Mozart of Chess Magnus Carlsen - Wins 10 people at the same time in blind

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kidthump : I can't remember what I had for dinner

ParklaneKarma : this is amazing. sometimes i even forgot to go to the bathroom and i shit myself. Im doing it right now. wow.

David Medina : I can do that, hold my beer!!!!

ImaginaryHuman072889 : "the number of possible moves? infinite." i need a third hand to facepalm right now

P Hampton : But did he *win* any of the games?

crewskater06 : Illuminati confirmed

Ohthatsbull bill : Damn magnus.. damn...

Ronald Brinkley : Surely the total possible number of moves is NOT infinite? With there being a finite number of pieces and areas to move to.

Kamelot19 : >that feel when you have the bad kind of autism instead of the good kind like magnus feels bad man

Андрей Нико : That's cool. But I am pretty sure that lots of TOP30-50 GMs can do it too.

Joseph Monderen : 320 chess pieces

Steve Meyer : Magnus is a Mother Fucking BEAST Yo!

lilquinton94 : Magnus is the greatest of all times.

1978ajax : What did he do with the people he won - are they his slaves now? - I thought that was illegal.

ShepherdOfMemories : Carlsen isn't modest :/ Pretty much why I dont like him or the way he plays.

aleem morris : I personally don't think Magnus Carlson is that good as well as all the other chess players in the world all he is doing is playing the computers game in his head, by putting the difficulty level the highest it can go and then studying all the counter chess notations. Anyone can do this it just takes time and good memory skills and understanding the 64 squares on the board. Also if you start out at as early as 2 years old studying day in and day out than of course buy the time your 21 it's very easy to remember the board and chess notations as well.

The truth is out there : Alehine played 32 games blindfolded!

William Baell : not trying to be racist but if magnus was asian/chinese he would probably have more of an edge !

Ztech : That's some crazy shit.

Jeremiah Wibberding : nice. that's all I can say.

Sheriff K : He looks a lot like Paul Wesley.

James Rebew : Genius in action. To be able to play one game blindfold is marvelous, to be able to play 10 games blindfold simultaneously is stupendous. All the greats can do it. Paul Morphy, Bobby Fischer, Gary Kasparov, and now Magnus.

Sohan Marlon : Magnus in god mode

Joseph Monderen : 111 subscribers 11th like

krnbundang93 : How does he know what the other person is playing? is it spoken out loud?

Jo Do : It transcends chess. What an insincere interviewer.

Jack : can't do that with go

TalkingToTheHand : joadn is impressed

Santhosh Rarajan : god

PopTartNeko : Awesome! Guy should be a medieval age tactician.

Marc Rasmussen : Congratulations on the 10 people, Magnus! Hope you also won some of the games :)

aleem morris : Put plan and simple it all boils down to memory and how well you study, once they made the IBM deep blue super computer the game of chess as we know it would change forever. It has become watered down and over saturated like all the rest of popular sports, however I will send respect to whom I think is a true chess champion Gary Kasparov who was the first to play the super computer in 1996 and win. Magnus is the Lance Armstrong of chess plain and simple sorry.

Pikabush : he probably has a mind palace or a photographic memory... or both

Mumbʟes005 : Well, if he has a particularly effective game he plays against less skilled opponents, he would just need to have that one game memorized. That would considerably cut down on what he actually needs to keep track of in his head, as his pieces on each board and his next planned move would be nearly identical. In that case, this could probably scale to 100 people if he had alternative moves memorized when the planned piece was missing. Just keep an A, B and C board in your head and assign each opponent into the appropriate category as the game deviates from the A game by losing a pivotal piece.