The Time Machine (2002) - Moon Breaking Scene
The moon scene from The Time Machine Does any else feel as I do that we are getting closer and closer to this possible ending to humanity Great Filter since we have Space X Blue Origin etc pushing towards the commercialization of space finally

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I can't find this scene in English in Youtube. So, I decided to upload it to watch it when I miss it.


Striker Rokkuhato : When I was younger and first saw this scene, I was really terrified.

Aengus Fallon : August 26, 2037 is the day that the Moon breaks up, folks. Might want to mark it in our diaries.

Ruluaman : 2037 is gona be a wild year

Resonant Totality : "The demolitions for the lunar colonies screwed up the orbit." Typical human-caused disaster...

Joel S : The irony is that they had it all. They were finally making their real first progress on the dream of everyday space travel, colonizing the solar system, and were probably not too far from inventing the first FTL drive, and colonizing outer space. But some idiot decided to use the cheapest, fastest method to make the Lunar dream a reality, and thought it would be a good idea to use a nuke to create subterranean caverns! What could possibly go wrong? How about the destruction of civilization as we know, a mass extinction, a permanent split in humanity, and cutting off what was left from the stars, dooming our species to eventually die out when our sun expands into a red giant? Quoting one of the best lines in science fiction cinema history: "YOU MANIACS! YOU BLEW IT UP! GOD DAMN YOU! GOD DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!!!" I hope that the moron who authorized the detonation of that 20 megaton nuke wasn't allowed in what few shelters were built, so he or she could reap what he or she sowed.

dawsonoo7 : good thing that time machine never runs out of juice... must be using DURACEL batteries

Nightweaver20xx : That time lapse sequence is still one of the most amazing, breath taking and beautiful scenes ever. It doesn't make much geologic sense (water carving out a canyon would take millions of years), but it's a nice way to show just how far he's gone.

Mixey : Loved this movie De-evolution a theory that might actually happen.

Asurumi Tamia : he picked the most comfortable position to faint.

Bzhang Bezhang : Police brutality in the future XD

frisianmouve : You would need a whole lot more than the world's current nuclear stockpile to do that to the moon. Maybe this world has Piccolo in it?

BK007 : Why cant they make Time machine II , this movie is so great 

MrAlexOrex : So, in 2037 humanity blew up the Moon trying to construct a moon city, and the civilisation ended. But they have send some heroes to the past to prevent this disaster. These brave people were named "flat earthers" and "moon hoaxers". 19 years left, Moon still gets safer :)

Isaiaz Martin : I had a dream about the moon breaking apart. Which is what brought me here to re watch this scene after 10yrs from seeing this movie. My dream was a little different. A astroid was headed to Earth but missed us and crashed against the moon causing it to shatter in 4 large pieces. Ah was some scary stuff.


iReviewer : Is this that movie where some guys girlfriend dies so he goes back in time but she keeps dying?

Joseph Rotello : This was or is one of the best versions of the timeless H.G. Wells classic. Guess who produced or directed (not sure) the movie itself ?   A relative of H.G. Wells.

VultureClone : I love this movie and I don't understand the hate for it to be  honest.

S- I-/ : See that a moon, I know what is ganna happened to years

G G : In 802000, people will watch this movie and see if it is accurate

davidpar2 : Not as good as the original, but still a very enjoyable movie

Esperanza Tamayo : In this version, he stops on 16 July 802701. In the 1960 version, it's 12 October. Just a useless fact for everyone :)

BrianS317 : Too bad he didn't stop in 1970 and picked up a seatbelt

Cecilia Martinez : Everyone here complaining the film doesn't follow "real science". It's almost like this film fiction...I just wish they would have stuck a bit more with the way the Eloi were portrayed in the novel. The idea of human being reduced to cattle is frightening.

Ben Baxter : as usual humans have to ruin everything .

kungfuman82 : One of my favorite scenes in the film. I can just imagine the "oh shit" moment the crew on the moon experienced when they realized they destroyed the moon.

BK007 : year 802702 , here I come! 

Saint Babylon : So before this guy invented his persona as the Mandarin he was time travelling? Very impressive. I'm sure Tony Stark would have appriciated this invention a lot more than turning people into walking lava lamps melting shit. hehe

valar : Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory had the dream where he travelled to 802,701 and was attacked by Morlocks. XD

damian lyman : I always knew man would be the one to destroy earth.

Kellyanne Little : Once in a Bezos Blue Moon Good luck Sir with your colonization plan for The Moon 🌝

Arthur Denorfia : So in this possible future of 2037 as seen in "The Time Machine," they say that a demolition attempt to develop a subterranean part of the lunar colony's construction screwed up the Moon's orbit and caused it's parts to strike Earth. Hopefully when someone comes up with plans to develop an actual Moon colony, they won't make the same mistake that the lunar colony developers made in this movie.

kevin hacker : the Time Machine (2002) - the moon-gempa - no bocah out

Evo : I still have a mental image of the moon breaking up from when I saw this 16 years ago.

RandomVideoCircus : GREAT SCOTT!!

CosmicX1 : Now THAT'S a super moon!

『ᗰ』 : Wait, I thought the moon was just an egg..with a giant alien dragon inside!

Steve R. : A great movie no matter what the critics say. What the hell do they know? 

Marryo Bakotin : So epic scene!

Romulo Benedetti : lol imagine if he died, a time machine running from present forever. :)

tractorback76 : So in like 800k years we've got to live with Chuds?

Vinlyguyx420x : When I was 8, after watching this I remember being frightened to look at the moon lmfao!

kevin hacker : 2019 & 2037 Moon Nasa Depan Out

B. Lloyd Reese : the morlock design ruined this movie for me. someone remake it with the time ships as a sequel

Krimson Liquid : i heard that there was a classified project about nuking the moon!

FORS4TAN : I've read online that there're studies today that moon is in fact shrinking today, shocking this film might actually be somewhat true... and ... we're (nasa) thinking about a moon base today in 2019. Something isn't right or I'm imagining things.

Ä. R S. : Talk about Rip van Winkle.

JMUDoc : If I looked up and saw that I would just drop dead in fear immediately.

Pokemon Champion Cynthia : ''Origin: Spirit of the Past'' Similar situation, only moon was devastated by dragon plants that bombarded the Earth.