees fixed constants with a huge string of "random" numbers after the decimal. Why cant we make them nice round numbers again?

puncheex2 : Lots of comment below about legislating constants and such goo. The constants are being "fixed" only for the purposes of metrology. No one is saying that a lab chemist has to use the metrology Avogadro's number - they'll continue using the latest value determined experimentally. Somewhere down the line the metrologists will adopt the new value and change the conversion, not the unit value. An example: when the metric units were invented, the meter was set to 1/10,000,000 the distance from the north pole to the equator, and that meter was inscribed on a metal bar. Later on that distance was refined, and as a result, the value is now 1/10,000,001.965. Geographers didn't slavishly use the metrologist's length; when a new length for pole-to-equator was determined, they used that. The metrologists didn't change the meter, either. In a slow, deliberate, well-publicized manner they changed the conversion constant. And that is how it will be for all the constants they set this month. The same thing happened in the definition of the gram.

Gokhan Geta : it's easy fellas *1kg= 1000 g*

Sandor Dugalin : They literally just voted on this at the science convention.

Noah Stone : A KG of Steel is heavier than a KG of Feathers. *Change my mind.*

jalabi99 : And now what happens to Big K and all the other standard kilograms? Do they get sold on eBay or what?

Corneliu Goea : #perfeclybalancedasallthingsshouldbe

CopyMe Nahi : R.I.P Kilogram

NEY Industries : Okay, now how do I measure Plank's constant? This plan has some issues, you know.

iWasLike5Then SoYeah : No one made the joke about “big k”

Neo2266 : Imperial inferior Metric Superior

Napoleon I Bonaparte : Wtf just happened?

Ayman Niwshekar : *Title should be rip 1 kg cylinder from paris*

Miles Johnson : Andrew Jackson doesn’t sound so stupid now

Matthew Smith : Derek looking more and more like my dad every day

Singularity Prosperity : One of the OG and my favourite STEM YouTubers, thank you for your consistently great quality and inspiring more people to go into STEM subjects!

Daniel Lui : Isn't it a bit early for April Fool's?

barath moorthi : I did the physics problem according to the last value of kg hope the teacher will give grace mark for that 😉

orton cap : 5:04 can any one tell what is the exact weight of those fruits?😂

Tilt to Bronze : But steel is heavier than feathers

gradle : Sad that the pound is not dead ...

laddy Singh : This has got me excited really bad .🤔😃😃

Vsauce Puppet : 1:12 why does this one scene remind me of that old scarce face reveal

Craftbloxroyale : Isn’t a kilogram 1000 grams?

BreakFast_Mach10 : all of this on my birthday

Neo2266 : Avicii, Stefan K. Stefanson, Stephen Hawking, Stan Lee, And now the Kilogram ...thanks 2018 Expanding the list:(XXXtentacion, Stephen Hillinberg, George Bush...)

anime 8 : Got an ad of curiosity streams before the video

Leonardo Domonik : I knew I gained a little weight. Thanks for letting me know it's not my fault.

Stoned JR : Kevin garnett died.... Oh...

rtcmanga : I get your point, why you're so fascinated. Everything is relative. Maybe this definition will not hold for long either... :)

Jake MC77 : I failed math. But I can speak pig latin. At least I got that going for me.