Hafu Has Never Boiled Water

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WhiteGuy Graal : How do you make a grilled cheese ? I only have a microwave - *Hafu 2018*

Nathan Pyke : Thanks for the vid Hafu <3

Ekybob : Whatever, heaters gonna heat.

Juskinen : This conversation can be pinpointed as THE moment you were fully integrated to the NLSS as a member. Mondays' streams have become my favorite of all the NLSS, thanks for being awesome!

Kingdemonpigfromhell : I've never felt so grown up before in my life.

Seymour : That's a new kind of clickbait . Edit , it's not , she has actually never boiled water . My mind is blown

David Montezon : you're a nice addition to the NLSS gang.

gzerox2 : “Have you ever thought what it would be like to use the oven?”

An Actual Dinosaur : She actually uploaded this herself, the madwoman! lol

oldKid : you've never boiled water, but you sure have been roasted

Piffweggy : The banter is great Hafu

Kaepsele : Wtf

Mianne Kahkol : Hafu is my spirit animal

Dominick Dunlap : its always super fun when youre on the NLSS. glad you have fun on the show <3

Piffweggy : Reading the title... NANI

SexyBibliophile : This part of the NLSS was absolutely SSS+ Tier. Hafu, you and Kate add a wonderful dynamic to the show. To echo NL, you are a representation of every member of the NLSS.

Kratatch : Hafu is not a wifu that is for sure.

Rhatalin : I don't even know what she eats

Nuno Suasso : Your life sounds amazing.

James Tran : Blue Apron would be an amazing experience for her and she should stream it. BTW Hafu, you're an, amazing addition to v the NLSS Crew, and you make the, Monday show, that much more fun and exiting. Be happy lil Hafu.

Rad Matt : Poggers Make some hafu learns cooking videos 🤗

Johnneh590 : So, in summary: >doesn't know how to cook >doesn't know how to operate an oven (...???????) >doesn't know how to BOIL WATER (...???????????? X2) >said she has barely (probably never) cleaned dishes in her life >relies exclusively on microwave and microwavable food >Thinks that expensive take out or well tasting takeout/restaurant food equates to "healthy eating" that justifies never cooking (??????????????????????? X3) >finds heating up a stove complex and/or dangerous >relies solely on people doing or delivering things for her (LMAO, HOW LONG WILL THAT LAST?) >"I don't know how to make a grilled cheese." (...????????????????????????????????? X4) uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh TL;DR Great hearthstone and arena player, delusional and trash at basic life skills. SMH......have my sub.

Andrew Matthews : Hafu will be the first to go when zombie apocalypse happens.

JacobFeldman : Wait hafu and the NLSS this is what ive always wanted


Will Turner : Hafu man, you were terrible at geoguessr xD they don't have co-op in italy

Kawfuu : Hafu is the living embodiement of comfy i guess idk.

Olli Casey : Wow. I thought I was bad with the cooking.

snaK : This is one of the best food conversations in NLSS history, and they talk about food A LOT.

RandomMonkeynaut : This is amazing

Cataleast : I love Rob's utter and complete disbelief on the boiling water thing. "Hoolld ooon though..." :D

Etien : On one side this is funny on the other side this scares me so hard, that something like this exists :O

Christopher Abernathy : 1. Pepperoni Hot Pockets is the right answer. 2. Toast your bread. Put cheese on the toast. Microwave for a little bit. Sorta grilled cheese. 3. To the rest....WTF!!!!! LoL

Vojue C : Wait so Hafu doesn't make herself a cup of coffee or tea?

Gentleman Shaco : i'm not gunna side here but hafu just consider small time cooking think of all the gamer snacks you can make, you could easily make your own meal size hot pockets at home. think of the deliciousness it's like a game hafu o3o

Merc - Mobile Gaming : Bruh who tf likes ham and cheese

MehYam2112 : She's great on the NLSS. One day she should stream some cooking.

dog de la frog : big YIKES

TheMercilessMerc : Gosh, this was a hilarious conversation, you are a great addition to the NLSS, especially on Josh day haha

Boyzby : Wow, I thought I was a bad human being... WTF

Gunther DaPenguin : Thank you for joining the NLSS community <3

blahthebiste : More NLSS highlights pls, these are great

Marc Ruth : if a person has never learned to cook a single meal for themselves their parents failed them

Alla Maz : When even Rob is shocked by your life style

Chairman Meow : How can you call yourself Chinese and have never boiled water? Warm water is literally all Chinese people drink.

Arouxayis : it's kind of weird people like this exist.

Burgle King : outrageous

Mateusz : Things I heard today, oh man :D. When you think you are lazy with cooking, you 'meet' someone like Hafu and now you are a god of cooking :)

Puse : JOFU days are the best

MrStatistx : Please someone make german subtitles so I can show it to my parents whenever they say I'm lazy at cooking or houseworks XD