LONDON, ENGLAND Green Day Crowd Singing Bohemian Rhapsody - Hyde Park July 1st, 2017

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straubi : imagine a Queen concert... now...

Baconrevenge7894 : You know it's a masterpiece when the crowd sings the guitar solo

Conor Murphy : And then everyone went home because green day was on next

TheMusicalGenius : Queen can rock a concert without even being there.

Sofia Caldeira : And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how you live forever.

athena : *the only great thing missing is that queen isn’t on that stage*

Max POTATO : if you can rock 65,000+ people 27 years after your death, you're not a singer but a legend

Umar : He can control the crowd no matter if he is or he isn't there.

Without Worries : “If I’m not here tomorrow, carry on car-r-ry on”.... and so they did.

Ekateryna Ovs : Green Day: entered the chat Queen: entered the chat Green Day: left the chat

Jake : This is what YouTube was made for. Best video on here.

Birgit Rusbach : Imagine being in the middle of this crowd and not knowing the song 😂

Gab T : So it isn't just me getting goosebumps right

Becca : Since I can't ever see Queen live, it's my dream to at least be in a crowd like this some day singing along

Cyra Strong : The bands late *JUST PLAY BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY* Why? *JUST BLOODY DO IT* Wha..............?

Jake : Music is probably the only thing that can bring eternal peace to planet earth

Sum Random Dude In the Internet : This video already has 65,000+ Galileos *HOW MANY MORE GALILEOS DO YOU WANT??*

Megan Keegan : 3:10 Were you rushing or were you dragging?

Anita rao : *They hit the high note perfectly....*

Dance& Fandom : I'm crying and I wasn't even born when they were still performing with Freddie

Leaders aA : After 42 years, this song still gets everybody singing. Man, I can not express my envy for people who have seen Freddie live. Rest in peace in rockheaven sir.

TweFoji : Greenday: shit.. we can't beat that, pack our things guys, we re going home.

Ally W. : I mean really.... over 65.000 ppl. Singing one song and it feels like everybody is one!! Let‘s sing together to make this beautyful earth peaceful again!!

William Wallace : When 65,000 people sing your song at a concert for someone else and you’ve been dead for 27 years.....

Check Adress : This is basically how religions form.

liquidSpin : That's the power of Queen and why rock can never die.

BeSTFRieND : Fred is there, touches the bell drum.. see at 02:00

Michael Just watches content : Only Freddie Mercury can rock a crowd from the beyond

Rosa Murtonen : There are so many comments like "Poor Green Day" "I wonder how they felt" Like...Green Day uploaded this. I doubt they minded it

Jack Britton : If you're losing faith in this world, think of this: tens of thousands of people of different backgrounds, different languages, and different stories to tell all pausing their lives to sing to the same song; disregarding all differences to unite as a whole to accomplish something beautiful. I love this planet sometimes.

Cyleasce Lacuata : I bet Freddie's looking down from heaven jumping in joy saying: "I told you I am a musical prostitute"

flyingjuicebox : Sends shivers down my spine every single time.

Lilo : Lyrics: You already know them

Raghav Shukla : Despacito vs BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY ? This video deserves 5 billion + views...

tyrael280 : Crowd stole the show ! that rocks to heaven !

Janus Dragman : Damn, these onions are strong...

Elie Maamary : “You will forever be known as the man who lost Queen”

Alexis Savoie : The fact that people know the lyrics shows how Freddie and Queen were and are still a major influence. Also, the fact that Freddie can control the crowd without being there is amazing. That gave me chills!

George : It’s the best song in the world, no contest

Dead Roach : something about large groups of people singing in unison makes me so emotional

Marta García Martínez : 2:22 I would be one of the people singing "anyway the wind blows" and obviously the guitar solo

Akash Banerjee : Freddie, are you listening ? :')

Ivan Hercigonja : If this doesn't putt a smile on your face, not many things in life will.

Y3N Ł0NG PŁ4Y5 : I bet these people know this song better than their national anthem 😂

Peggy Sullivan : Wonder what Green Day thought of this wow

b e a n s : I'm not crying, you're crying

paul brandano : First, I would like to say" I would pay to sit on the stage to watch and listen to the crowd. This made me cry, Why? I began to think there are wars and also racism and religious division and starvation and just so many bad things happening world wide and this made me think of what President Ronald Reagan once said at the United Nations, He said: “Perhaps we need some outside universal threat to make us recognize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world.” He forgot about Queen and the power of music. Yes, We would all unite for a common cause and that cause is called Unity and love and it wasn't forced by a gun or bullet it was done with music. The world needs to change, one song note at a time. Just think, This video has over 15 Million views, That should tell you that viewers were wondering what togetherness looked like. It's beautiful, We don't need the threat of a alien invasion. We need music and love because that's the common bond Paul in Massachusetts

manaze85 : Freddie Mercury’s been dead for years and bands still have to worry about following a Queen song!

drawkcab : people singing the guitar riffs, drums, opera and other sounds all at once are my favourite kind of people

lili kirwan : Freddie is that sunset at the back ❤️