The Time Machine (2002) - Moon Breaking Scene

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Aengus Fallon : August 26, 2037 is the day that the Moon breaks up, folks. Might want to mark it in our diaries.

John L : This movie is pretty underrated. Not saying it's the best movies ever, but 5.9 on IMDB and 29% on RT? Come on...

Striker Rokkuhato : When I was younger and first saw this scene, I was really terrified.

dawsonoo7 : good thing that time machine never runs out of juice... must be using DURACEL batteries

Nightweaver1 : That time lapse sequence is still one of the most amazing, breath taking and beautiful scenes ever. It doesn't make much geologic sense (water carving out a canyon would take millions of years), but it's a nice way to show just how far he's gone.

Isaiaz Martin : I had a dream about the moon breaking apart. Which is what brought me here to re watch this scene after 10yrs from seeing this movie. My dream was a little different. A astroid was headed to Earth but missed us and crashed against the moon causing it to shatter in 4 large pieces. Ah was some scary stuff.

Mixey : Loved this movie De-evolution a theory that might actually happen.

Joseph Rotello : This was or is one of the best versions of the timeless H.G. Wells classic. Guess who produced or directed (not sure) the movie itself ?   A relative of H.G. Wells.

frisianmouve : You would need a whole lot more than the world's current nuclear stockpile to do that to the moon. Maybe this world has Piccolo in it?

Ruluaman : 2037 is gona be a wild year

Clad Lexia : he picked the most comfortable position to faint.

VultureClone : I love this movie and I don't understand the hate for it to be  honest.

Esperanza Tamayo : In this version, he stops on 16 July 802701. In the 1960 version, it's 12 October. Just a useless fact for everyone :)


Bzhang Bezhang : Police brutality in the future XD

Moist Gnome : The moon gets destroyed? Thanks Obama!

through yourlover : So before this guy invented his persona as the Mandarin he was time travelling? Very impressive. I'm sure Tony Stark would have appriciated this invention a lot more than turning people into walking lava lamps melting shit. hehe

03bgood : If we don't change our ways, this could happen!

RandomVideoCircus : GREAT SCOTT!!

Ben Baxter : as usual humans have to ruin everything .

b3to91frca : August 20, 2037? That's only 22 years from now

Eric Terry : This is what happens when you do too many experiments at CERN.

Greg Schroll : This definitely looks like America under Hillary. The moon breaking up and the world going to hell.

Marryo Bakotin : So epic scene!

Joel S : The irony is that they had it all. They were finally making their real first progress on the dream of everyday space travel, colonizing the solar system, and were probably not too far from inventing the first FTL drive, and colonizing outer space. But some idiot decided to use the cheapest, fastest method to make the Lunar dream a reality, and thought it would be a good idea to use a nuke to create subterranean caverns! What could possibly go wrong? How about the destruction of civilization as we know, a mass extinction, a permanent split in humanity, and cutting off what was left from the stars, dooming our species to eventually die out when our sun expands into a red giant? Quoting one of the best lines in science fiction cinema history: "YOU MANIACS! YOU BLEW IT UP! GOD DAMN YOU! GOD DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!!!" I hope that the moron who authorized the detonation of that 20 megaton nuke wasn't allowed in what few shelters were built, so he or she could reap what he or she sowed.

kungfuman82 : One of my favorite scenes in the film. I can just imagine the "oh shit" moment the crew on the moon experienced when they realized they destroyed the moon.

GameDjeenie : This movie is not on Itunes... it pisses me off. I only have it on VHS and I don't have a VCR anymore lol

CosmicX1 : Now THAT'S a super moon!

valar : Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory had the dream where he travelled to 802,701 and was attacked by Morlocks. XD

damian lyman : I always knew man would be the one to destroy earth.

Clint-Excalibur71 : if he keeps travelling forward, wouldnt there be a second big bang happening? i mean, look at futurama, they referenced this movie

davidpar2 : Not as good as the original, but still a very enjoyable movie

Bryan D. : Just go back to a time before white people started coming out of Europe. Perfect!!!

Fantomas : I once had a nightmare about the moon hitting the earth. You wouldn't believe how real it felt. I specifically remember being in a spherical shaped hotel while waiting for the impact. And when it hit, that falling feeling you get in dreams hit me. The hotel I was in eventually rolled into Lake Michigan and we were submerged underwater. Quite possibly the most frigtneing nightmare I've ever had. It's one of the few I can distinctly remember in detail.

Ä. R S. : Talk about Rip van Winkle.

IamKingOfHearts : Why couldn't he just tell one of the officers about his time machine, take him back in time, and warn everyone about the moon breaking?

Pokemon Champion Cynthia : ''Origin: Spirit of the Past'' Similar situation, only moon was devastated by dragon plants that bombarded the Earth. 

bookworm : Jeremy irons character says colonies so does that mean there are more morlocs,so it has'nt really ended,so not such a happy ending,and why were all the eloi dark skinned did'nt any other races survive,no genetic variations,must be a very limited breeding choice for future generations.

Frdkrgr1771 : That's dumb screw explosions on the moon that's a risky chance


Ellie Barnfield : Love this film. 

Whatnoticus : I have nbever seen this movie but I had a dream of the moon doing this a year before my partents got divorced in 2006, this is freaky as hell. (granted I always have a dream that something horrible happened to the moon right before bad stuff happens)

somebuddyX : probably could use a seatbelt

Jānis Ležņins : Film is a medium, but there are some very good scenes, this is one of them

aurelio bossi : Bello ma quello del 1960 di Pal con Rod Tailor era più romantico.

Joe Blow : The original was much better

Stephen O'Donnell : I love how his stopping the controls at 3:13 resembles the dials of a fruit machine ultimately bringing him to meet his destiny with Mara.

David Gee : This was a letdown. Instead of showing how humans might evolve over 800,000 years, instead it was more of a de-evolution. Although to be fair, in reality such a thing is very plausible considering the climate changes the planet would go through.

Sean Armstrong : 800,000 years is not enough to cause the level of geological changes shown in the film.

FrakWithAria : Only halfway decent scene in the entire film.