Olivia Cosplay Video From Fire Emblem By @kitkat_cosplay
Olivia cosplay video from Fire Emblem by kitkatcosplay xpost rcosplay

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Happy to release my first cosplay video! Many more to come! My IG https://www.instagram.com/maximumnguyen/ Cosplayer Kit - https://www.instagram.com/kitkat_cosplay/ Special Thanks Kit's Mom Kelvin - https://www.instagram.com/kelvinsigh/


Prinempal : That was pretty good.

chiapet9000 : Olivia is my favorite Fire Emblem girl (best boy being Ephraim), and this cosplay is simply fantastic.

Peter O : Very well done! Excellent work on the cosplay!

Zigs : This looks really good, nice work!

Elliott Miller : Oh wow I just viewed this from my Retina Screen and it looks sooooo much better. I love how incredible the angles are and the variety of shots and compositions. From some of the far off ones to the close ups that play with focus, sharpness, and depth of field. You really just fall into the background at times and it really evokes the feeling of being in the world of the game! Also may I add that the fact that you made the fan openable is just incredible. It reminds me of chinese contemporary dance!

Sheikah Chick : Man, this is beautiful <3

Roaring Thunder115 : This is the realest Olivia video I’ve ever seen. (Because Olivia herself would be too shy to upload one.)

Silvia Leon : This a gorgeous cosplay

Ashley Le : Who the hell disliked this?!?

Silvia Leon : Is to pretty

antisepticeye 2.0 : How do you make the fan cuz that is beautiful and plus what type of material do you use for the gold spikes on it

Monkey4078 : 5/10 rate