Good people don't brag about how good they are

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Andrew Diers : I showed this to my friend cuz he does brag about stuff he can do. He noticed the poop emoji pillow

Sam Ln : Quality music video: 1.5M views What if the haters dab back: 1.9M views

Yoongi Trolling Everyone Then Laughing By Himself : WHO ELSE HEARD WHERE IS MY MIND MELODY

10 Tons of Fun : KSI making diss tracks while Jacksfilms is out here making actually quality music...

Audus : Amazing the best song on YouTube

NerdKate88 : Jack is honestly one of the best people on YouTube, he always has been. I've been watching him for years and he's a genuinely kind and funny soul. Good people don't brag about how good they are, so people need to brag on them. Jack deserves all the fame he has.

TheIroNerd : Huh, only 2k Jake Paul fans saw this vid...

Eva Noelle : Love this song so much! An instrumental on JackIsANerd would be appreciated!

Stuff 'n' Things!! : #unblockjacksfilms

MelodyFur :3 : I love the compliment towards Markiplier, and hardcore roast on Jake Paul without even saying his name

H. Comfy : honestly your channel is filled with silly memes and laughs but your music is actually unironically good and this particular one has an awesome message

Megan Leigh : Jack: doesn't point any direct fingers, or say any names because he doesn't want to start drama Comments: YoU mEaN 👉*JaKe pAul*👈

Anch : People say this is about Jake Paul as if he had good content in the first place

Kujo Jotaro : Just from the title I know this video is about jake paul

ShinyStarriNite : Oh wait what I still haven't subscribed to this guy yet? Ok lemme fix that

Alys EOS : Jack is basically the epitome of the "How do you not have more subscribers?!" Comment. He obviously deserves way more. Jack's been creating amazing content for over a decade and only has three million subscribers, but you don't see him whining and complaining, do you?

Cooper Allen : This is Aimed at Jake Paul... Jake whent Bragging in his new Song talking about all the Things he did that were good. Think About It

F : The second I saw the title I thought "this is definitely about jake Paul's shitty music video" and I'm glad to see that is what it's about. I'm also glad to see so many Non-brainwashed people (like myself) Who despise the son of a bitch jake Paul. Edit: i want to get this on iTunes. Need a download link haha.

daniel lester good suggestion : But what if they dab back?

Itachi Uchiha : Why is there a battery in john's wired headphones?

harry hedgehog : When you don't put Jake Paul's name in the title, but can still pay this months rent...

Callum Harvey-Slager : Jacksfilms video... without curse words OMG

a piece of trash : This is an incredibly underrated song. One of my favorites by jack

Memmas : You're so nice for including Mark and Cyr.

Emo Narwhale : This is like a diss track but nicer and no swearing

Cavedweller7700 : How the heck does JacksFilms stay relevant making videos less than 10 minutes long

Kyle Spinney : You've gotta appreciate how much recording and editing he put into this video just to make a point

sarcASStic : The comments saying "Dab on Jacksfilms" clearly dont get the target of this song lmao

Tactical : jake paul is the type of guy to have a rolex and not be able to tell the time EDIT: IM NOT BRAGGING ABOUT THE LIKES ON THIS COMMENT 100% VRO

Zoee : I feel like this is directed at someone...but I just...I just can't put my finger on it.

ASH 15 : Why does Jake has only 3 mil subs ?

Yin ping Lo : 0:14 Why is jake paul sitting behind you?

Jeremy Hur : *you at not entitled to say that*

Josh Saltcido : Hottest diss track of 2017 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Some Guy : When does it cross the line from telling about it and bragging?

ItsTomatillo : I can brag about myself, why? I'm not a good person

iTurtleEclipse : But do bad people brag about how bad they are?

sabriecheese : jack is honestly the king of indirect songs without starting drama good people don't brag about how good they are - jake paul we're all just a bunch of assholes talking to a camera - fousey drama is more popular than content - literally every drama channel

Kaden Alexander : Petition for Jake Paul to react to this edit: oml this was a joke cause I was tired of seeing 99.9% of the comments about Jake Paul lmao why the attention

AppleSauce : Don't stereotype 12 yr olds for lovin' Jake Paul I'm 11 and I think he is so annoying

Daniel Gonzalez : I don't like normal Oreos, Alexander Oreo thins

Stanislav Shaposhnikov : So sad he died Rip jacksfilms 2011-2017

venska : Okay no joke this song has been stuck in my head all day good job John

Smashed : Jack..... I can't tell you how much I love this, and No its not Just a the alcohol talking. lol


Aditya D : make a disstrack on jack is a nerd please

陳荃蔚 CHAN CHUEN WAI : Can you let us create our own subtitle? My friends are Chinese and don't know how to speak English, so I want create Chinese subtitle for this video.

Bruddas do you know de wey : You guys remember the worst think on YouTube was prank invasion and now we have people almost burning down neighborhoods and causing a stampede for a fake 3000 dollars the good old days

Wafa Al : Jacksfilms in 4 words: New Meme? New Merch.

Just forgetaboutit : I sent my friend this and she was like, "Is this a joke? I'm kind of offended, not going to get mad at you though because I'm nice." And she finally realized ten minutes later.