A coin flip by police decided this woman's fate

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Zen : Quotas. Women were hired on a quota not on skill set.

Watsuda : Why is nobody discussing the fact that 1) Tails ("Release") came up and she was arrested so they DIDN'T use the coin flip to decide her fate 2) We don't know what "A" and "R" mean; the video subtitles claim it means Arrest/Release, but couldn't it mean something else? (Like "Roswell" and "Atlanta", which they mentioned before that? What's up with that?) Also, why didn't they have speed detection lol

MultiSilversalmon : Bravo Nice to see the news media doing their job.

Cindy Duran : Wonder why people don't like cops? They should spend a couple of weeks behind the big steal doors, and see what it feels like.

mario rico : Are those officers now on vacation with pay ?

Aquarius Storm : No one monitors cops but other cops. That's like letting your dog go out for a poop, pick it up himself, and come back home.

Es DeeKay : This is a classic example of power abuse. Get a good lawyer and sue the heck out of those two idiots, including their incompetent superiors.

claude thibault : Stupid enough to say that on their OWN body camera...

SHEEP DOG BLUE LIVES MATTER : Sweet lord she was just speeding...give her a ticket and move on!!

Schmiddy : Coin flip did not decide her fate, it was a joke. The coin flip actually resulted in a "release" result but without hesitation they brought her in for reckless driving since she was doing 90mph in a 45 while it was raining.

Fozzgate : The police are the true criminals.

Kamaal : This shows me the intelligence of those who have hired these officers.

Sonia Beard : anyone who ever got a ticket from either of these heiffers need to recheck their dash cams.

The Descendant : Female cops are useless.

Watice R : this is such an abuse of public trust that if these officers are still employed and not in jail then this city/county/township didn't get justice.

Ray Ray Kass : Ticket her then go fight crime

David D : Dont hire thots to do a man's job.

bronlokis : First, they think they're an authority. Then, they think they're judge and jury on the streets. Then, they think they're a superior echelon. Now, they think they're gods. When does it end?

jsauerii : Put a woman in a position of power and they will power trip.

Zoltan K. : I thought the police needs proof that she was speeding.

Mcfgotmillk : Regardless its officers discretion if they want to take her in. Just saying


Killateral : They didn't even use the coin. They had heads arrest, tails release, flipped tails and arrested them. I saw a theory saying that A (Arrest) = heads and R (Release) = tails was for Atlanta or Roswell (different police stations). They even say Atlanta call of Roswell call.

Steve smith : A coin toss? Really? It should have been paper scissors rock. How dare they. Looks like some one may have hit the lottery. This is what the media should be doing....reporting on real government corruption.

Kamikaze Gorilla : Wow so they gave her a 50/50 chance of getting off scott-free for reckless driving? That actually sounds like a pretty good deal to me....

The Impaler : The complete and total idiocy of it all was not in the act itself, but in recording it for posterity. It will forever remain a testament to the stupidity of man/womankind.

Ranger for Jesus : "What's the most you ever lost on a coin toss?" -Anton Chigurh

Robert Brunello : No wonder people are sickened by police.

Blainer9r Games : the video said she landed on release her. it didnt effect the outcome

Ryan Vargas : They didn’t have their badges or guns taken, that’s not what admin. leave means. It’s paid vacation, that’s it. “HAve a good day sir”... It’s sadistic how police treat the public, It’s all a joke to them.

MrTreknut : The coin toss did not decide her "fate", her speed did. The officers should have arrested her from the start. The coin toss should be treated as a non sequitur. The officers should be disciplined for making light of the consequences the driver faced but that is all. The media should stop calling this a coin toss decision because it was not.

waldojim42 : It is incredibly clear that there is literal context that is being ignored. Also - how do you define fake news? The news that intentionally twists the truth to gain a specific outcome. What was the coin flip for? (A)tlanta OR (R)oswell. Locations. Not arrest or release, as the fake news just edited the conversation for you.

01whitelightning : I don't understand why she was let go on court after watching the videos. She was clearly hauling ass & in wet conditions. It is up to the cops to give a ticket or not. Who cares if they decide in the head, use a coun flip app or rock, paper, scissors another officer. It is still their choice. If I was the cop I would have let her go with a warning cuz she had a nice ass. Does that make me a bad cop too? 😃

Daish : i cant believe the cops forced this woman to peoples lives in danger by speeding with their magic coin

alitlweird : There are good cops and there are bad cops....And then there are these two giggly nitwits. But 80 mph in a 45 in the rain. shame on the driver as well. “her window doesn’t roll down” I’m willing to bet her that the rest of her car isnt maintained too well.


CarlVanDoren : WOW, shouldn't drive like an orangutan!!

Dean M : The cop "estimated" her speed. What a joke. The girl can probably get this reckless driving charge dropped easily since there's no proof of her going 80+. But once she gets to the station the cops will try to bully her into admitting to it. This is how they are trained

Ahmed Nahshal : Sarah is cute

victoria brown : This was some BULLSKIT.

CzechRiot : It's all worthless... more technology, more laws, more surveillance, and crimes keep going up, abuse of authority keeps going on, everything seems to keep getting worse. You improve some things at the expense of other things.

Michael Carrillo : You get better odds in Vegas

Seveux : She should have followed the law!!! BLUE LIVES MATTER!!! AAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAhahahahahaaaaa!!! ( ͝° ͜ʖ͡°)╭∩╮ 😊 😎 😋

Ignacio Sotolongo : There should be an investigation into the prosecutors office. It seems they decided not to prosecute once the News media began to look into this unfortunate event. Why they waited until trial to "refuse to prosecute this case" is smoke and mirrors. They had the tape all along, or even access to it. Red flag for them (prosecutor) was the arrest for speeding, the arresting officer had no speed tracking device, and the body camera of doing 90 MPH to catch up with her is not evidence of her accused speed, just shows the police speed and not the driver of the car. She caught up with her so fast, it is unlikely the driver was actually going the 80+mph. The most they could have accused her of, was reckless driving. The prosecutor should have and probably had to look at the tape in order to understand the motive and evidence for the arrest. Hence, they looked at the tape and ignored the coin flip initially, until it became public. You can hear the arresting officer asking her partner what was the actual speed limit, she did't even know herself. Very unfortunate. I don't believe they should be fired, but certainly a reprimand and unpaid administrative leave with a course in humility, proper conduct and ethical behavior of an officer. Their behavior seemed childish and immature, their conversation sounded like 2 High Schoolers speaking with each other. That was definitely unbecoming of an officer of the law, they are not beyond the law.

FWMalice : This just seems like another one of those videos that's purpose is to demonize police officers and victimize the person who broke the law. The driver broke laws. Having a heart of gold and being empathetic is not a requirement of being a police officer. In this situation they could have arrested her or let her go. It was up to the officers, they flipped a coin. Seems fair enough to me. At my work, I'm able to have levity and joke and have a sense of humor all the while I stay professional where it counts. That's what they did. They joked by themselves and when she got back by the law breaker she put on her professional face.

R02Khiems : I don't like that the cops weren't experienced enought o decide whether or not this was a ticker or jail time. The real question isn't police competence, its whether or not they are recieveing the traning they need to to their jobs. Being a police officer isn't like working at McDonalds, you can't just get by on a quick summary of the job and hope for the best. You have a lot a responsibility and its because of budget issues and laziness that officers like this are hired. Being realistic, I understand they need bodies. Like any job, they have to have staff. At the same time, they need to train their staff past the bare minimum when it comes to a job like this.

Glen Ouellette : What an uitterly incompetent news crew. Anyone that can speak English and watch a video can clearly see they are flipping for which police department "answers" this call (A)tlanta or (R)oswill. There was no coin flip for the tickets, the speeder was getting them regardless. You should all fire yourself for being so utterly incompetent and apologize to the officers involved and to anyone watching your sorry excuse for a news station. SHAME ON YOU 11 ALIVE!

Edward Carnby : Good. Absolutely despicable use of power by these women. I don't normally stand against police officers when it comes to contentious decisions but in this instance, I'm more than happy to admit that we have a pair shitty police officers in our midst here and it's a good thing that they're no longer carrying guns and badges. I'm not a Liberal or a Democrat; I tend to believe the system works, save but for a few anomalies. But those anomalies still exist, and as long as they do we have good reason to remain vigilant and to hold police responsible for their actions.

FlyBaby : You put your freedom in jeapordy by endangering all the other people on the road that day. Had there ben no coin flip the charges would have stood. It's only the seemingly capricious nature of the decision to arrest that makes it appear delegitimized. I*n the end the judge would have decided not the cop.

ThatLadyDray : AND they're *laughing* about it. This woman's freedom was a joke to them & it's disgusting. "Protect & serve" my ass. WAY too many corrupt ones hiding behind badges & they'll continue to as long as the fraternal order of police refuse to take a stand nationwide saying the corrupt *CAN NOT* hide among them.