NF - All I Have

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Adi : Most rappers of today can't even touch the level of lyricism this guy has!!

Sahil Rahman : Hit like if you think NF is better than lil pump.

Chris Juratovac : 2019 anyone?

EMMA RABE : Hit the like if u are still listening!! NF 2018 :D

FortniteIsTrash : I'm in college and I went to class today. During lecture my phone started randomly playing this song. This girl next to me said i didn't know you like rap. I turned to her and said it's not rap. It's real music. I've been waiting forever to tell somebody that😂😂

dope2111 : I am Christian but I'm not perfect !!!

Ryan Blasi : I hate rap, it's not my preference, but this man right here is just too damn good.

Shinda Densetsu : Here I leave the best parts of the song: 00:01 00:02 00:03 00:04 00:05 00:06 00:07 00:08 00:09 00:10 00:11 00:12 00:13 00:14 00:15 00:16 00:17 00:18 00:19 00:20 00:21 00:22 00:23 00:24 00:25 00:26 00:27 00:28 00:29 00:30 00:31 00:32 00:33 00:34 00:35 00:36 00:37 00:38 00:39 00:40 00:41 00:43 00:43 00:44 00:45 00:46 00:47 00:48 00:49 00:50 00:51 00:52 00:53 00:54 00:55 00:56 00:57 00:58 00:59 01:00 01:01 01:02 01:03 01:04 01:05 01:06 01:07 01:08 01:09 01:10 01:11 01:12 01:13 01:14 01:15 01:16 01:17 01:18 01:19 01:20 01:21 01:22 01:23 01:24 01:25 01:26 01:27 01:28 01:29 01:30 01:31 01:32 01:33 01:34 01:35 01:36 01:37 01:38 01:39 01:40 01:41 01:42 01:43 01:44 01:45 01:46 01:47 01:48 01:49 01:50 01:51 01:52 01:53 01:54 01:55 01:56 01:57 01:58 01:59 02:00 02:01 02:02 02:03 02:04 02:05 02:06 02:07 02:08 02:09 02:10 02:11 02:12 02:13 02:14 02:15 02:16 02:17 02:18 02:19 02:20 02:21 02:22 02:23 02:24 02:25 02:26 02:27 02:28 02:29 02:30 02:31 02:32 02:33 02:34 02:35 02:36 02:37 02:38 02:39 02:40 02:41 02:42 02:43 02:44 02:45 02:46 02:47 02:48 02:49 02:50 02:51 02:52 02:53 02:54 02:55 02:56 02:57 02:58 02:59 03:00 03:01 03:02 03:03 03:04 03:05 03:06 03:07 03:08 03:09 03:10 03:11 03:12 03:13 03:14 03:15 03:16 03:17 03:18 03:19 03:20 03:21 03:22 03:23 03:24 03:25 03:26 03:27 03:28 03:29 03:30 03:31 03:32 03:34 03:35 03:36 03:37 03:38 03:39 03:40 03:41 03:42 03:43 03:44 03:45 03:46 03:47 03:48 03:49 03:50 03:51 03:52 03:53 03:54 03:55 03:56 03:57 03:58 03:59 04:00...

That Girl Lucy! : I was 14 when I heard this, I’m almost 19 and still listening 2018 ♥️♥️♥️

Star Grabbitz : its funny how Eminem calls NF a clone in his latest clone. honestly i dont see it, i mean EM you cant even sing so calm down.

Craig -MetaThor- Cartwright : lyrically amazing still 2018 hit like If you agree

THE BIG POTATO : Who here is 2019

Mr BarloBlunts : most under rated who agrees still in 2018 he's under rated should be in the top rn

Jason Blundell : I'm a Christian but I'm not Perfect!

Brooklynne Nicole : All I ever wanted was somebody to hear me And all I ever wanted was somebody to feel me And everybody wanna tell me that I'm out of my head When I'm on the mic that's fine but that don't scare me It's been a long time but I'm back now Rap pow welcome to the rap house Rap pow will live till I pass out blackout blackout Everybody keep on wondering if I still rap now Are you serious, anybody out there hearing this? Yo I came in the game as a lyricist And I'ma leave like that, period You sniff lines, I write lines, you've now entered in my mind And you better get ready cause you might find I'm from a different place and my kind It's a little bit different than yours is Quit snoring hip hop isn't dead It's just been in mourning from the moment I quit recording Quick, record this Listen I'm warming up and you're misinformed if You think that I'm slipping up, this ain't sick enough, then I'll skip the chorus I've been here ain't nobody heard of me? Yeah I'ma turn this beat to a murder scene I don't live for the world I live for the King, I live for the King, focus Wrote this with emotion It's hard to get a break when the door's ain't open It's hard to get a shot when the gun ain't loaded And it's hard to make a living when nobody wanna notice. Hold it What am I insane maybe, plain crazy You put me in a room with a mic you will not restrain me You do what you wanted but you can't contain me Lazy is not a character trait of mine, don't wait in line This is the current condition of my state of mind Don't tell me that this isn't real Don't tell me this ain't how I feel This is all I have all I have All I ever wanted was somebody to get this All I ever wanted was somebody to play this Take my song, put it on their playlist and get goosebumps every time they play it, rate us If that's my calling or not Father, maybe I should just not bother Go back to that nine to five but I am not a quitter so quit that I never been a killer but I guarantee I kill tracks Put them in a coffin, lost in, rip that Trying to make an impact in rap, is that insane? Well, I guess so Rap though, better give me that pencil And you ain't ever gonna make it, it's all mental I am in a place where I can't let go ah! I still work a job and do this And y'all know what's stupid? I thought all you had to do was get a record deal and yo things start moving But that's not the case because most of the times the artists you hear You keep on thinking that artist is new but that artist has probably been at it for years Yeah, in the back of my mind thinking Am I wasting my time dreaming And I ain't got no money in my wallet but I guarantee there ain't no way that I am gonna leave this I need this I swear to y'all I need this And this hip-hop's in my veins if you cut me I'ma bleed it And yo. What you think I write write raps for no reason, no Take my pain and I put em in a song ever since them pills they took my mom I've been a different person, don't try to predict my verses What you're hearing now is me whether I'm in front or behind that curtain I stand behind these words I'm a Christian but I'm not perfect Don't tell me to calm down I'm calm now, listen I'm just working Yeah it might take a minute to get it but once you get it everything will be crystal clear I don't think they see my vision here I don't think they see my vision here! Don't tell me that this isn't real Don't tell me this ain't how I feel This is all I have. All I have Don't tell me that this isn't real Don't tell me this ain't how I feel This is all I have. All I have Don't tell me that this isn't real Don't tell me this ain't how I feel This is all I have. All I have All I have Don't tell me that this isn't real (this isn't real, this isn't real) This is all that I have, this is all that I have

The Beginning Of Knowledge : This guy has a gift from God to lyrically engage you in his rap. Emotions take form to words; NF.

Amykins : i hated rap before this, and the music industry is being controlled by a bunch of rats. So many underrated artists who make such meaningful lyrics and music that moves. I appreciate this form of rap its clean it cuts straight to Real Talk.

keejful : Hella old song. First time listening. 2018. Emotional bro. Keep fighting. Ur an amazing artistic and extremely talented lyricist.

rick ramirez : Hands down, best thing to happen to music in the last 5 years. Thank you NF

TRAGiiC RIP : NF is what I thought eminem would've been! Now it's just NF, after you hear this, eminem sounds like a joke

JoshPlays : This wonderful man is speaking the truth and he deserves a lot of respect. I am so proud that Nate has made something out of this. I will always respect and listen to his music no matter what he says and what he does. And this song is a major inspiration to me. It can relate to so many people in this universe. I once never had a voice in this world. But this song made me live up to that. And I would like to thank NF for this wonderful song and the king himself. NF has been a major change in my life. It's like someone understands.

Magicians Highschool : the reason i didnt pull the trigger is because you helped with out knowing im 13... i dont deserve this

carolina chavarria : If nf starts cussing in his music I'll be so sad

Urshy esh : You sniff lines i write lines. on point

Some Dude : 5 years later still fire

TrinityRourke : To the 3k that disliked this... Did you even read the lyrics?! Dude open up your eyes this is REAL, passionate music. This is all this man has.

Lucas Rei : The radio needs to play Nathan. Lyrics that spark all kinds of good. Hip hop isnt dead. Its just been in mourning..

Katelynn Coleman : Man i just want to say like ive been listening to you for years now ,my mom thinks im weird and so does my sister. but your music really did help me threw my really hard times. when ever i was thinking about cutting again or suicide id just blast your music. I hope you read this because ik that bc ur famous you probably wont,but i do appreciate you alot.

LareMare : It ain't an NF song if it doesn't begin with a single piano note followed by high-pitched acapella.

Billie Eyelash : He deserves to be more known

Anil Prabhu : Previously i used to listen to top 100 songs playlist on YouTube... But after getting to know NF songs... Now all time NF... 😍❤️

Shymal Ali : Hit like if NF is better than Cardi-B

Hudson Crozier : As an 18 year old who dreams of being a writer/novelist, I 100% relate to this particular side of NF's music, that absolute passion, desperation, and ideology that he expresses for this defining gift that he has. I get it, Nate. It's all I have, too.

Livan Luciano : NF saved me from my own life. He showed me Lord and REAL MUSIC. I love him and his music so much and I don't know what I would do without it. He is definitely the best rapper in the game and doesn't have to talk vulgarities to get his point across. I used to be an Eminem fan when I was in a dark place but then NF came into the game and ever since I have been following him. NF if you see this, I want you to know that you showed me what REAL MUSIC is and TRUTH. THANK YOU!!!

mordern modes : That emotion in the lyrics sounds like my life story

reverse flash : NF vs Eminem Nah, i don't wanna wait 3 years

lion fi : Fuk yeah man u r the best all the time 🤘👏respect 2018

Ry Za : I’m 14 with really bad depression and anxiety, I feel like I have no one and the only time I truly feel fine is when I’m listening to music, so when nf says this is all he has it really does hit me on a personal level fr

op panda : There is no rapper who can even get close to the skill level this guy has aka the real Rap God and yes NF please let the name go to your head

shots : 2018.

abby c : 2019 and still fire 🔥

nessa bright : Haters going hate pushing that thumbs down he's already 🔥 baby

Rachel Miller : "Im a Christian but i aint perfect." AMEN

The Admin : Wow. Don't now where I've been all these years. All NF's songs are super amazing!

Vegan Gangsta : What a legend! Real music will never die. Make that clear guys.

Ryan Rigby : U N S T O P P A B L Ē

Zero Sucks : "you sniff lines, i write lines" DAMN 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Jsfish101 : honestly the best rapper i have ever listend to by far i doubt you will ever read this but if you do i just want you to know you inspire me so much and have made a huge impact on my life

Rylie Johnson : All his songs have so much meaning while alot if other rappers rap about nothing important

soccerchick9841 : ''I don't live for the world, I live for the king'' PREACH