AIB : India reacts to ban of pornography

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Harshit Dang : "Rohit shetty wins noble for work in quantum Scorpio mechanics." OMG😂😂

Atheist : Who else was reading the news

Blazing arca9 : i kept reading the scrolling text 😂😂

Pragati Mehndiratta : 2:00 "Do you even read this?"

Azhar : Divided by politics, United by Porn

adarsh kumar : Rohit Shetty wins Nobel prize in physics for work in quantum scorpio mechanics!! ROFL!

Pranit Jain : "Normal sikh man falls ill, mistaken for Manmohan Singh" 😂😂

Arsalan Haider Khan : I know that feel bro! :(*Misty-Eyed Pakistan HUGS Brother India*

Elaine Evans : Was looking for something different . A unique comedy . Thanks for the laughs. My complements.


Mr.CoolGuy : If you have so much free time then start playing *Clash of Clans*.

deepankar parashar : maybe that advocate's son jerked off day and night

Asad Khan : Yar, the creativity & wittiness is awesome. Full marks to all those involved. (Love & Respect from Pakistan).

Nikkei Gupta : I wonder what happens in Pakistan looool

Vaibhav Salunke : "Rohit Shetty wins Nobel prize for work in quantum physics of Scorpio mechanics." 😂😂😂😂😂

kool kid : I'm only 12 but I can safely say this is top tier comedy.

Lukshya N : 1:55 lol yes😂 I do read that!

OllieMctwist : "And showers take like, 20 seconds." Laughing so hard. Just the way the reporter said it, her tone was so reporter-like but informal at the same time.


Shoaib Daudi : Savita bhabi zindabad..😂😂😂😂

Shujath Alikhan : Actually the Indian and other countries govts, want people to indulge themselves in pornography, it is waste of time and energy and people hardly concentrate on other major issues...I support No FAP

Atheist Guy17 : i played this video twice.... first to watch it and second to read it.

Shivam Kamani : have anybody read those lines under this video as short news......they r really funny.... some says.... --rohit shetty wins nobal for work in quantum scorpio mechanics.... --new survey says that 76% of all people love surveys....

Hero 0o0o : at 2:00 watch headline u would love it

-D- Devil- : Kinda couldn't tell if they were mocking the government for banning porn or mocking the citizens for over reacting

Sanjay Rathore : back when aib was great

Shrikant Raj : serial wanker😂😂😂😂😂😂

Nikhil Yadav : Roses are red The sky is blue I watch porn And so do you

Aryan Chakraborty : my name is aryan and I am not a douchbag ;-(

এপিটাফ : Simply epic man! U guys r too awesome. Bdw, really all porn sites r now banned in India?? Thank god I'm not from india :D

Ayan44 : Day by day, as I grow up, I'm losing my faith in this country. It's always one step forward and two steps back. How could India be so regressive? Remember 377? Yeah, it was progress when Delhi High court tried to get rid of it. But surprise surprise! They criminalised it again! Talk about being regressive! How could a culture that had Kamasutra and same-love be such a prude? This is my life. What we do behind closed doors shouldn't be the concern of the government. It's indeed a violation of personal liberty. They do this just to stop child pornography to be accessible while all they had to do was to promote education. As Adults, we are perfectly capable of making choices and they can't tell us what we should watch or do in the privacy of our home and use their elite power to be the net nannies of adult citizens. We all need to come together and protest against this unjustified block, or else they will slowly steal all our rights as free citizens of this country. #pornban #india

Adarsha Neupane : "does anyone even read this "😂

Ankan Sur : read whats written on 2:00 the read on 2:25

M. Y. 3D music : Chutiyo kuch Dang ka banao Jise logo ko kuch seekhne or inspiration mile

mohammed abdul khaleq : ones who is not satisfying their partner it means he is addicted to pornographi

Unknown Aathma : *why do u think game of thrones exists?*

Meg J : Normal Sikh falls ill, mistaken for Manmohan Singh 😂😂😂😂 Check 1:06

๖ۣۜS๖ۣۜH๖ۣۜA๖ۣۜF๖ۣۜI ๖ۣۜU๖ۣۜD๖ۣۜD๖ۣۜI๖ۣۜN : Shame on u people who supports porn . Atleast think about our indian culture our kids wer we going.?

TheConjurer100 : Rohit Shetty wins a noble prize in Quantum Scorpio Mechanics😂😂😂😂 In the headlines

Swarnavo Pal : This is only funeral where instead of feeling sad everyone of us Laughed 😂😂😂😂 Great Video Please keep making such

VierdVamp's Here : 1:57 line at the bottom: yes we do!

Jha Rajesh : superbb one guy actt so..good

Aryan Sharma : I f u would have noticed the random title news channel showcased some really cool shit at the bottom

pratham kesarkar : For sure BJP is not getting my vote next time they are can't imply their rules on us and jerking off is the personal thing its like saying by playing terrorist in cs u will become terrorist

Ajesh Banerjee : Did anybody see the breaking news at the bottom of the video? Navjot Sidhu breaks fast unto death: Nation in mourning. LOL

ankit srivastava : do any of u read this 😂😂

ankur parab : I am shocked they are so amazing I can't express love you 😍😘😍😘😍😘

Swami : 4:13 Wtf!

Haider Habib : hahahahahahaha hum hilaaa ke rahengey

Nihar Vavaliya : hey can u make " honest indian hospitals" it would be amazing💉💉💉💉🔫🔫🔫🏨🏨🏨