LOGAN PAUL DISS TRACK - Rap Roasts #3 | Dan Bull (I didn't want to do this)

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Dan Bull : YouTube is currently bugging out - I wrote loads of replies to your comments here and they appear to have vanished now. I don't even know if you can read this but... boo!

sundowave : I came here to be amazed not to feel, though I still got amazed. The relatives line hit me hard. Actually started to tear up...

LordRyan100 : Always spittin’ that fire mate!

Smexii Wade : Callout 3 - Attila

EnterElysium : Dude, you're an absolute legend. Nice one!

DatDudeAlek : Dude... This was poetic and true. You really hit home on this one! Dan I've been a fan for years now, you've made absolute genious work, but this is one of your best. I could really feel the lyrics, and what they meant to you. Great work you great man!

an otherwise unpleasant person. : *m a g n i f i c e n t*

Isagail : Wow this gets you in the *soul.* Good work Dan.

WW Vlogs : And that's how i met your father kids

Timothy Quirk : I'm actually tearing up. I know this is a roast, but some of the lines are too real about suicide and depression. Especially as someone who lives with depression and had suicidal ideology (even attempted it multiple times). You're an amazing man, Dan. Much love

The lonely Otaku : Dat golden tachanka in the background tho.

TripleAGaming : "Ghost aren't real but suicide is and those wounds can't heal." Wow, as someone who has attempted suicide and has had friends pass away I couldn't agree more. Powerful and amazing as always <3

Triablo : This is not a diss track, it's a lesson about respect. (even better)

Cash Liermo : get rekt Logan

Luxra : *T-T-That‘s all folks !*

Cool Wolf : We found Logan Paul’s dead body.... Because Dan Bull destroyed him! 😂

CommenderWolf : Good god dude, this one is my favorite rap roast so far. The message, the beat, the overall tone of the lyrics all mix together perfectly to give this "disappointed" mood towards everything that he's done. Keep it up, my friend!

Sycips [GD] : Wow! That's good! Now it's time to watch the video.

stavik96 : Never liked either of the Paul brothers, always knew they were a pair of twats.

Timothy Macdonald-Morgan : I'd call Logan Paul a tool, but tools are useful.

Xenomorph Prowler : *I made a severe lapse in judgement* That's gonna be one of Logan's most common phrases throughout this year.

Parker Ott : Damn. *finger snaps applause* - love the respect in this roast - all about the harm to the family - and calling out his disrespect - largely evading low hanging fruit - damn - loved it. Felt like you put together a good message.

Mikoto Misaka -KBHD- : While I love this video and the song I just have one criticism. Remove Logan's channel from the outro, if anything it's just exposure, if anyone actually wants to find him make them go looking for it, he doesn't deserve the extra "views".

supernova582 : That made me tear up a bit thinking of how that loved one whould have felt seeing that on the news I feel bad for him or her! But darn great roast dude!

Alex &er : This is class. Well said.

Harry Ryder : rumor is that if your early enough then dan will reply

Kathy Swales : This is the best response to the whole thing Dan, I love it!

HurstMaster : 1:58 You're Welcome Again.

M C-Dubsmash : All of the diss tracks have been trivial but cool, but this one was deep and wow incredible

aiden phan : Your words were really able to hit the core, so I hope that your career is able to soar. We all wish the dead could simply rest, but even that can't stop the pain within their loved ones chest. To say you spoke true would be an understatement, for nobody that has pasted should go through that kind of treatment. May you keep your messages true, so that we can all have someone to look up to, being you. Thanks for writing and sharing such a powerful rap Dan. Keep up the good work and never stop spreading the message you want to spread. Sincerely, just another fan

AuriJames : Normally, I'd avoid any content that even has Logan Paul's face on it, but coming from Dan Bull, I had a feeling this was gonna be something good. It's amazing how powerful music can be, especially at getting a point across.

Matthew Wilson : Considering this is 3 days after the anniversary of my father's suicide. This hits me hard. Logan's bullshit hit me hard. If someone were to make jokes about my dad, I dunno man. It undermines tryin to understand w hat they did when someones gigling at it. Thanks, Dan.

McMickerson : 10/10 would watch again

Azrael Enterprise : This isn't harsh enough.

Alice bland : It is nice to see a that there is a minority of people here to defend the disgrace for a human being that Mr Paul is. Bearing in mind how harsh Dan could easily have gone with lyrics in this one, this is a well measured response if you ask me.

Elephant of Destiny : Damn, that ended on a strong note.

Genocidal Genie : I'd love to see you make a whole rap of "clever anagrams"

Inferno 54 : And now we wait for the hate train

Team Top Shox : I had my grandpa die in a car crash, as you could imagine, it was sad enough. But people took pictures and videos of the crash and posted it on social media. So you can imagine how close and true the lyrics taking about the relatives hit. I won’t go on too much longer and get to The point, which is: that suicide didn’t just affect that person. I understand how hurt the family feels. I also understand, to an extent, how much it hurts to have people take videos and post it. Moral of the story. Don’t be a huge ass and laugh and tape a death.

Matt Anderson : Sorry you had to make this, i heard it this morning on spotify! really powerful song you got there!

Willy Bean : Why am I crying

OneWingedHoneybee : More like rat roasts am I right

Hanzo Main : This was a pretty well-thought-out response. early last year I didn’t know who the Pauls were. My younger sister became a “Logangster” and I was inclined to check them out. At first I thought Jake Paul was much worse and that Logan seemed better in comparison. After the whole thing with the Disney contract I was almost sure of it. I never subscribed or watched their videos but in the back of my head I had thought Logan was much more redeemable. I was appalled by the suicide bit but I had hope and when he made the apology video I still wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt in human decency. I was upset to hear that even after he was given a second chance he still neglected it. I still believe they can be redeemed but they’re only making it harder on themselves and I have to question where they really draw the line if at all...

Ben Walker : The utter madman, you actually did it

RikMcCloud : Rap Roasts suddenly got real... Buying this right now.

Thisis Forgames : Im so happy that you still make raps!!! I suffered a house fire and lost quiet a bit back when you were getting ear surgery almost two years ago, and it just fills me with so much joy that i can finally come back and have loads to catch up on! Youre an inspiration to millions and i want you to know youre loved dearly

help me reach 5 000 subs without any video : I've been waiting this all my life

Gnome de Plume : Couldn't you have uploaded this with a bloated warty arse in the thumbnail? It would have been less nauseating than Logan's face. Good song though.

NightCore Psyko : Loved this rap roast dude great work and i just think that he dont deserve his youtube channel anymore but thats not up to me but continue to do great work and was wondering if you could make raps about anime games because i dont think you make them but if you do then i appoligize and will look for them

Exterma Ninjer : I really like this one. Logan Paul deserved it and although he tried to make up for it there is no changing the fact that what he did was horrific. As someone who fights through depression I hope something like that never happens again. Using that just to get views is just wrong. So thanks Dan!