Ozzy Man Reviews: iPhone X ad

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Георгий Любов : Promotion Offer: Free Iphone. Claim & Win absolutely free iPhone 7. To successfully enroll and receive a Free of cost iphone go to the google search and type: *givefonesaway*

Theophilus : 0:54 Also, there's a poo emoji.

Stuart K. Seels : Fuck it all! I will just stick with my shitty old phone!

Greg Gammago : I don't love Wall-E. Fuck Wall-E.

Jochem Sturkenboom : It looks more like Eve from Wall-E than it looks like Wall-E himself

Aniruddh Chhatre : *..and there's a piece of shit*

Abhishek Borthakur : It can recognize your ugly mug in a crowd of wankers !! Best promotional line ever for any company

Randall Flagg : Tom Cruise? I thought you stopped on him because he looks like Brad Pitt...

Agustí Guerola Garcia : "It's our goal to make every proffesiona photographer goes out of bussiness in ten years" Kudos for the JP reference too.

jL for artscience84 : "Have we learned nothing from Jurassic Park?" 😂

Hassan Masood : Fellas who's that girl at 0:50? Asking for educational purposes. Shazamed and reverse searched her face. Couldn't find her. 💔

MFMC Ace : Apple: it has a chip inside the phone with a11 Ozzy man: Cunt what? my phone plays battle shits?

shahzad khan : We all live wall-to-wall ❤❤❤

BoxyTheSpaceDog : mobile phones completely destroyed society

Nisha Ismail : Crickey! 😂

Michael Westen : i subscribed on this alone! destination F?$*%d will keep me here.

vanthe dinoexpert : t rex got no feathers aint buying it

Darq Shark : iPhone 8 blows cock as it's basically just the fucking iPhone 7, and the iPhone X is insanely fucking overpriced and is where all the development of the 8 went.... Fuck Apple.


Nathan Clarke : A classic hooly dooly, onya mate i needed that.

Vlajka Azkazal : Will be able to take my money if I just look at them? Thank God I don't have enough money.. Wait.. where's my kidney?

Aquiles Vailo : I'm sorry but I'm not willing to pay more for a phone than for a gaming computer f that.

Redrum Hobsig : so true, apple becomes a joke

Xander Prime : Nothing against apple, but do i want that phone, or a phone i got for 150$? Ill stay with Xaomi Redmi note 4, for the years to come

tang roro : Are people really that lazy, even swipe your screen is considered excessive???

UGU Zach : Another gimmicky pile of overpriced shit. Exactly what *FUCKING NOBODY* needs.

Wirlog : Cheers from Argentina... your videos made my day

Blue : my $300 phone can make same dinosaur

AmokBR : Can you wank in the shower with it though?

VaasWhoStaresAtSam : WIRELESS CHARGING!!!!WHOAH Samsung already had this two generations ago..

Codesta 2006 : 0:19 "It can recognise your ugly mug! In a crowd of wankas!"

Rap Sobuz : if You want to get iPhone X !!! Click Hare: http://apple-iphone-x.pagedemo.co/

Andreas Lehne : I'm actually gunna buy this now. Not seen the add for this before now, but this sold me xD

Xiao Hei : remember, no matter how good a iPhone photographer you are, there will be an Asian iPhone photographer better than you

Bakir : lol ur ugly mug in a crowd of wankers

Chase Kaplan : Smartphones have become a joke. Why doesn't technology ever advance anymore like it used to? Now it's animal emojis, dinosaurs, face ID. seriously what the hell? Steve Jobs would be rolling over in his grave

Alauddin Ahmed : Now dickheads will be able to take my money if i just look at them? Technology should help me project my money! Fuck!

Max Cowling : And there's a piece of shit

Food Nepal : I will NOT buy this phone because I cannot afford it right now or maybe I am happy with what I have..

Melanie Vasquez : "Now dickheads will be able to take my money if I just look at them?!" 😂😂😂

Rohil Sykes : I would buy an iPhone if Apple ads were done by Ozzyman.

Waffle Jeep : I have a samsung s8+ and i'd be jealous of the iphone 8 only if it had a earbud jack

Cannibal713 : Ya have to hand it to apple. Their marketing is good. Its at the point they could slap an apple logo on a turd and morons would be lined up around the block to buy it.

v mog : i have to know whos the girl at 0:49-0:50 . she is absultly stunning

Austin Friedner : " and here's a piece of s***..." haha

Niksgamingblock : So if someone wanted to get into his friends iPhone X, than he could just show a pic of the guy to the phone?

MyYTwatcher : I guess Ozzy is too young to remember Number 5? http://popjoust.com/images/jousters/jouster-4733-Number5.png

VVM : Hmmmmmm nah im good with my iphone six. I dont like this phone

Damian Garcia : Song at the end?

Max Lacarin : The dinosaur thing already existed with Sony Xperia...so did the face recognition with Samsung and the wireless charging. I know that both Apple and android keep stealing each other's ideas. But why do Apple pretend that they invented it and that it has never existed before ? And why are people stupid enough to think that the dinosaur thing never existed before iPhone X EVEN THOUGH it hasn't come out yet AND I have a fucking Sony Xperia so I have proof (I just got in to an argument with a dickhead Apple cock sucker that would not accept the fact that none of these new Apple features have existed before ...whichis why I'm obsessed with the dinosaur feature because I use it all the time)