scared sausages

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ok : Be above it

Donut Operator : As if millions of sausages suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened.

Gus Johnson : well dang that's a good meme

EpicDonutDude : This is nightmare fuel, they are screaming like crazy sausages

Can we get 5000 subscribers with no videos? : OH GOD THEY'RE ALIVE WE NEED TO SAVE TH- *takes bite out of one*

• Jibjabs1 • : They're screaming because you're recording vertically

The Graduates : STOP can't you see they're already dead?


G O D’s 2nd Account since my old one got terminated : I thought it said “Sacred Sausages”.

Shawn Moore : There's a joke about vegans in there somewhere

Charming_Prism : Duuuuude is this what vegans were talking about all these years?!?

Mahixo : Sausage Party 2 - Teaser Trailer

Stickman Sham : its like the mandrakes from harry potter

Duggy : Horrifyingly delicious!

Wholesome Lad : Dude... children are on this site!

fieryelf : Just put them out of their misery already >_<

Joe Homebrewing : Ok

A_Cool_Goat : Their screams put a smile to my face.

KumaPaws376 : Their Pig ghosts are in there

Neil Sanville : I actually feel genuine sorrow for these sausages.

ShowCast : Бедные сосиски!


ANOXAXA : Кто от стаса михайлова?лайк

Caleb Harris : What you don't think of, the sausages have tiny speakers broadcasting from the slaughter house.

Garrett Lohberg : Peta hates him. Meat lovers love him.

Patrick : Press F to pay respect

Michael Spencer : "Sausages lives matter" Save The Sausages. 1 like=5 saved Sausages.

0Axel0 : Can we stop with the live-action remakes of animated movies? First al the Disney classics, and now Sausage Party?

SpinninBackfisted : Haven't seen something this brutal since nineteen ninety eight when the undertaker threw mankind off hеll in a cell, and plummeted sixteen feet through an announcer's table.

Mubeen Khan : 76 sausages hit dislike!

NoPro Skills : This is a vegans dream. “SEE! SEE! I told you they could feel it! I told you!”

Daniel Eaton : Thought it said scarred sausages

blitzzaro : Why did I just spent 22 seconds out of my life watching some dude cook his sausages?

asdfg hjkl : The forbidden sosig

Charlie Clumsy : Awesome content! Wish you would've recorded it horizontally though.

MadEst 94 : Чужие

Jake Paul : What kind of person would do this!

Alanis Tharon : Say hi to reddit

Sad Duck : The liberal class when Trump won office I'm sorry I'm triggered

ƝveR : Hey look, it's 3am

airlockengage : Cries ... of the damned ...

Aaron Shenk : what vegans think sausages sound like

Newby ton : Sausage party gore scene

NamFlow [CZ/SK] : These sound like Goaulds. Did you just cook Goaulds from Stargate, mate?

Aaron Shenk : but real talk those sausages look hella tasty

Kesateria Matahari : the scream makes it tastes better

Urdu Jazeera : *Top 10 Anime Deaths*

A.S.K343 : when vegetarians see meat

Mr. Nice guy : 120 pigs disliked the video.

Hanson : I actually felt bad for them. Going vegan