NF - All I Have

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JoshPlays : This wonderful man is speaking the truth and he deserves a lot of respect. I am so proud that Nate has made something out of this. I will always respect and listen to his music no matter what he says and what he does. And this song is a major inspiration to me. It can relate to so many people in this universe. I once never had a voice in this world. But this song made me live up to that. And I would like to thank NF for this wonderful song and the king himself. NF has been a major change in my life. It's like someone understands.

TrinityRourke : To the 3k that disliked this... Did you even read the lyrics?! Dude open up your eyes this is REAL, passionate music. This is all this man has.

Vegan Gangster : What a legend! Real music will never die. Make that clear guys.

Maximizing : “I still work a job and do this” Line always gives me goosebumps, love how relatable all his songs are for fellow dreamers.

The Beginning Of Knowledge : This guy has a gift from God to lyrically engage you in his rap. Emotions take form to words; NF.

Adi : Most rappers of today can't even touch the level of lyricism this guy has!!

NRA Vaping : Does anyone notice that he's not just a good rapper, but also has a gorgeous singing voice?

Renee reborn : This my first time listing to NF video. Wow NF has a gift that's for sure and he is so talented and sold out for Jesus!!! 👏👏👏😀

8010223 : ¨ever since those pills took my mom" you can hear the pain in his voice

mordern modes : That emotion in the lyrics sounds like my life story

K-Tale Gaming : *"I don't live for the world, I live for the King, I live for the King, Focus."*

StevieMasters : I have never been a fan of Rap, but I have to admit I like his music, it is deep and I like that its not about Cash, Booty, Cars, Guns. His lyrics are on point. This is what Rap should be.

sandra lopez : finally a rapper i can relate too

Andre Els : can't believe he has been around for a couple of years and I only discovered him now !!

RandomEverything : 4.2k ppl are deaf

Quentin Diaz : You keep thinking that artist is new but that artist probably been at it for years. He ain't wrong...

Casey Wellington : This may just be NF's best song, period. It sums up who he is and why he raps.

Muhammad Abdulla : Nf on my opinion I think u beat eminent and any other rappers trying your stories behind your songs are perfect

Phantomsleet616 aqi : NF so fire

GALARDO MADRID : This is the new eminem by far

needtoknow204 : Awesome!!! God uses amazing people!!!

Bayley Boothman : I'm so getting a tattoo that says I'm a Cristian but I'm not perfect

killerwolf Lover101 : I listen to these songs every day . 😶🙁😏

soccerchick9841 : ''I don't live for the world, I live for the king'' PREACH

music freak : HEYOO anyone interested in having a friend whose obsessed with NF and loves to rap and sing? I'm 13, a girl, livin in Switzerland

Mariah Moya : I'm a Christan but I'm not perfect I'm gonna explain what this means for everyone who doesn't understand it .it means ok listen the ideal Christan is someone who lives in a perfect family and who does everything right and never messes up but he's saying that's not true for everyone he's not perfect that he believes in the religion but he's not the ideal Christan that he messes up and isn't perfect which is why he says I'm a Christian (because he believes in our father almighty) but I'm not perfect ( because he doesn't meet the stereotype and has flaws) p.s I can relate

Egyptian Player : 2019 still fire 🔥

Ghalib Riaz : Any one from 2018

shots : 2018.

Lijah Mott : 4500 people hit the wrong thumb I hit the right one

Antonio Ricardo : Thank you for music NF!

Stephen The13th : Dope! Man I would love to hear NF collab with Gemstones and JGivens. Sick flow and crazy bars.

Matthew Love : #2018 still my favorite song EVER!!!! LIKE IF U AGREE!!!!

Craig -MetaThor- Cartwright : lyrically amazing still 2018 hit like If you agree

Jonah Gardner : His music and lyrics give me goosebumps

toeygirl94 : Listening to you empowers me to write what has been hidden in my heart. Because of you I am no longer hiding behind my shadow. thank you.

Kyerstin McNutt : Never cusses once and still spits truth of fire. LOVE IT

XxrachetxX : This is real , nf shows his true self in every song .Rap is music ,Christian or not , Nate has been through some rough sh*t.He deserves this “I need this , I need this you cut ima going bleed this “as he says this is all he has he lost his Mam to drug overdose and his dad well tbh I don’t know but this is real

SomeDishSoap : ayyyy, this was uploaded on my birthday

K Lol : Love the songs NF, you have truly amazing music, chase your dreams, haters gunna hate. keep being you, you have so many people who believe in you. I'm one of them. truly gifted.

FuqMyAss : Watching him live in July NF & Logic

Erranz : Legend❤


AnimeGod AG : What a legend spits fire without being a gangster 👑🔥🔥🔥🔥

Darth Bob : "You sniff lines I write lines" GET WRECKED

bryan Bissell : NF is the only artist I have heard where even minutes after the song has ended, and there's nothing but silence, he's still blowing your mind. Yes, that just happened.

Real not fake : This song is one of my favorite I write songs it started of trying to save the world with messages hidden in the lyrics seeing if people would take a chance on something imperfect because if they did then they would see something perfect

SHR : 18/2/2018 still my favorite artist in the whole world 👌👍👍👍

Burak yilmaz : 2018

a9wunderlich : In the last few seconds of the song he sounded like James Arthur