Mythbusters banned from speaking about RFID chip by Visa and Mastercard

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Evil Rat : I watched a TV expose show(20/20, 60 Minutes,etc.) about how credit card RFID chips COULD be triggered and recorded by someone passing within 3 feet of someone carrying one. The 'hacker' carried a backpack or large purse with equipment legally purchased online and when walking past someone in a sidewalk, the equipment would trigger the RFID chip - and then record the signal the chip sent back. The show was done with the cooperation of local police and all information was deleted after the project was completed. Simple fact is, any RFID chip WILL respond to the correct signal - at nearly any range, provided the signal is sent. The receiver needs to be fairly close to intercept the return signal, but having your account debit confirmation being sent on a short(even very short) range radio signal sounds like a very bad idea.

Aphrodite : Credit where credit is properly due on this: Adam Savage was a keynote speaker at The Last Hope, a biennial hacker convention held in NYC.

Jason Patterson : If this scares anyone now in 2017, just remember this video is from 2012 and very very few rfid cards still exist. It was all the rage back then, but now chip cards are the thing. Happily chip cards are not RFID. That's why there are contacts there, chip cards are quite secure and need physical contact to work. Sleep a little easier.

beaker15 Tyler : They are super easy to hack and all the big companies know it and there afraid and they refuse to fix it.

Dub Yuh : It says in the passport actually that any damage or mutiliation to the passport or electronics in the passport will result in prosectuion. meaning you will probably be labeld as a terrorist.. This is the first step into RFID chips being implemented.. They will control everything about us, and have everything we own on them.

UmbrellaCorp. : 17 people work for Credit card or RFID supporting companies.

TheIreneT : that option of implanting is certainly not safe as the reason used to deny is that people could kill another person to get their implant.

Rene Mahound : I guess that those lawyers probably had engineers tell them how hackable thier stuff was. They were thinking, don't go giving anyone ideas..


bugsz1 : So they were coerced, a federal crime, by major banks. Got it.

powerwindow2 : sooooo......if i just leave all my cards at home (better yet....l hide my cards at, say, st judges medical facility), pay cash, and do all my transactions via no paper trail i will remain invisible to the govt? if i buy nothing but bibles will i show up on the radar? if i buy nothing but kfc's 11 secret inedients....will i show up on the radar. if i buy a diablo sandwich and a doctor pepper, will i show up on the radar?

theresa coponiti : Texas insterments is still in business I haven't heard that name since the 80's

Melpheos1er : DO NOT PUT A RFID CHIP ON YOU !!! Anything can be hacked

TChighbury : Sounds like something PBS or a non-advertorial entity like the BBC could pick up and run with...

Phantom : Cashless society coming. All transactions will be through bank card.

MrSmackdab : laughter is an effective truth deflector

Nathan Kessler : Anyone else think he looks a lot like Justin Roiland in this video?

Unknown Person : I just buy everything in cash anyways.

michael atkinson : Everything is hackable, people

Aurasua Lee : Just wait until "they" force people to have a RFID implant within them but I also know that a lot of people will want them implanted within them. personally I'd rather go to a F.E.M.A concentration camp and get my head cut off along with the other people who did not want a RFID implanted in there hands.

Charles Treibley : RFID chip are a total joke. A child can hack them!

explosu : Clearly they're completely secure then, totally NOT more interested in sweeping things under the rug than their customer's security. Their feelings were just really hurt.

Lube sky baller : doesnt matter centralized banking is over, Crypto currency is taking over.

Benny G Mooneyhan : Again, as mentioned elsewhere, modern "CHIP" cards are not RFID-enabled. There are VERY few RFID cards out there and it's very doubtful that anyone watching this video even has one. RFID being used in payment processing is all but dead. Don't wrap your wallet in foil, don't buy "RFID-safe" wallets sold on TV. This is a non-issue in 2017. Scare tactics on infomercials being used to scare people who don't know any better.....

ssppeellll : Almost the first words out of his mouth are, "I'll tell you what I know."  I don't think the video poster actually knows what the word "banned" means.

Essy Chilcutte : >>>I got hacked today<<< There is a whole lotta Layers of Cake to this :(

FixedByDoc . com : i dont carry cards with rfid. i dont even own any credit cards at all. i spend only the cash i have. i have an ATM only card that cannot be used as a credit card nor debit and only usable in an ATM machine with a pin code.

zindi1138 : i bought a card wallet that is also a faraday cage..

William Kennedy : It's not how hackable the chips are, it's how trackable they are. This is the next evolution in tracking citizens. The same as cell phone location, only more sneaky.

David Hefner : Electronic surveillance was once illegal.

Ali Al-Isa : The wrong thing about Conspiracy Theory not that it's conspiracy, but that'a a theory!

John Snuh : this is actually insane...

Your Highness : RFID= 666 tracking device Complete survellience.

nikola zekic : why are people laughing? I find nothing funny

Rookie Freediver : Discovery are COWARDS!!! The truth should be important to them. Discovery should have exposed that those companies tried to silence them. No spine. Adam has balls but his bosses at Discovery apparently do not.

jai Jai : So what happened to "freedom of speech" ???I hate these cards. I never asked for one and was told I had no choice and I am a customer!! If they are so safe why does everyone have to cover them with a protective wallet?? Any fool can see that this so called convenience is for the banks not the consumers. I vote them out and will not buy from a shop that uses a paywave / paypass terminal. So, until I have figured out how to disable the copper wires without affecting the CHIP I do not make less than $100.00 purchases anywhere!

John Dwyer : I read years ago that the biggest factor contributing to ID theft is the credit reporting agencies selling your information to anyone who wants to spam you with credit card offers. The credit card companies make so much money from interest and fees that they just don't care about the losses from ID theft, it is a drop in the bucket compared to their profits so that isn't likely to change anytime soon. Just like with the RFID issue, the credit card companies could care less about the problems they cause for ordinary people.

jed black : never take the mark of the beast

Green With Wimsy : My screen had the title truncated to read, "Mythbusters banned from speaking..." I was like, PRAISE ZEUS!!!!

mike b : Mag stripe is still the weak link. Why are mag stripes still on credit cards if the chip is there to make the card more secure. Truth is the chip does not make the card more secure if the strip still works.

Random Channel : DON'T GET THE CHIP! You have to be brain-dead to allow someone (the government) to track your every move, purchases, health, etc. It's going to be available within the next decade, as you probably already are aware, do not get this dark piece of technology. Will scanning your arm be THAT much easier than pulling out your wallet. Don't be lazy.

Pied Piper of Arizona : What if you think you are a potato chip? What then?

Elliott Williams : This is the stage for the mark of the beast.You do not need credit cards just pay with cash done dill.This is a trick to keep you in bondage to fund the hands of the wicked.

liquidnature13 : Do not get or implant an RFID chip or any other chip/metallic tattoo/vaccine into your body. "16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: 17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. 18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six." Revelation 13:16-18 Barack Obama Baraq o bamah - Hebrew for 'lightning from heaven' "And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven." Luke 10:18

Hobbit Airlines : freedom of speech gets banned????? only in a terroristic America. Which you are.

jimmy Faust Jr : stick with cash people lol

LemonWasHere : The RFID chip is so the NSA can spy no you. D:

Pat Ribbing : bit coin is the new rfid chip

E.A. Hawley : The mental illness displayed in the comments is disturbing. And funny.

thechosendude : Discovery...the company that ruined science in favor of fake crab fishing, fake car drag racing, fake gold digging, and fake Alaskan bush people...didn't stand up against corporations for science??? Well imagine my shock....