A coin flip by police decided this woman's fate

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Heads, you're released and tails you go to jail - those were the odds Sarah Webb faced in a traffic stop in April. But she didn't know about the police coin flip until we told her.


Aquarius Storm : No one monitors cops but other cops. That's like letting your dog go out for a poop, pick it up himself, and come back home.

claude thibault : Stupid enough to say that on their OWN body camera...

MultiSilversalmon : Bravo Nice to see the news media doing their job.

Cindy Duran : Wonder why people don't like cops? They should spend a couple of weeks behind the big steal doors, and see what it feels like.

mario rico : Are those officers now on vacation with pay ?

Kamaal : This shows me the intelligence of those who have hired these officers.

Sonia Beard : Fire them immediately! They shouldn't be given any jobs with any authority. Stupid people in charge and liars--She won your stupid toss and you still arrested her!!!!!!

Ray Ray Kass : Ticket her then go fight crime

Es DeeKay : This is a classic example of power abuse. Get a good lawyer and sue the heck out of those two idiots, including their incompetent superiors.

Sonia Beard : anyone who ever got a ticket from either of these heiffers need to recheck their dash cams.

Watice R : this is such an abuse of public trust that if these officers are still employed and not in jail then this city/county/township didn't get justice.

Schmiddy : Coin flip did not decide her fate, it was a joke. The coin flip actually resulted in a "release" result but without hesitation they brought her in for reckless driving since she was doing 90mph in a 45 while it was raining.

SHEEP DOG BLUE LIVES MATTER : Sweet lord she was just speeding...give her a ticket and move on!!

Ranger for Jesus : "What's the most you ever lost on a coin toss?" -Anton Chigurh

Ryan Vargas : They didn’t have their badges or guns taken, that’s not what admin. leave means. It’s paid vacation, that’s it. “HAve a good day sir”... It’s sadistic how police treat the public, It’s all a joke to them.

The Impaler : The complete and total idiocy of it all was not in the act itself, but in recording it for posterity. It will forever remain a testament to the stupidity of man/womankind.

Steve smith : A coin toss? Really? It should have been paper scissors rock. How dare they. Looks like some one may have hit the lottery. This is what the media should be doing....reporting on real government corruption.

waldojim42 : It is incredibly clear that there is literal context that is being ignored. Also - how do you define fake news? The news that intentionally twists the truth to gain a specific outcome. What was the coin flip for? (A)tlanta OR (R)oswell. Locations. Not arrest or release, as the fake news just edited the conversation for you.


Warrior King : You refuse to press charges😵😵😵 The entire administration is sick.👺👺🐲

Killateral : They didn't even use the coin. They had heads arrest, tails release, flipped tails and arrested them. I saw a theory saying that A (Arrest) = heads and R (Release) = tails was for Atlanta or Roswell (different police stations). They even say Atlanta call of Roswell call.

Robert Brunello : No wonder people are sickened by police.

victoria brown : This was some BULLSKIT.

bronlokis : First, they think they're an authority. Then, they think they're judge and jury on the streets. Then, they think they're a superior echelon. Now, they think they're gods. When does it end?

André Edström : No one can be that stupid. "This is tails, right?" Nevermind.

Pistachio Macaroon : k she shouldnt have been speeding in the first place, she coulda killed someone. At least she shoulda gotten a ticket. The cops....unbelievable. Unprofessional and the should lose their badges.

Eddie Goodwin : No speed detection, computer doesn't work...but the app did. Quality cops right there! Should of been released.


Share The Footage : Sounds more like a Las Vegas type activity than a policing type activity.

Daish : i cant believe the cops forced this woman to peoples lives in danger by speeding with their magic coin

Zeke Man : This is why I smile every time I hear about an American cop getting killed

Chancey Dicklord : Jail for speeding? This is America.

Rationalization is irrational : They'll be rehired somewhere else. They get passed around more than a soccer ball The cop that nearly killed Bryce Masters had already been fired from a different dept for showing signs of psychotic behavior. Some of these Pig Pens like the bad ones.

Zeke Man : Incredible that two flunkies can stand around determining people’s freedom and well being. To much power for small minded people.

natalie claro : Cops are so shady, you never know what you're dealing with when everyone knows the power the have. Never will, never would, never could trust a cop.

James M : The new America. Break the law. Nothing happens b/c feels.

James Gray : Thank you reporters for doing this outstanding investigation report

Ryo Inspiritus : Yeah. This is horse shit. I firmly believe in respecting law enforcement, but these two should never be allowed near a badge again.

Druggist : I don't think the coin toss was relevant. They got tails, which was for release, but they arrested her anyway

Bigboy123 : The cops flipping a coin, doesn't take away from the fact she was still endangering other people's lives.

laughoutlloyd8 : Apparently these people have never heard of Two-Face.

LisaDawnn : If Webb didn't know then what made 11Alive even investigate in the first place? Glad they did but what am I missing here?

Raene Creta : When you break the law then you're the one chancing prison. So in reality, the coin flip is because of her first and foremost.

R6Mute Main : Lmao since when do they arrest for speeding!?!?😂man start wacking these pigs already

Hector Rodriquez : Prosecute those skanks and place them in GP ...

Sages604 : America. Glad I don't live in the "Greatest Country" pfft, that's a laugh.

Brint Smith : Since this is the way so-called "justice" is carried out, and pigs are not really held accountable. I look forward to hearing about the next pig getting killed somewhere. That seems to be the only true justice anymore. Their destruction is our salvation.

Ra mbo : A least She gets to go Home Alive! Most Minorities end up in the Morgue,

mrwell2341 : Let's do coin flip to determine if those officers should be fired or stay in jail.