Boy Soccer Kicks 3 Kids

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Dying Meme : FIFA 19 Battle Royale confirmed

Syl JoLy : I cant stop laughing. is there something wrong with me? lol

Shaun Krause : I see he's learned the Jecht Shot

LGM Flores : Great defense by young Scott Sterling there at the end....

Jam Dev : John Wick's childhood.

jack Lindsey : They cut the video short, he goes on to do that to every single member of the other team, coaching staff and parents, then he dribbles the ball away into the distance

Daniel Wesley : I want to be that kid when I grow up...

Paul Heil : still better than the world cup, lol

Sammy68305 : 1 Ballshot....2 Headshots......who could ask for more...Player of the Match!

Dennis Farrell : This only gets funnier the more you watch it. I want this kid on my team!

Jesseca Alba : That was the last time anyone ever bullied little Timmy.

FailNinja : Argentina needs him

Parallelcatman : I was sitting outside on the swing on my porch I was watching this for like the 10th time. And then right when he hit the 3rd kid the swing broke on me lol

dave dave : Can someone please make this a Jason Bourne clip 😂

John Smith : TRIPLE KILL

Maria Raya : Lol this is soo funny lol

Churwen Auguste : Even if they lost the match, this lil man will remember the game... 🤣😂🤣

Joseph Colunga : Shaolin Soccer team tryouts

Fara Marie Justine : 😁😁😁😁😁

Reverse Herobrine : This is amazing

MysShadowdragon : The men, the myths, the LEGENDS...SCOTT STIRLINGS KIDS!!!!

TurricaN : That's why I hated football growing up

Mike Jpon : This kind of reminds me of the Three Stooges. LOL!!

Chip per : Ball hog! Teach him to pass it.


Adam Chase : lol mvp

Jan Spanberger : This kid savage

Zaraki Kenpachi : next real madrid stopper...

ceasarby : That's ma boy! Dwarfi, Christina Balerina and Divemar will be taken care of in 3 shots..

smaulee : M-M-M-M-MONSTER KILL

Christina Johnson : This is what i hope for my son when he gets into sports 😂

Joshua Vincee : Weak

Sean Adams : never laugh again

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Bruce Taylor : That is toooo funny.

Not Michael Jordan : Headshot! Triple kill!

newman447 : boy got skills

Citrus Arms : I wonder if he kept going.