LONDON, ENGLAND Green Day Crowd Singing Bohemian Rhapsody - Hyde Park July 1st, 2017

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Green Day HUGE sold out punk show 65,000+ in LONDON with rancid ,thehives ,thestranglers ,thedamned ,thelivingend ,theorwells ,stifflittlefingers ,bash&pop ,jessemalin ,beachslang ,swmrs ,sunflowerbean ,publicacesstv ,heycharlie ,cultureabuse ,tigress

Comments from Youtube

Nicolas : Freddie in heaven : I'm still a Legend darling

hydn150 : a very hard but important decision in that moment was if you were going to support the high "Galileo"'s or support the low "Galileo"'s.

J. S : Green day: the concert starts at 8:00pm Crowd: This shit starts when WE say so!

A Kiwi Nerd : *Petition for this to become the worlds national anthem*

Ruben Marquez : if you can rock 65,000+ people 27 years after your death, you're not a singer but a legend

hille422 : Green day had to come out and perform after that?? Daaaaaaaaaanng...

Funny Videos - Funny Out Loud : why does a random crowd of random people make me all teared up.

Can i get 10000 subscribers with no videos? : *PARTS I LOVE* People singing anyway the wind blows at 2:22 Everyone Clapping at 2:58 People singing the guitar solo at 2:35 The sky opening up (top left corner) at 0:10 Everyone jumping/Head banging at 4:04 5:18 <3 Freddie would have been proud

Muhammad Rashif : The 2k Dislikes are from those who thought 6 minutes were too long

FSDYLAN : Queen is the only band ever that can make an amazing concert without even being there

Mary Moo : See Freddie. You did it. You ARE a legend. Look. 65,000 people singing your song even though you have been gone for 27 years

Tatum Marie : Only Queen can make you sing their songs... At another bands concert.

EnderFusionYT : Is it weird to miss someone that died years before you were even born?

Artemis XW : I remember a story that a high school student was late to class and the teacher asked why he was late to class. He replied "well it was Bohemian Rhapsody, it came on radio in my car, so I had to sing right to the very end sir, you cant turn it off" The teacher smiled...knowingly and with approval.

SkylinezZ : The way Freddie can control the crowd without even being there is legendary.....

James Brown : I was in this crowd! :-) Great moment!!

umar : Doctor: You have 5:49 minutes to live. Me: **watch this video**

DyNi Ning : Why am I crying? I miss Freddie though he died long before I was born.

bagghius : Making 65000 voices sing with an empty stage. It's a kind of magic

Kyle Taundry : Stealing the show and they aren't even there. What a legacy they left...

Tenzin Dasang Gyaltsewa : Dear God Take Justin Bieber and Kanye west And send back our Freddie Mercury. Thank you in advance.

ali jahan : that's what someone means when they say : "legends never die"

TERO MACHE : Alien might think that this is the national anthem song for the human...

Kali Kugelman : Freddie Mercury is smiling from Heaven and saying from Heaven "This isn't music. This is a bloody masterpiece darling."

Cyleasce Lacuata : I bet Freddie's looking down from heaven jumping in joy saying: "I told you I am a musical prostitute"

CAleT : What're u doing with ur life if u don't have this whole song memorized?

Jikke van der Kooij : The 2k dislikes are from people who were crying and couldn’t see the like button

ahmad isam : .... i think i was born in a wrong decade

Cash Sweezey : Anybody else see Freddie’s face in the top left at 0:28?

P G : A dead man can still control a crowd more than any modern day hip hop or pop singer

MarlinaanilraM : Just imagine driving like a mile away just hearing Queen loud asf from no where 😂😂

Harry White : The best 5 minutes and 49 seconds I've spent in my life.

iRazerJay : You know a it's a legendary song when the whole crowd sings the instrumentals :D

Marco Panganiban : Freddie : "Goodbye Everybody I've got to go" I felt that

Ur Fave Internet Troll : That "Mamaa" at 1:18 gave me serious shivers. Amazing how this sorta thing happens even when you've been dead for 25+ years.

Alee Harm : "I won't be a rockstar, I will be a legend." -Freddie Mercury :)))

Richard R. : Didn't mean to make you cry If I'm not back again this time tomorrow. Me: Cries like a puppy

Doug W. : I bet Billy and the rest of Green Day were just off stage singing too.... ;-)

Aekin Shovkovskiy : This isn't a song, this is a feeling.

MelBee Rose : Freddie actually did it. Queen is forever legendary darling 🙌

anex : Freddie can play the crowd without being physically present there

Chase Graham : I've watched this so many times and I still can't get enough of it. Long live Queen. Im not crying, your crying😭

Cameron Nesta : Freddie:LEGEND People singing:WOW! ME:I WANNA CRY

abel : It goes on forever, 6 bloody minutes.

HG I : This is simply the difference between a legend and todays artists. He was one of the best if not the best. Well done friends from London. I'm sure he was there at this moment. Greets from Germany

Tino : when you come home and your mom asks "how was the concert" you say rlly nice but the bohemian rhapsody part was the best! edit:thx for all likes

Norman Danza : Thanks to the father who constantly listened to the Queen. Dad, I'm among the crowd singing the loudest

Bass Trammel : Damn, that's one great crowd. And I want to sing Queen songs with 64.999 people, too...

Litop 4869 : It was the best experience I had ever in a concert