Robin Williams explaining how his mind works

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8dioproductions : This is not comedy. This is live poetry. Acting at its very finest.

Kurt Duvel : "That's not really an explanation - more like a bizarre exploration" And this is how we should approach life. R.I.P. Robin

Thomas Ober : My god this man was a genius

ptroinks : I wonder if she still has that scarf :).

Kurt Duvel : "One day in 1995 while riffing in the character of a snobby French toy store owner, Robin Williams made me laugh so hard and so long that I cried. It seemed to please him to no end. Yesterday I cried again at the thought that he was gone." - Actor Nathan Lane remembering Robin Williams

Diane Reinstadtler : One woman had to be taken to the hospital because she laughed herself into a hernia

Lynn Marie Anderson : His mind doesn't work much differently than anyone else's, he just wasn't afraid to let his imagination run wild and take us all along on the journey!

hawaiidispenser : This kind of genius is literally 1 in a billion. Even the best improvers, while all super talented, could not rapid-fire like this. It's like watching Usain Bolt and knowing you're seeing the best in the world.

Linda R : I wonder if the woman framed that shaw

Jim Muncy : I'm not sure he was human. Nobody can think that fast and consistently come up with unique humor that works. He must have opened his comedian chakra. Wonder what his IQ was, although that number may not explain anything. Wonder what his dreams were like.

MercilessV : Honestly, he was just operating on a higher frequency or something. Comedic genius of all time.

Steven Rose : Called a racing brain , ive got it mainly with people with anxiety , depression , ocd alot of creativity stems from them

Marcus Gilbert : Pure genius. Jim Carrey is probably one of a few who come anywhere near close.

o0Desimere0o : all he can do is express his mind, not rationalize it. He is showing us this. You can't jar up something so limitless in a tiny container to that we can understand it. period. I think everyone is like this but we really limit ourselves from social conditioning and too much rational thinking

Hannah Marie : "I would like to welcome you to Iran...HELP ME." They would eat him alive today if he said something like that. God I miss Robin.

truemanc : I didn't appreciate this man enough while he was alive but as an adult and the power of youtube you can compare... Robin was a genius among geniuses.... He was a total different level of speed... if he was a boxer there would be no one close to comparing him too... I actually love this man and hope he is in a better place because you cant have whet he had without the price that comes with it... God bless Robin Williams x

Kyle McCarty : "New motion... Crouching tiger, hidden CD..." Hahahahaha

paint9er : Instead of an explanation Robin just showed us how his mind works. Truly a unique individual, and the world's the poorer for his loss

Mar Rastapopoulos : If that was unrehearsed, then it's one of the best performances I have ever seen.

pato0114 : This shows how much pressure was put on robin williams.

Gumball’s Relative : Why Robin!?. Why!?. There will never be anyone to walk this world with your genius you have given. R.I.P

Brenda Keith : Such a terrible loss of a great talent. He was one of a kind.

Λαυρέντιος Ψαροκάηκας : Ηe was like a child. Pure heart, innocent soul, vulnerable and sensitive, imaginative and creative.

Dena Spohn : I think he was hyper-active, as well as very intelligent, so his mind was racing, as well as his body. Comedians are put down all the time, but to be consistently funny they have to be smart and to do improv even more so. Plus, Robin was a brilliant dramatic actor, as well.

ak24bomber : At first he was explaining how his mind works with a comedic undertone, but then he actually let everyone into his head and put together an almost 8 min comedy set with no pre-planning or writing. This is greatness unfolding and showing everyone what it really is. Some people say, including myself, that the only way to be great is to have a little crazy in you. Mr. Williams had that. I miss you Robin.

Captain Falcon : I can't blame him for taking his own life. To have a mind brilliant enough to do this, only to have it slowly taken away by dementia? Unthinkable.

Betsy Bobbins : In hindsight it is obvious how he just wanted to be loved and make folk laugh as he felt insecure. Such an amazing man, never forgotten xx

geniegogo : wow, the delivery, the timing... I laughed hard in many places - and that car wash at the end with no words, ROFL... X )

Berrios Inc. : To be able to improvise like that in such a short amount of time, to have such a sharp mind for jokes and create performances that make everyone laugh hysterically. He was truly one of a kind. Yes, he may have had gone to manic modes sometimes; and he may have acted crazy or insane, but he still made many people laugh their hearts off including mine. It's sad and a pity that he's gone. May he R.I.P

Marques Martinez : He just took the show and made it his out of thin air

mrpentium : Must have been hell having a mind like that turn against you, in depression. True hell. Hope he tried to turn to God.

I-IA/\/\ N : Not an explanation more of an exploration lol.

The Darci 13 : Robin was a genius there is none that could beat him at improvisation. We lost a great light in this world the day that Robin died.......

Brandon Tomm : Is there any other millenial that can quote his entire Live At The Met stand up? It takes me a little bit to remember things sometimes because I struggle with severe depression (and it effects your memory at some point) but ever since I was a young kid, I was never depressed while listening to him. When he committed suicide, that was a big hit to me. I could give a fuck less about celebrity deaths most of the time... but his really hit me hard. Is there anyone else that feels the same way I do?

Orlando Prude : Robin Williams Is A strike Of genius Through the line light

DevilsBathtub : the man, the legend. Robin Williams.

Wolfsky9 : This man!! What a gift he was. RIP, Beloved, Robin Williams. -------------WolfSky9

tm502010 : So brilliant! So very, very missed! God bless you, Sir, wherever you are...

JD' Skyline : Pure genius.The man was an improv master.

Key Says Blue : Number 1 on my Bucket List will never be achieved. It was to Meet Robin it's get my damn Genie tattoo in honor of him. Rest In Peace Robin Williams! You are missed everyday!

Patriotsfan128193 : It still hurts

Preacher At Arrakeen : I miss Robin. I was profoundly shocked when I saw the news. I wonder how badly he would've eviscerated Trump and his Deplorables? He probably would've made Trump's head explode, lol.

Mike Kramer : I heard when he did a movie one of the stipulations in his contract was that a homeless person had to be hired for one of the behind the scenes jobs ---the guy was not only funny but a great human being ---truly a loving, kind man.

michael hatch : He was, to the English Language (and a few he made up) what Be Bop was to Jazz. But it comes with risk. RIP

Chris Bowman : Robin Williams explaining how his mind works would take a whole hell of a lot longer than 8 minutes!

Tim Riley : There was one Robin Williams. What an incredible talent. Think of how many countless people he made smile and brought wonder to in his lifetime (and even now).

David P : his mind was like the matrix. you cant told wat it is lol

Ignacio Bernad : What is to be intelligent? Robin would need to be serious to analyze this and smart to have the patience to explain how it works. Fortunately, he is wise enough to show, to the best of his possibilities how his mind works. When asked; he just defines what is to live for him. Intelligence is nothing but just being. Fully. But just being, wouldn't be funny to Robin, he can only fully express through funny...And so it begins the mental exercise of a great comedian. He explains his "mental reflex" is an expression (a bizarre exploration) of love. The expression of living through giving love. When quotes "inside a deep part of myself" it sparks; as a connection with his mother. He is almost confronted with this doubt "looked up and said (...) ok I´ll be funny for her". And so he thinks funny works! And it does work "that way". But he comes back to doubt... "comes back from that and realizes"... was it real love? or was it a way to find acceptance? "she like me, she really likes me" Intelligence cannot be trained, it is not knowing something complicated. It is simple, no weird words. There is nothing to train, is by not thinking that his reflex is so quick, in fact, is 0. Timeless. He does not know what he will say, he relies on improvisation to prove this. He could have never guessed what he was going to say about that scarf. Therefore is something timeless. When he gets one second of seriousness and goes back to the mind (topic), he becomes sad and superficial sounding upset "a gland in the brain (...) that deals with itself responding to stimulus, that´s what we were designed to do"... but that sounds serious (Robin doesn´t like that). Robin then picks the last word "evolving" and tries to turn it into funny, finding a sarcastic "hope" in Darwin. "Evolving slowly but surely” although he knows people, in general, are not in tune with this intuition "eventually you´ll have to catch up”. It´s from this base of intuition that one can create something equally awesome “something different”.

Team DriveAlot : take microwave open door xD hahahah

Neutral Artist : kids, if you are watching this...knowledge is POWER!!!