Hercules 2014: Huge waves in Sagres, Portugal (Cabo São Vicente) 6/1/14

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ElDesmadreGriego : If this video was 12 hours long, I would watch it for 12 hours.

Luzitanium : imagine how much energy Portugal could have from these waves

Thomas Hill : Imagine a 14th to 20th century ship being obliterated against those cliffs in storm seas like this ... This cape is the southwestern most point in Portugal and next to a huge shipping lane. Now the Cabo São Vicente lighthouse is the second (?) most powerful in the world. It can be seen 60 kilometers away. Many centuries of history here. Aweinspiring video = )

clarkewi : You would not want to fall into that.

898voltaire : Do you realize you have some of the best footages on Hércules ?? Unbelievable storm..... Thanks

jetpowered1 : If you look there are people standing on the next hill over. Comparing the waves to that reference, you come up with about 40' swells that break and peak over 100' high. That is impressive.

Shosholozo Sho : Wow... wow... wow... wow... wow... woooooow... wooooooooooooow...woooooooooooooow... American lexicon is always huge.

ThePoptartster : If Magellan had seen this he might have stayed home. XD

veronicathecow : That spray is over 100m high! (Comparing it to the people eon the top

Mentalidade Logica : This is the very same spot, where humans first started to explore the World by sea. The Pioneer and father of inter-continental exploration and globolization was Prince Henry The Navigator. To put the size of these monstrous waves in perspective, just watch the tiny people walking on the second cliff.

gugs4 : One of the places I love most here in Portugal . Sagres is where the land ends and begins the endless sea . I still have this medieval Portuguese feeling on this place.

Dan : Unbelievable video!!That must have been incredible live, Thanks for Upload....

Angel La Canfora : Parts of the California coast such as the Palos Verdes peninsula will look like this one day as sea level continues to rise.

Dumbass : awesome waves. thanks for the video

J444 : Wow indeed.

Jeff Caligari : Unstopable force, immovable object.

Chintan Leuva : so big that is looks slow motion! :)

umut çağlak : amazing and scary

Mountain Man3 : wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zbriu : Nature's very dramatic indeed and dramatic looks so much better in HD. This has got to be the best video i've seen about Hercules storm waves.

TheAirperri : ''Is good for a paddle''...

dragonlover7196 : As someone who isn't the most efficient or experienced swimmer- basically I know how to get from Point A to Point B without drowning, that's about it- the amount of power behind the ebb and flow of the waves is preeeetty terrifying... well... I mean, on the subject of "oh yeah if I don't kill myself by falling off the cliffs, the rip currents will do a fine job at keeping me underwater... wow suddenly I feel a lot less enchanted..."

Kim McCulley-Burgoon : Thank you for sharing. How big were the waves, over 10ft. high?

ostreds : i could watch this all day

Gucci_Airlines : Amazing!

dfmalo8 : Fantastic! love such huge waves! Merci from France!

Aron Chavez : El poder de la naturaleza es imponente imaguinense el poder de aquel que creó el mar y el cielo

Cranston Snord : The sea was angry that day, my friend...

chanctonbury63 : I used to know that place well when I was a kid. Looks like nothings changed!

energus9 : Poseidon"s breath.

Pedro Miranda : Awesome footage, congrats ! And thanks for sharing ;)

Robert Skip Curran : "Dramatic" is right on! Wonderful video. Thanks.

Call4meWT : Wasn't this used in Foals' knife in the ocean clip?

BigErn_Mccraken : Meh.... ankle slappers at best.

Mike Daley : I keep returning to this video over and over again.

mi1964amigo : The sea is angry!

Rafael Franco : ... and sometimes, they fell because of winds. (True story there... i'm from same country.)

naifasanaconda : You do realize the cliffs are over 40 meters, right? That's some huge waves.

FlyinCameras : Spectacular! I'd love to fly that area.

PEPPERS : *stares at the sea* "look how much water" LOL

Deano Zazo : Nothing but respect for the ocean. What a beauty!

Husture : I want to live there!

Noel L : "Nature is so dramatic, isn't it?" Ahaha I love that. Vey true

giovanni cherico : Does her voice sound like Gal Gadot? She is the actress who plays Wonder Woman. Aside from that, this is a beautiful spectacle of nature.

Hooverdarnit : Surf's up and up and UP!

Ricardo Castel-Branco : Back in 1998, the Portuguese government financed an International Fair, being the main theme "Man and The Oceans - Prospectives for the 21st Century"... Back then. a lot of projects involving the use of mechanical energy from the oceans to produce electricity where shown to the world. From those days, globally, not much as been done, even though in Portugal we made a huge progress in our energy balance, using by now almost 65% renewable sources to power our country... However, I remember very well that a study performed by a superior engineering institute, claimed that in Portugal alone, with 1200km of coastal line, the total energy amount of wave breaks against the shore summed to around 2.000 Hiroshima Nuclear Bombs... This means that if from those days, more green energy had been harvested from the oceans and shore lines, many of the now "crazy" storms deriving from global warming and climate changes "strange effects", could have been avoided, or at least... reduced. Just to show you the power involved in these waves you posted here, let me share with you... the same waves from another angle... These phenomena will in a few years devastate and erode several hundred feet of shorelines around the globe. It means billions and billions of Euros and Dollars of damages... that would rather have been much better used in avoiding disasters, than in responding desperately to their consequences. http://youtu.be/VX5_5hfv8co

sportingtotal : as rochas tem mais de 40 m de altura mas o mar tem uma força brutal.

poorking : Awesome


Wally Martin : That was spectacular!! Thank you! So much!!