Mythbusters banned from speaking about RFID chip by Visa and Mastercard

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thechosendude : Discovery...the company that ruined science in favor of fake crab fishing, fake car drag racing, fake gold digging, and fake Alaskan bush people...didn't stand up against corporations for science??? Well imagine my shock....

Michael Ledford : I received a RFID chip debit/credit card in the mail from Huntington Bank a full 17 months before my old card expired ,I called my bank & got zero info, I called Huntington corporate & got the run around saying "were issuing these chip cards for your convince " ,when I told the phone person the explanation wasn't good enough he was rude & said that's all he had to say ,I demanded his boss which happened to be a lady, she too attempted to blow me off so I told her if I didn't receive an honest answer then 1st thing the next morning I would be closing my accounts at Huntington & putting in a " demand for cash " withdrawal of all my account holdings ,she didn't realize I own a business & have business accounts and a $1.2 million dollar revolving credit line so she laughed at me ,when she pulled up my account info & saw Huntington would lose over $3 million a year in cash flow she immediately transferred me to the top tier finance director, after speaking with the man in charge of corporate credit lines & telling him if somebody didn't tell me WTF was going on with the RFID chip cards I would demand all of my corporate funds be paid in cash within 5 business days as the law states he finally admitted to me why Huntington & all other banks put RFID chips in every customers card ,the federal government forced every bank & credit card company to install the chips, he also admitted that the chips can be remotely accessed to track every customers movements using cell tower pings, I now refuse to carry my bank & credit cards ,they stay locked in my safe & are rarely used, I've since started slowly withdrawing my personal assets & storing them in a secure location .

Jason Patterson : If this scares anyone now in 2017, just remember this video is from 2012 and very very few rfid cards still exist. It was all the rage back then, but now chip cards are the thing. Happily chip cards are not RFID. That's why there are contacts there, chip cards are quite secure and need physical contact to work. Sleep a little easier.

jed black : never take the mark of the beast

Aurasua Lee : Just wait until "they" force people to have a RFID implant within them but I also know that a lot of people will want them implanted within them. personally I'd rather go to a F.E.M.A concentration camp and get my head cut off along with the other people who did not want a RFID implanted in there hands.

Billie Hansen : So this is why Adam Savage will be suicided in the future after a life of misery and treat in observation. What will it be? "Suicide" "Sickness" "Overdose" Maybe they'll even turn him into a terrorist because he has the knowledge of how to make bombs and stuff.. What will it be, I wonder how he'll game over. Don't mess with Lucy.

Phantom : Cashless society coming. All transactions will be through bank card.

TChighbury : Sounds like something PBS or a non-advertorial entity like the BBC could pick up and run with...

Nathan Kessler : Anyone else think he looks a lot like Justin Roiland in this video?

Andrew Demarest : I know this is an old video, but this does make me think. I mean, if there was the ability to completely sabotage a world changing technology, and people are able to learn about it in literally seconds; wouldn't the people who spend loads of money producing the idea and the merchandise want a resolution to the problem rather than just a hush hush potential lawsuit? I have the feeling that when this chip does finally come out completely, there will be information that isn't open to the public, or at least that these companies don't want their consumers to know about.

John Snuh : this is actually insane...

Big Mofo : At lease he didn't got deplatformed for saying that there are 2 sexes. Next time you see Adam Savage, ask him how many sexes there are.

Juib Morrowind : Why would they hide such a vulnerability. If massive hacks happen, they are the ones who will go down with it.

Jimie Rogers : So his is the only show banned? I've watched other shows about it so again he's lying

hammersix : myth busters are gate keepers lied about the curvature of the earth just fakes said they bounced a signal of the moon what a joke

Ample Light : amazon employees have an rfid chip in their id badges to enter the building, clock in/out and enter specific rooms...

Dario Ampuy : rfid chips are more secure than the current arcaic system... for rfid you need hardware, for the current system you need pen and paper, because the security pin and the card number algoryth is soooo public knowledge that you can figure them out with a few minutes by hand

Kayshawn Simmons : I took the chip out my master card

Sirro Games : RFID - The biggest blunder in human history and personal information security.....

Nicky Surr : same way about vaporized fuel... guess who is holding the patents... FORD GM Exxon etc...

Michael Delaney : They don't want to discuss its hackability because they would be giving away their trade secrets. They are the ones who will hacking it to cut the chip off. Cutting it off will put you in scenario where you will cooperate with their agenda. If you don't you won't eat and more. I also believe that they will tie in the ability to run your own business into it . If you don't have a chip, in order to not be shutdown, they will have to turn you away . I'm also thinking some with a chip will get some kind of benefit going after people without them in hopes that they will comply.

Mr. Papageorgio : You can't forget The Jews are behind this and everything.

EurekaRecycler : They are already spraying nano tags in the geoengineering sprays all you have to do is breath in the cloud dust those jets spray. The military industrial complex is 30 years ahead of what they want the public knows.

Willysmb44 : Not shocked. Mine got hacked a few days after we got our cards with the new chips... Thankfully, the hackers did a test $1 charge to see if it'd work and the credit card called us immediately, assuming what that was for. Could have been WAY worse and we're thankful for the credit card company for keeping an eye on that.

Sean Watts : RFID was a *_STUPID_* idea then and it's still a *_STUPID_*'s an OPEN INVITATION to be hacked.

tom a : Wisconsin company held CHIP party August 1, 2017

Chris Nighthawk : That's funny because it's now 2017 and there is a company in Wisconsin with a payment RFID as well as a Pharma Company that has an RFID Chip that has your medical records on it.

chris griffin : Probably not a good idea to show millions of people how to hack our credit cards maybe....

Joe Black : There is nothing lower than a scumbag liberal snowflake

keith turbin : how much you're allowed to say?pussy, say it. fuck a lawyer

Matthew Shanks : This should tell you everything they don't want you to know. which means it's extremely efed up! so why would anyone consider it. Ever consider how difficult it is just navigating the current TV remotes? For the love all that's good, all you want to do is change the channel! Realistically it would be easier to get up and manually change it. Now the NWO wants to chip you? Ef that Bs!!!

Astrometric : Those companys would lose ALOT of money if exposed... How can someone get banned from saying something ? Freedom of speech.

zEropoint68 : i don't understand. why don't all these people who are tracking me... tracking me in my cellphone, tracking me with my debit card, tracking me with my computer, tracking me tracking me tracking me... why don't they ever _do_ anything to me? why aren't they killing me? why am i not in prison? i don't understand why i'm supposed to be so scared of them when they don't appear to be doing anything.

smokeyjayshouse : You just admitted to being a corporate bitch.. how does it feel to be a fake mythbuster?? Let me guess next time you're going to be talking about GMOs and youll back down on that one too or you push GMO propaganda per mosantos legal team.

Sam Michaels : I have a little/big problem with the MythBuster guys.. They are really smart as hell, and I like a lot of their stuff.. but when they tried to totally debunk the fact that the moon landings were faked, it was disappointing. They are TOO smart to simply agree with NASAs lies. I believe that they know that there were never any moon landings, but won't or can't tell the truth. They were obviously threatened.

Pagliacci : No need to implant rfid chips in people, they're stupid enough to carry them everywhere they go, every minute of the day.

Jack Joe : This piece of shit might have been a cool guy in the past but since then he became a government cocksucker. He didn't bust any myth since very long. Piece of shit propagandist.

batvette : People act as if this is unwarranted censorship but what good is it to any of us if they put this information out there for millions of potential thieves to exploit? It hurts all of us.

gator 8 : RFID is gone.This is irrelevant.The chips on cards today are passive.WOW......

Martin McClellan : Yep .. when you know too much ...

Coleman Adamson : Mythbusters were sellouts and liars. The hydrogen car episode is one of the worst but perhaps THE worst was the moon landing hoax debunking episode. Total NASA bull crap. They tried to make honest investigators look like nutcases. When one goes ad hominem, (like mythbusters did) it's because they don't have a good case.

Lord Jock : Remember when Texas Instruments was big time

Arkaius HS : It's ironic that they were created to make credit cards "less hackable" when in fact, many posts on the good ol' temple website have it fairly detailed out. Pretty ridiculous. Also ridiculous that in order to be "protected" and have your "information secured" you have to pay them extra. Shouldn't that be a given?

Pat Ribbing : bit coin is the new rfid chip

Randy Earles : I think some people don't realize that a chip and RFID are 2 different technologies.

Michael Moore : So, then, an RFID chip IS hackable. IS hackable. They answered your query by bringing on the lawyers. Funny how that works.

Chris Crissey : I am not an expert in the field but I can pretty much feel confident in saying the RF ID you have in your credit card, or passport is pretty much the same thing as in, say, a skylanders or disney infinity toy. That being said, all you need is something to read them, and apparently "hacking" something like, say the skylander reader device, was fairly simple as the guy pinned it to a pc to just read basick input and output. Once he did that a qhole shitstorm of legal action occured, but basically they almost all operate around the same frequency. The thing you would use, for example, to gain entrance to a building via proxy ID is also RF ID. they try to make them seem so secure, but you can can press a button and write them. So for one thing cloning is VERY easy. Those chips banks are starting to force on our cards only make it slightly harder to produce fake cards because the chip is in htm. But the RF Id ca not only be read by the coreect signal vut also scanned from a short distance, this is why those RF shielded wallets are a good idea. Someone could actually read your card and I am not even so sure they need the physical card with magnetic strip and pin anymore. The old way to hack someone was to hide a card skimmer, and have a camera to see the pin. the card skimmer read the magnetic strip (which by the way is pretty much just stuff you can read in a data format, pretty much magnetic bar code) name, account number expiration. the thief then would make a card, write it with that info... and have your pin from the camera. Now is the RF ID just has additional security info that might be ok but I get the impression it has all the info including the cards swiped and printed number. Which means someone walks by with a sniffing device they grab your card. Technically you can probably do a similar thing with a cell phone. Technology has existed for a VERY long time called magic lantern tech. Any kind of transmission of data even over a line, that is not very well shielded emits fadio frequency. A test was done where people sat across from a bank and "READ" the radio waves from a KEYBOARD that was PLUGGED IN and they could still get an idea of what was typed. The same with the ability to re-read a monitor they cant see. If they can do that, your RF id thats always broadcasting does not stand a chance.

zindi1138 : i bought a card wallet that is also a faraday cage..

ssppeellll : Almost the first words out of his mouth are, "I'll tell you what I know."  I don't think the video poster actually knows what the word "banned" means.

nathan greer : These guys are fucking boobs