Good people don't brag about how good they are

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Andrew Diers : I showed this to my friend cuz he does brag about stuff he can do. He noticed the poop emoji pillow

TheIroNerd : Huh, only 2k Jake Paul fans saw this vid...

Youssef Mousa : wait, what about people who brag about how bad they are?

Megan Leigh : Jack: doesn't point any direct fingers, or say any names because he doesn't want to start drama Comments: YoU mEaN 👉*JaKe pAul*👈

Ayer Flite : i feel like this is a dig at a very obnoxious person from ohio.....


Sam Ln : Quality music video: 1.5M views What if the haters dab back: 1.9M views

harry hedgehog : When you don't put Jake Paul's name in the title, but can still pay this months rent...

NerdKate88 : Jack is honestly one of the best people on YouTube, he always has been. I've been watching him for years and he's a genuinely kind and funny soul. Good people don't brag about how good they are, so people need to brag on them. Jack deserves all the fame he has.

Callum Harvey-Slager : Jacksfilms video... without curse words OMG

MelodyFur :3 : I love the compliment towards Markiplier, and hardcore roast on Jake Paul without even saying his name

ItsTomatillo : I can brag about myself, why? I'm not a good person

Stuff 'n' Things!! : #unblockjacksfilms

ReadaBook : i can't tell if this is good or bad because it's both drama and content so it's more popular then itself?

Éva Noelle : Love this song so much! An instrumental on JackIsANerd would be appreciated!

H. Comfy : honestly your channel is filled with silly memes and laughs but your music is actually unironically good and this particular one has an awesome message

Just forgetaboutit : I sent my friend this and she was like, "Is this a joke? I'm kind of offended, not going to get mad at you though because I'm nice." And she finally realized ten minutes later.

AppleSauce : Don't stereotype 12 yr olds for lovin' Jake Paul I'm 11 and I think he is so annoying

razorrozar : Jack, I have no idea what you're talking about. Jake Paul is a great person. It's like you didn't even watch his disstrack about how great he is. He told us all how good he was for four straight minutes. I mean, he wouldn't lie, right? He's too good for that.

ShinyStarriNite : Oh wait what I still haven't subscribed to this guy yet? Ok lemme fix that

Cavedweller7700 : How the heck does JacksFilms stay relevant making videos less than 10 minutes long

Anch : People say this is about Jake Paul as if he had good content in the first place

DammitSinged : Jake Paul : Diss Track on Jacksfilms this week.

Queen Anahita : this is legit what i was thinking as i keep seeing all these diss tracks of youtubers bashing other youtubers who WERE THEIR FRIENDS!! Youtube needed this, i haven't seen any of your other videos but thanks for this!! <3

Alys EOS : Jack is basically the epitome of the "How do you not have more subscribers?!" Comment. He obviously deserves way more. Jack's been creating amazing content for over a decade and only has three million subscribers, but you don't see him whining and complaining, do you?

Sofi Figueroa : If you really are good, other people will brag about you.

goinginreverse01 : Wait this is about LeafyIsHere right?

Fraser | iVexusHD : me me brag boy

ASH 15 : Why does Jake has only 3 mil subs ?

Zoee : I feel like this is directed at someone...but I just...I just can't put my finger on it.

Bence Koczogh : r/niceguys and r/nicegirls got triggered

Yin ping Lo : 0:14 Why is jake paul sitting behind you?

John Smith : Jake Paul got ROASTED!

Itachi Uchiha : Why is there a battery in john's wired headphones?

Emo Narwhale : This is like a diss track but nicer and no swearing

ancient : holy shit i jus thought about it and jack is like 30 years old

Sully Abrams : This is an incredibly underrated song. One of my favorites by jack

Elitist Gaming : I knew this would be a Jake Paul diss track, watch out those triggered Jake Paulers incoming

Freedster : I love how rather than making a diss track towards Jake Paul he just compliments some good people, (and cyr) yet it has a better effect.

Kyle Spinney : You've gotta appreciate how much recording and editing he put into this video just to make a point

Kricks : I can really relate to this song. I'm a good person and NEVER brag about being good. Wait-

Broveh : Jacksfilms is a criminally underrated channel, quality content and quality a forehead. 11/10 would use Audible again.

K P : What do I do if good people dab back?

sarcASStic : The comments saying "Dab on Jacksfilms" clearly dont get the target of this song lmao

bean : I'm guessing this is about jake Paul?

Lola star108 : Send this to Jake Paul!!! I wanna see his reaction to this

creative trash : So true though. I have a friend who just does all these great things, like charities and fundraising, but doesn't tell anybody about them, just me. Or in our school, we get rewarded for great behavior over a long period of time. So when she gets rewarded, she doesn't go around showing off her coupon, gift card, or prizes. The world honestly needs more good people.

You : I know right? These people are so arrogant! I would never do that. I'm the humblest person on Earth. I never brag about ANYTHING! Like it's amazing how humble I am, I didn't even know it was POSSIBLE to be so humble. These people that Jack is singing about should take notes on my behaviour. Maybe one day they'll be as humble as me, but I doubt it.

CHAN CHUEN WAI陳荃蔚 : Can you let us create our own subtitle? My friends are Chinese and don't know how to speak English, so I want create Chinese subtitle for this video.

khaled khayyat : Jake paul is a stinky biscuit boy