LONDON, ENGLAND Green Day Crowd Singing Bohemian Rhapsody - Hyde Park July 1st, 2017

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Hello : This is what YouTube was made for. Best video on here.

dimoirs : If you can rock 65,000 people in a concert 27 years after your death and without being there, you are not just a singer, you are a legend.

milica ilić : i'm 14 and i poured my heart out to this song

te0nani : This should be the World Anthem.

Mark Villanueva : look at the sun shine on stage.. freddie is watching and very proud.

Hello : Music is probably the only thing that can bring eternal peace to planet earth

Syian J M : Only Freddie can rock a whole stadium without even being there...❤❤❤

1979WasTheBestYear : Freddie stole the show from Green Day from beyond the grave. Not surprising.

M J : If this was an actual queen concert, I’m sure Freddie would just sit there and let the crowd sing, astonished

Pro Menota : Freddie : The guy who can make 65k people shout out loud “Bismillah” in 2017’s Europe 😄

Leaders aA : After 42 years, this song still gets everybody singing. Man, I can not express my envy for people who have seen Freddie live. Rest in peace in rockheaven sir.

NavidIsANoob : You can literally play Bohemian Rhapsody ANYWHERE and people will stop dead in their tracks to sing along. I don't know what it is with the song or with Freddie but he truly created something that transcends life. Almost none of the people in that crowd were even alive when Freddie played this live, yet they know it as if they were born with it, and in a way, they were. It's so beautiful.

Christopher McHenry : Who else is still loving this in 2018?

Jamie Jones : I'm not crying, YOU'RE crying.

Guillermo Cabrales : This literally sends shivers down my spine

straubi : imagine a Queen concert... now...

Mathew Smith : I think it's incredible how this massive group of people's voices forms one voice to sing. Is that what all the voices there average out to?

chrono : Theres only 1 true Queen of England, and it's not Elizabeth.

Der Typ : Why would you, as a band, allow this song to be played before your gig? It can only go downhill from this masterpiece! :D

roel Reambo : freddie mercury would be proud if he saw this one.

tyrael280 : Crowd stole the show ! that rocks to heaven !

theHIGHSCOREshow : I really hope that new queen movie coming out uses this video clip as the films end credit sequence! THUMBS UP IF YOU AGREE! -theHIGHSCOREshow-

Cold Damage Films : 5:32 Did Freddie Mercury’s soul just arrive and play with the drums a bit? EDIT: That’s a lot of likes..

circumcise me : Those who pressed “Dislike", I hope you get a paper cut, in the webbings of their fingers

Felix Felicis : I hope I'm not the only one who cried

liquidSpin : That's the power of Queen and why rock can never die.

TinyLifeboat123 : Of course this is British we can queue and synchronise to queen in a heart beat

Holiday : I’m crying from hearing people gather and singing. This is what peace looks like.

ervis lame : Faith in humanity restored!

Rijal Rusliadi : OMG i cried 😭😭, beautiful people, i wish i was there to sing along with them!

Jovanni Ruiz : This is one of THE BEST THINGS I have ever been privileged to see and hear. Just goes to show how music DOES change lives. But the most poignant moment for me was when I full screened the video to get the full HD experience and while they were singing look at the sky, it's almost like Freddie Mercury was there, in the clouds, taking this all in. We REALLY MISS YOU Freddie. Long Live Queen!!!

Matt SK : Have you ever been so legend that you rock a concert without even been there?

C Noble : I went looking at other Green Day concert this was done at. I have to say, CONGRATULATIONS LONDON!!! You definitely were the loudest and most in sync of all.

Ildikó László : Chills. My eyes are full with tears. This is beautiful, imagine being there and feeling the energy. I hope that Freddie saw this from Heaven.

Aly Pettene : Goosebumps 😍😍😍. This proves that Freddie is a legend 😘

Luke O'Connor : When they all started jumping during the guitar solo at 4:04 gave me life

Cold Damage Films : We have confirmation that faith in humanity has been restored!

Harry Muff : It's like they're there, but invisible. Not many bands can make a crowd go nuts like that and not even be there. Legends.

Andrew James : Only in the UK

Furashu : If Freddy Mercury would come back to life and ask me do people still listen to their music I would just show him this video. :D

John Casilla : I wish I was there to sing along. 😭

M J : Queen isn’t even there, and they still steal Green Day’s show from right under them 😂

meda 33 : How can a Dead man steal the show..?! Freddy can

doodleedledoo : I feel like all the people singing along are my brothers and sisters.

wikedwun : UK>US crowds

Majla Libralesso : Just... beautiful.

Byron Ravelo : I can imagine Freddie's Laugh watching that from heaven... This is truly epic and moving..

Welsh x file 1 : Queen will always be the biggest band ever

gogotero99 : Freddie Mercury hijacks Green Day’s concert from heaven

Kip : My sensitive ass is trying to hold back tears