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tomgreen : Thanks for all the amazing comments! In this headlining set I start out by getting to know the crowd a bit. I prefer to ramp up to a crecendo in my performances so don’t be negative about this set if you only watch the first 10 minutes. You have to watch the whole thing. I am pleased to seee the overwhelming positive response to my stand up here on this clip. I will post more. I am on tour now so come see me on stage in a city near you. Love you guys!

95TurboSol : Dang, he's actually gotten funnier over time, that's rare.

Gnostic-Esoteric : I'm the backwards man, the backwards man, I'm the backwards man, the backwards man. I can walk backwards fast as you can. I can walk backwards fast as you can

MatterUnderMind : ... I didn't intend to watch this whole thing...

Don Holbert : Great to see Tom back and absolutely killing.

HoomanPlays : Holy fuck Tom Green is actually funny on stage. Didn't know he did standup, I miss Tom Green's House :(

Brian Kump : I always liked Tom Green. He looks like if u asked him to borrow $20 bucks he'd give u $50 and say don't worry bout it.

Tiger H. Lore : Tom Green is awesome. His delivery is so unique.

AndyRC : thanks so much for posting this. as not been able to get out the house

Chris Arnold : That was excellent, better than majority of the specials on Netflix.

Sean Nitte : Look at me Daddy, I'm a farmer...

Jack Torrence : BRB, cancelling Facebook.

David Laird : Look at my hooves

Cable Vamp : Tom Green has fans whether he realizes it or not.

Henry Savoy : I thumb up before I watch this because I love tom green bruh

Bert : Thanks for coming out of hiding... ... from your air pocket of a coniferous shrub.

EMF Minimalist : Life is still better without a cell phone.

Joshua Curtis : Who else is watching cause of Celebrity big brother?

Toronto Rapper JSTONE : Tom Green needs a Netflix special!!

Chris Dupuis : "this is the Tom Green show, it's not the Green Tom show, it is my favorite show" I'll never forget it. he originated trolling


tacitlogos : I added Glen Humplick on facebook a while ago and he accepted.

youlemur : "all these other kids are jumping out the hedges..." :D :D :D

Gerbroni TV : Daddy would you like some sausage? Daddy would you like some sausages?🤔

Rotors Anonymous : This is what the world's needs RIGHT NOW.

Jonathan Broughton : I'll be watching Freddy got fingered later Damn that was a funny movie

Charlie Tate : Tom you killed it

dood poop : 2:23 "I just did a show in Israel" Zero applause, and an "eeesh >:^ l".. Americans know that Israel is a terrorist organization that buys the obedience of our politicians.

Free Audio Books : You had me at chlamydia

Daniel : I remember the Tom Green show. I fucking hated that guy. I was also jealous he was banging Drew Barrymore. That was really good and he's funny as hell. He needs a Netflix special.

Yeezy westy : I have sensitive knee's

BIGGY BALLS & MOUTHFULL PRODUCTIONS : I love Tom Green. I thought he was amazing back on MTV and now he's killing it with stand up. I laughed my ass off at this. I can't wait to see him live!

Wilson Allender : My god when he went into that song I lost it

Sargoony man : who's here from Big Brother?

vmwindustries : That home phone vs Facebook was great!

felynecomrade : Eh. Personally I could have done without the Trump stuff at the end, but it honestly wasn't too bad. Some of it was even funny, that's pretty rare with anti-Trump comedy. Even that was a minor gripe, the overall set was great <3

Y'golonac ℵ : Tom Green has finally a s c e n d e d

Emily Sweet : Lol well done Tom!!

Michael Huber : so funny yet its all so true!

tech money : One of my all time favorites ^_^

Dr Whatnot : Tom you are brilliant!

Sammy Hallam : The world needs more Green!

whodatbruh whatdahow : Japan four!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵

5thdquest : Well done Tom! I'll admit I was sceptical about you doing stand up, but this is hilarious. I wish I attended, I'll definitely be there next time you're in Philly, or close. Your comedy is a breath of fresh air that we desperately need right now. Best of luck brother.

Moose : Holy shit, his standup is really good.

Rick Stone : I saw Tom Green in Ct..It's time he gets back into the spotlight again.Awesome to see him back on tv when he was on Celebrity Big Brother.Met him,totally cool fuckin guy.Seriously hope he's back on top.Remember he had the#1 video on Trl,#1 song,#1 Mtv show,was married to Hollywood royalty,etc.

Clint Zofnas : Grew up with Tom- back in the 90s. His presence/comedy warped my life forever,...and I’m grateful. Thanks, buddy boy.

User Name : *So sad, the standup was great, old fan of tom. But then I see he only is getting his second chance so that he can push politics on people right at the end. Im not right or left, but i can tell he is saying this crap on behalf of others. the facebook stuff was real, and smart, but the trump stuff you could tell was forced.* edit, he actually did a "hes orange" joke. yea, toms on the payroll, and i dont even care for trump.

Grateful MedHead : You were in a CANADIAN coniferous shrub.... I doubt some kid ran past said shrub, and yelled ""the president has been shot!"... just sayin! Dont be ashamed of your Canadian past!

Cool One : Tom Green is the White Castle of comedy: coulda been a household name but blew it.