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MainHeretic : "We are a justice sandwich. No toppings necessary!" "Put the moon back, demon waif!" I loved this show as a kid.

emil tucker-orr : SPOOOOOOOOON!!

icomp187 : Da dweeeee da da da dweeeee dow!

Arctic Banana : One of the best shows on Fox, back when Saturday morning cartoons were worth getting up for. Man, imagine if Tick met Freakazoid?


squish200 : for years I been thinking about the tick and I have came up with only 1 conclusion. it is a parody between marvel and dc the tick = superman American maid = wonder woman  die fledermaus = a very comical version of batman

Edilberto Jimenez : The Tick looks like Captain Qwark

Gamernut's Movie Reviews : sPOOOOOON!!!

Mc Roblox Games : my childhood on Jetix

Alexander Dillard : Animation used in digital ink & paint which turned amazing since last decade.

Fay : Aaaaaah! 

perualonso : Happy 20 to the cartoon version of The Tick.

starkid77 : FINALLY someone put this up here at the RIGHT speed. Someone else had it up here and the music speed was way too fast. Thank you for this upload and attention to detail:)

Başak Aksoy : I miss you two :'(

Tony Stark : Love this cartoon.. :( miss my chillhood.. :"(

Methaxx : Holy shit, I had completely forgotten about this cartoon up until now. Thank you youtube randomness for finding this for me. Great show!

Sadiki St. George : AMAZOOOON gots the spoon

SDGlambert5045 : The main character's voice actor Townsend Coleman is the same age as my mom. They were both 40 at the time when this cartoon launched and after he started voicing him.

Arjen Zerko : I remember when waking up on Saturday morning watching this back when fox was worth watching also eek the cat and many more.

ZeroBeat W : i feel i need to rewatch this.... i may have been around 7-9 when this was on and unfortunately, it was dreadfully boring to me then. my brain was NOT ready for this.

The Mr. Pete Channel is 1/2 way to the big time! : SPOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!

OfficialFanMadeTrailer : This show should of ran for more seasons! I could picture it being a success!

sonicsucks20 : Deadpool owes alot of his concept to this guy.

BowserFan4Life Gaming : 0:07: Tick holding on to Dinosaur Neil's nose while trying to get Arthur untangled from dinosaur Neil's mustache.

Ella Johnson : Spoon! :D

Steven Samiel : I remember this show I watch it before back in (2006)


Zły Maciek : 0:35 I've always loved that moment xD

Regular Invader : Was there ever an ice cream brand based off this show? I can vaguely remember seeing Tick pictures on ice cream trucks when I was a kid.

Maruko Chan 99 : 0:38 whooooAAAAAAAOoooo

Tacodog 76 : You can barley make out the lyrics, but I still try to sing it, definitely cracks my top 5 cartoon theme songs.

Terrax1 : Remember to vote for the Amazon Show of The Tick in the feedback link so it wins.

Fortified Enhancements : Okay. I was scatting the Batman Brave and the Bold theme earlier thinking it was this intro. Does anyone else think they soundd oddly alike?

Beatiatrician : LOVED this show growing up. Spooooon! Check out our cover of the theme song!

Luke.S 2099 : BBC 2 in the 90's good times :)

BowserFan4Life Gaming : 0:44-0:45: Tick holding on to Dinosaur Neil's tongue in his mouth.

Haramia : I've forgot this even existed! Man, it's cool for that one fact xD

Francisco Sanchez : ummm my dream in a nutshell

Alexander The Great : SPOOOOON!

Vincent Franklin : SPOOOOON!

MrGenyaAvacado : #SPOON

BowserFan4Life Gaming : 0:21: Dinosaur Neil's giant hand crushing Tick against the side of the building.

Kieran Connelly : Lyrics?

Jin Rei Tsung : Is that so sick to admit while some kids wanted to be Superman, Batman or Wolverine I dreamed to be him ? I mean ... he is childish but so badass at the same time

Baseketballify : I, Arthur?

Karlos1234ify : This video is 10 years old.

roberta miranda : OK, ok the secret is out. Damn. Yes the Tick is Donald Trump after using Professor Klump's elixir and the lil' guy in the rabbit suit is Ben Carson after using Michael Jackson's skin cream. The soundtrack of Doo Doo Dees and skibbiddy Doo wows is Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly...sorry Tick, peer pressure made me snitch!

Universal Soldier : If the Tick were to get a cartoon reboot they should do a parody on today's superheroes being overpowered or overrated.

Chris Holguin : Worst. Hero. EVER!

seacat562 : I loved this series! A spoof on all the DC and Marvel superheroes.