Ozzy Man Reviews: iPhone X ad

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Finley Hill : well my dreams of being a photographer have been crushed

Dragon Dung : its not the iphone 'ex' its the iphone '10'

Magix : 7 seconds in "It has a corner.. four corners! Theres no home button im already panicking" I cant breathe 😂😂

Rhys Layt : OZZY man needs an oscar, greatest commentator ever!! 😁😁😁😁

Mika Tapio : Iphone X - More like Iphone eXpensive

Faraz Khan : Every professional photographer goes out of business in 10 years 😂😂

Stefan B : It still doesn't have a fucking aux jack

Texas Jack : No.

KilimitiFrriuuu : 0:53 aaand there's a piece of shit. LOL, subtle.

Shawn Marran : Oh my word you totally hit the nail on the head ahahaha. Love it. As someone that works in photography, thanks for sticking up for the Pro photographers out there. So many people think the camera makes the photographer, while it's actually the photographer that makes the camera.

Joshamee Gibbs : iPhone 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,X. Makes sense.

The Real PyroManiac : "I'd like to buy the new iphone X please." "Sure, cash or credit?" "Kidney"

Aiman Zack : Thanks for the review...finally from the professional...

Gattsu Brando : *Outro music?*

Ross N : That's Brad Pitt not Tom Cruise

Rap Rabbani : Dumbest phone for dummies

Random Fabulous Commenter : Who's that girl? 0:49

Feline-gamer Flocket : Bruh what about identical twins

Hailey Aliece : Who's the girl around 0:49 seconds? shes stunning.

Joseph Silveira : Nice Gary

Hooded1 : Atleast, you can get iCancer much easier now

swiftyplays1 : First comment

Riley Coulton : I thought u where gonna say it has an extra large screen for watching porn

Bart : Iphone x AKA "The dinosaur machine"

Bissy : Apple should just hire Ozzy man to do the voice for their ads. The iPhone will sell even more.

Dylan white : lol

Arne De Doncker : This wanker should be the voice of Siri!

Jack Waters : Why!?! Phones are for calling and texting people, not turning yourself into a dog, and people are gonna pay hundreds for that, what has the world turned into.

Enzo Ma : Yeh nah, we'll all call it iPhone X even tho Apple intended it to be called iPhone 10

Will Fernance : Hahahaahhahaha

Ehmad Malek : Can someone tell me who is that fox animoji girl? She is absolutely gorgeous.

Itz_will : I'm there for that dinosaur thing and the emoji thing

LolGuy : Many face god can easily hack into anyone's iPhone now.

Spiffmeister : Someone on your Facebook page commented "now all the asians can unlock each others phones". Had to share with everyone on the YouTube

CaribouFr : OH man here comes the IPhone XD HUE HUE HUEEEEEE

jawad mansoor : "we made 4 cameras in the whole new iphone so that you could just shoot 4K with just one K" (NigaHiga: iphone8 honest commercial)

Pamiath : 3rd

Braeden Hunt : Fuck Yes, people haven't learned from JP

Hampus Erlandsson : "it has wireless i'd expect nothing less.. oh wireless charging!" cranked me up lol

BibiBosh : ya ya na yeeer, yaaaa naa yeah . but yeah naanaa and yea..

Alexander Brandt : https://9gag.com/gag/aRjpmMB?ref=ios.s.cp Review that!!!

Harshad Joshi : Why is ozzy man reviews not getting a Nobel award!? 😉

Myles Fortine : Ya wanka

Jozie : Good shit Ma man spring hitting Australia like a bull what state you from ?

Jordan Lifts : If you unlock your phone with your face and theres no home button, how'd you open it when its dark ?

Shaw Shimada : nice

Marblearcher 997 : This video got me hard... ;) Enjoy yourselves

Zachary Zier : I'm a simple man, I see an update, I watch the bloody video

Mr. Mugger : *every IPhone announcment* here we have an overpriced copy of what we made last year except its slightly faster, has a better-ish camera and looses something that was fine the was it was on the older models. #bringbackthehomebuttonandtheheadphonejack

Arne De Doncker : This wanker should be the voice of Siri!