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tomgreen : Thanks for all the amazing comments! In this headlining set I start out by getting to know the crowd a bit. I prefer to ramp up to a crecendo in my performances so don’t be negative about this set if you only watch the first 10 minutes. You have to watch the whole thing. I am pleased to seee the overwhelming positive response to my stand up here on this clip. I will post more. I am on tour now so come see me on stage in a city near you. Love you guys!

95TurboSol : Dang, he's actually gotten funnier over time, that's rare.

Gerbroni TV : Daddy would you like some sausage? Daddy would you like some sausages?🤔

NoReply : I'm the backwards man, the backwards man, I'm the backwards man, the backwards man. I can walk backwards fast as you can. I can walk backwards fast as you can

Toronto Rapper JSTONE : Tom Green needs a Netflix special!!

ilovetails123 : i hope tom green blows up in a big way again ❤

KingCobra : My bum is on the cheese Bum is on the cheese If I get lucky I’ll get a disease

Ante Pavelić : Tom, you look like you've just clocked out of a 12 hour shift at a meat packing factory...

TheDeadStretch : That was one of the best acts of the year! Holy shit was that amazing!

Sean Nitte : Look at me Daddy, I'm a farmer...

Oleg Sklyar : Tom Green is back with a super hilarious stand up special where he touches on many pressing issues. Tom engages modern topics with a totally fresh and serene perspective, and the results are incredible laughter. I am 27 and I used to love watching Tom Green show online. People don't realize how many trends Tom set. I saw Viva la bam before his show and thought Bam was original....he was not. After learning about Tom Green, a lot of other street comedians and pranksters seemed like toned down or less creative versions. My only wish for Tom was that he made more material because he makes legendary status comedy. This stand up may have had so many people but his quality of comedy deserves the largest halls. Much funnier than every recent comedian that I have seen with the exception of Sam Hyde, who I would say is on Tom's level but more better at civic criticism.

Mikko Häyhänen : I used to think Tom Green was annoying and not funny. Now it's the exact opposite.

Lil Gruvy skrrrt : When I say chicken you say sandwich CHICKEN SANDWICH. Lmao

AndyRC : thanks so much for posting this. as not been able to get out the house

Tiger H. Lore : Tom Green is awesome. His delivery is so unique.

Grumpy Old Man : i sense huge George Carlin vibe. Great stuff Tom... Much better than 90 percent Netflix standups. Keep up the good work. Best from Poland.

John Wagner : Tom just reinvented himself for the public audience. go ahead, do it. Take Louis CK old audience now.

matt price : You totally deserve a Netflix comedy special

James Marvosa : Wow thanks for sharing and stopping by YMH’s podcast!!!

Cable Vamp : Tom Green has fans whether he realizes it or not.

Good Messenger Jennifer 2.0/Malak : I love Tom. When he painted his parents’ house flannel....amazing!

Don Holbert : Great to see Tom back and absolutely killing.

Brian Kump : I always liked Tom Green. He looks like if u asked him to borrow $20 bucks he'd give u $50 and say don't worry bout it.

VoidRockSteady : “I could pick ah blade of crabgrass off the ground.....PFFFFFFFFFFFF! “

atx512htx713 : All of a sudden I find out Tom Green has mastered his craft and is now one of the best stand up comedians up there with Chapelle, Burr, etc Awesome and unique and above all hilarious

HoomanPlays : Holy fuck Tom Green is actually funny on stage. Didn't know he did standup, I miss Tom Green's House :(

Esoteric Wanderer : That was a really good routine. Still one of my favs Tom. My wife and I had all your VHS tapes back in the day. I still say your old lines a lot. I say "get outta my way I'm the meter maid" all the time. I also sing "Keeky and the TV cans on the try I love you so! I got cans on the trees!". Its nobody's business but my ownnnnn! What are you a snake or sumthin? Victoria BC here, but from St.Catharines.

Rotors Anonymous : This is what the world's needs RIGHT NOW.

Cory Thompson : He grew up and is normal now weird

Cole Gunter : Wow, great stand up! We need a Netflix special. Thanks for posting Tom!

Clint Zofnas : Grew up with Tom- back in the 90s. His presence/comedy warped my life forever,...and I’m grateful. Thanks, buddy boy.

BroImSoHGood : Tom, legendary set brother! When you broke into Biz Markie I started laugh-crying. Keep it up brother. Hope you get to see this, come do a show in New Orleans.

Henry Savoy : I thumb up before I watch this because I love tom green bruh

NVVD : Great set

Wilson Allender : My god when he went into that song I lost it

glem chally : VERY impressed, still got that magic Tom.

Derk L : Man, from outta nowhere! TG #thekillincanadian just #mashingthetrigger front and center for 50 straight minutes!! <--Tip my hat quite low to the Sir. Thanks Buddy!!

Eddie Sturkey : Great set Tom. Keep them coming and please make a stop in Milwaukee. The audience here and in Madison will be great.

Trae Pitts : I got a lebaron Freddie! where's your lebaron Freddie??

nomadben : Fantastic set Tom, that was great! I wish you all the best brother. Hopefully I'll get to see you perform someday. Also, that punk song at the end was cool. You should record an album.

Proda Jie : Tom, please go on Joe Rogan's podcast again. You've both grown so much since your last visit. Thanks for posting this! Top notch Sir!


vmwindustries : That home phone vs Facebook was great!

MatterUnderMind : ... I didn't intend to watch this whole thing...

Joey Lozado : New Chapter for Tom Green! Hilarious stand up! Perfect timing! Looking forward to seeing Tom sell out Arenas. Great Job! 👍

Sammy Hallam : The world needs more Green!

Constructive Cuntery : Thanks so much, been a fan since roadtrip. Unleash the fury Mitch 😂🤣😂

眩暈夢 : This was pretty good. I had this idea that he'd lost his edge.

happyclown0306 : This was Outstanding good. I used to watch Tom Green when i was 20 years old back on MTV. I clicked this from my recommendations only just to see how he looks Right now after all this years. Intention was to watch a few seconds but then watched the whole Show. Thank you man. You are way better than most Stand ups today. You should definetely get a Netflix Special

Michael Huber : so funny yet its all so true!