How TOY STORY displayed IMPOSSIBLE IMAGES on the SEGA Genesis (MegaDrive)

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GameHut : ***Sorry about the sound balance. I've just found out you can't re-upload a video so I can't fix it I don't think***

Game Sack : I really wish more developers took the time to take advantage of shadows and highlights. Of course that's not the only technically impressive feat of Toy Story on the Genesis, there are so many more examples. I'd like to know more about how the scrolling was achieved to give the effect of solid depth... ie: you can see the sides of many objects as you pass.

Emuraman : I couldn't hear it very well due to the song volume , but it's amazing to see how much still you guys managed to pull off during this game production.

Mr. Q - : Back when developers used to care about optimization. These days they don’t care about optimization or file size.

Natsumi : Need more HBLANK CRAM DMA's ;)

Echocookie : Absolutely amazing.

segadatabase : Great video, bg music a tad too loud.

Torsten Grust : The layering + transparency trick is simple — and thus all the more practical/awesome. (May I suggest that you remix the audio such that the background music is toned down a little?)

TheStoneBanana : Great video as always! I honestly expected some H-Int usage to swap colors out for each picture. What you actually did is much simpler, yet just as impressive!

Stephane Dallongeville : Highlight / shadow effect can't apply on sprite (sprite pixels below highlight / shadow operator doesn't dixplay) but even applying it on BG only already increase a lot the number of colors :) There is so much to say about that game, i always use it as a technical reference for both Sega Genesis and the SNES :) I was also very impressed by the racing level with realtime object scaling, the road was also well rendered. This level is missing on the SNES version, maybe for technical reasons ? Why don't use the mode 7 instead ? To be honest i was really impressed by the SNES version as well, i was very surprised to see it was almost on par the Sega Genesis version ! Of course the SNES version is better colorwise, but i didn't expected it to replicate the giant dog animation, the 3D raycasting level (in a lower resolution though) or the "big walking people" (a bit downgraded but still present). I think the SNES version was even more a challenge as it's weaker than the Sega Genesis on many aspects (not only the CPU but also sprite capabilities for instance)

RarefoilB : Wow, this was really interesting. Must have been time consuming to figure out exactly what colors you needed to put in what layer to accurately produce the movie still. On a fairly unrelated side note, have you ever poked around YouTube and watched video reviews of your games?

Consolethinks : It's really awesome to see how the game displayed those stills. I originally thought that the game changed palettes at HSYNC, so each scanline could have its own pallette.

Blue Chicken : There is a section of the credits sequence of Puggsy that flashes a colour chart along with the words "Over 256 colours on screen at once" (or something like that, I can't be bothered looking it up right now). I always wondred how you did that due to the hardware limitations you pointed out in the video, now I have at least an idea! Cheers once againmfor an excellent vid. Keep them coming!

AUSTIN PEYTON : 2:38 I thought buzz lightyear was scary in this game lol. awesome technique to get all those colors on screen, genesis was has some blast processing to it.

Smedis2 : Gotta explain the Module player next.

Natok the Watok : I'm guessing the Traveller's Tales logo uses the same technique? I've always been impressed by how high quality it looks and how many colors it uses, it looks like something from a SNES game.

Silanda : Not exactly related to this video, but out of interest, why was the US version of Toy Story harder than the PAL version. In the US version you start out with no continues, where as the PAL version starts you with one continue and also has a password system which was absent from the US version. Was the US version deliberately made harder, or the PAL version made easier?

FastbackV8 : Awesome video. Can you explain how you guys got the Mega Drive to emulate an Amiga when it came to the sound in this game?

Weaponsomasscreation : I see plenty of people stating that the music is too loud, but here I am just wanting to know what the song is. Shame it's not listed anywhere.

lopinjop : It is extremely cool and much appreciated that you are showing off the development that went in to these games. Sonic R and Toy Story 2 specifically were two of the biggest games of my childhood. I just recently played through a %100 complete run of Toy Story 2 and it is a fantastic game to this day. I'd definitely be interested to see development history on that project and I'll be sure to come up with some specific questions. Subscribed!

Musicboi Weegee : Wow. Woody's face is even more frightening with the foreground layer. Noticed the red above his mouth. That looks blood to me.

Victor Campos : This game has one of the most beautiful graphics of SEGA Genesis (Mega Drive).

OnlyFails : Background music wasn't loud enough, I could still occasionally hear your voice.

LordTaco 633 : I really enjoy ur vids especially about sega genesis coding topics! I hope u find more interesting stuff the genesis can do!

xXxBlueLuluxXx : Captions at 1:03

epiczacko : Yet another awesome video! Would love to see some Toy Story 2 content as well

Sledgex3 : (I wonder if he already knew about the Pirated NES Toy Story)

Cody Alcina : This was a fantastic video, but your voice was a bit low against the really loud music. You might want to look into doing some better audio balancing in your next video like this. Other than that, though, I enjoyed this, and I hope you keep doing them!

Justin Watson : If you don't wanna lower the music volume at least equalize the voice frequency so we can hear it more clearly.

Shrek for the XBOX : Got anything on puggsy? It's one of your classics.

Samuel Shock : Good video. The music could be turned down a little, but other than that, good video.

MintBreath : Can you, like, turn down the volume a bit? This video is very interesting, but I can't hear a thing!

King Koleyolis III : That background layer is horrifying

AortaPlatinum : Those individual layers are the stuff of nightmares

MistSomething : I'd love to see how you were able to get away with 4-channel sample playback for this game's menu theme! This sort of thing fascinates me to no end so it's really cool that you're sharing it. Thank you!

ElectronAsh : Great stuff. Finally a proper explanation of this technique, and even smarter than I realised. I thought it was done by changing the shadow and highlight on different scanlines or something. I see now that it worked kind of like "bitplanes" on the Amiga (and DLP projectors / plasma displays.) Do you possibly have any details at all on the "MOD" style music player code on Toy Story as well? It was practically unheard of to have a proper MOD player on the Genny / MD, so it would be very interesting to know how that came about.

Satoshi Matrix : What is this music used in the background? It is fantastic, I want to listen to it just by itself!

joseph fiorini : Amazing

Randomista : Holy shit what a hard work! No coincidence TT games were between the best ones of Genesis!

DasEtwas : this sounds like a make up tutorial

LV-481 : As a big fan of SEGA in the 90's, my favorite consoles (Mega Drive and Saturn) were not exactly the most powerful systems of their time. Hopefully more developers would have show this kind of talent clearly born from passion, harnessing the hardware with clever ideas to achieve results that others believed impossible. Thank you for all your videos, you can't imagine how much I enjoy them! (sorry if my english is not perfect)

DoramaRx : Awesome channel. I didn't realize you guys were doing this...Travelers Tales was always one of those logos that meant you were about to play a very well made game, even if the game itself isn't that good, it still looks amazing

Xenobyte K : Thanks a lot. I was always curious about what talented and creative programmers can do with the Genesis. Ever aprecciate game tech info.

Di0 : The must be the coolest channel on yt. Fascinating.

UNKNOWNGAM3r : It's a matter of RGB vs HSV

LDN : excellent!

Authentic : Wait a sec, this is a duplicate video with different music!

TwerkToSpec : My goodness, I know you acknowledged it, but that sound! If anything your other video's intros are way too loud tooo.

Samuel Brent : I wanted to ask, how come the PAL version of this game has a password system yet the US version doesn't? Was it because of rentals or was the game rushed for US markets?

Old Liquid : What about Red Zone? This one has pretty vast set of graphic features on the bare Mega Drive, starting with video sequence.