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Joao Rocha : So this is what the internet was designed for..

Al Barkley : please give me a link to where I can drunkenly order 12 cats and 144 cardboard boxes.

Meme Machine : How did you record this without laughing?

REV : The trailer for the new Cube movie looks amazing

• VFSDM • : The 5th dimension from interstellar

I HOPE ALL GOOGLE BASTARDS DIE A PAINFUL DEATH : the gray cat walking on top is the master of balance

Keaos0 : This person finally figured out what to do with all those Amazon Boxes...

heyimhy : cut holes and make a maze they would run like crazy around in it hahah so cute

Caged : Probably the best YouTube cat video I've seen in a while.

N T : 257 dogs disliked this video

Super Pony 3 : This is like Disney land for cats.

Jaminator : Is this how cats train for championship *boxing?*

N T : I bet the cats wonder if they died and went to heaven

yelistener : You should invite Maru to visit.

zemm^4 : Amazon workers

Christine Crowley : They Just Wanna Know Which one is the Damn Litter Box!!! :)

nelda blanco : Kitty cat paradise! Throw toys, treats, some catnip in random boxes! Watch the show! Put the lids down, so can see each other kitty ears, heads! Wish this was live feed, could watch the for hours explore boxes!

Yankı Bacanlı : I don't know why this video appeared on my list but I'm thankful it did.

паша апр : я обкушался лапши и смотрю это видео ^_^

Chaton : 3:43 *omae wa mou shindeiru*

SpiteAndMalice : I'd love to see this same setup with 10 dogs. There'd be just cardboard flying everywhere, absolute bedlam.

遮眼師 : 私海外から来て日本語、勉強にしてますが、とてもあなたのペットは可愛い思います😄

The Best Wrestling Promos of All Time : Genius video

Jake : when you enter the box dimension from club penguin for the first time

C Propergol : very funny and interesting video... cats are so beautiful ! we love them ! so smart Kitties !!! 😹 - kisses from France

Sakonema : I see something on your floor. I name it cat paradise. If they formed a tunnel. Now they're just confused. Labyrith or just a tunnel would make them really happy,

judy on art : This should be at moma as performance art...better than tilda swinton's sleeping in a box art piece!!!

ouka koiwai : 引っ越しするんですか?

純ゲバル : 発想が外国の人みたいやわ😸 ほんまここは色んなイベント見れる👍 猫ちゃんも安定のかわいらしさ🐈👋

Kian M.Tamar : Cat's are so easily amused! Oh, I've been watching them for almost 10 minutes and they are great.

Cloud Seeker : OMG. Their weakness has been found. Now we can finally defeat our overlords.


渡辺ボス : すごい箱の数ですね❕ でもなんだか楽しそうだ(*>`ω´<*)♥

ph sieben : Cat owner: " So, you like boxes, huh? I'll give you BOXES!" :D

jacksrandomadventures : you should do this with bigger boxes and people

mariko.プチ : レイくんwww器用に箱の上渡るのねぇwwちょっと足元危なすぎて私の方がおっとっと💦💦って言っちゃうわぁ〜🤣www

Tatsuhiko Ikeda : 引っ越しのサカイだー🐼

Hard Boiled : Such an enormous amount of wealth that no cat can ever resist!

themunch : 3:58 Neighbours At War

The Zanzibarbarian : I am owned by 2 cats who now sleep in a cardboard box in our living room. I unpacked a delivery, put the box on the floor and five minutes later, they had taken refuge in it!!! Right next to this box is a "proper", cosy, pyramid cat sleeping bed which I bought for them at great expense.... The buggers completely ignore it... :-((...

Ree Meroma : Hello, English comment here~ Nice to see the kitties having fun again. Momo is still my favorite. Thank you for having her in so many of your videos.

Lia Kagami : Rei: the box is lava!! 😆

Unoko412 : meny box for meny kat

Thread Bomb : This is amazing! Amazing and delightful.

Lia Kagami : Kitty's playground!! ❤

Charlotte Tse : Cat walk ~~cats playing ~~cats box. Cool video 😻👍

wad : 4:00 best moment Also it would be awesome if you threw a piece of treat into a random box then shine the laser on that box.

Sandy Hooker : 3:58, it seems your cats like you, the slow closing of eyes when looking at you is a sign of trust.

Александр setriy : Развлечения в обеденный перерыв у сотрудников Почты России)