the tick

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icomp187 : Da dweeeee da da da dweeeee dow!

emil tucker-orr : SPOOOOOOOOON!!


MainHeretic : "We are a justice sandwich. No toppings necessary!" "Put the moon back, demon waif!" I loved this show as a kid.

Arctic Banana : One of the best shows on Fox, back when Saturday morning cartoons were worth getting up for. Man, imagine if Tick met Freakazoid?

jaranarm : I remember when I was a kid I tried to like this show but could never seem to appreciate it. I'm guessing it's because I didn't get the humor at the time. I started watching some episodes just recently and I'm finding it to be a genius show. Very comical, great dialogue, fun stories, outrageous characters, etc. It's just so well made. Can't believe it took me this long to realize it's probably one of the greatest cartoons ever made.

squish200 : for years I been thinking about the tick and I have came up with only 1 conclusion. it is a parody between marvel and dc the tick = superman American maid = wonder woman  die fledermaus = a very comical version of batman

Fay : Aaaaaah! 

Gamernut's Movie Reviews : sPOOOOOON!!!

Başak Aksoy : I miss you two :'(

Mc Roblox Games : my childhood on Jetix

starkid77 : FINALLY someone put this up here at the RIGHT speed. Someone else had it up here and the music speed was way too fast. Thank you for this upload and attention to detail:)

Alexander Dillard : Animation used in digital ink & paint which turned amazing since last decade.

Sadiki St. George : AMAZOOOON gots the spoon

OfficialFanMadeTrailer : This show should of ran for more seasons! I could picture it being a success!

SDGlambert5045 : The main character's voice actor Townsend Coleman is the same age as my mom. They were both 40 at the time when this cartoon launched and after he started voicing him.

Ella Johnson : Spoon! :D

Methaxx : Holy shit, I had completely forgotten about this cartoon up until now. Thank you youtube randomness for finding this for me. Great show!

sonicsucks20 : Deadpool owes alot of his concept to this guy.

Arjen Zerko : I remember when waking up on Saturday morning watching this back when fox was worth watching also eek the cat and many more.

oldschoolvescan : We all thought Arthur was a bunny.

Levente Puskás : My childhood: Wunschpunsch,The Mask,The Tick,Two stupid dogs.... . . Today's children's childhood: Bakugan and Cilitbang advertising...

ZeroBeat W : i feel i need to rewatch this.... i may have been around 7-9 when this was on and unfortunately, it was dreadfully boring to me then. my brain was NOT ready for this.

BowserFan4Life Gaming : 0:07: Tick holding on to Dinosaur Neil's nose while trying to get Arthur untangled from dinosaur Neil's mustache.

Brownly : I miss that cartoon T_T

The Mr. Pete Channel needs 400 subs! : SPOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!

Edilberto Jimenez : The Tick looks like Captain Qwark

Universal Soldier : If the Tick were to get a cartoon reboot they should do a parody on today's superheroes being overpowered or overrated.

perualonso : Happy 20 to the cartoon version of The Tick.

Tony Stark : Love this cartoon.. :( miss my chillhood.. :"(

Zły Maciek : 0:35 I've always loved that moment xD

Gawaine687 : loved this show! sooo hilarious. does anyone understand the lyrics?

Steven Samiel : I remember this show I watch it before back in (2006)

edward18517 : lol, no prob

edward18517 : Venture Brothers are made by the same guy that made the Tick if you didn't know

edward18517 : lol

edward18517 : um...I'm just going to suppose you said all that about things like the Mr. Mens Show and Out of Jimmy's Head instead of Spongebob ok T82486?

Sheldon Williamson : SPOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!!!!

taltigolt : this takes me back

ss4shenlong : When saturday's was worth getting up for

Enceladeans : Such powerful lyrics.

ravager48 : @Terrax1 Amen,sir!...amen.

Sperium3000 : Chairface Chippindale is the best villain ever.

chaucer44 : Wow when was this show? About 1995? It rocked. Watched it every saturday in the 4th grade. Loved it!

Chris Miller : This should be on DVD. That shitty live action version is on DVD but not this. Where's the justice.

Happy Dragon Pictures : Awesome cartoon. I appreciate it more now than when I was a kid, though. The Tick really needs another chance nowadays, live action or not. It would make a great movie if they brought back Patrick Warburton and upped the budget a bit from the TV show, even though that rocked too.

Skrydly : if this intro had any original animation besides the logo, itd probably be my favorite intro ever

ParabolicVA : Arthur said several times in the show that he was a moth. Usually after being accused of being a butterfly or a rabbit. But, depending on how young you were at the time, you likely weren't paying attention to the dialogue.

Deej NR8 : Whenever I hear the word "duckweed," I think of this show. That probably not what they're saying but still.

ClassicToonFan64 : Awesomeness! I liked the 0:39 - 0:45 part. What musical instrument was that? Thanks for the video. I only watched the episode where the green-headed guy hypnotizes The Tick. I guess I lost many laughters...