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Jordan : Can Y'all get off pewds Dick

NSI Gamer : Pewds I will not be mad, I will not hate you, You were just an idiot and mad

joe joe : I'm Mexican and I say racist shit about my own race when I play with frustration a lot gamers do its just happens others just don't understand cx

Cytron Craft : I'm sorry, but i can't defend you this time pewds everyone going on about Idubbbz's saying the N word comparative to Pewds using it, *it's context* *Big editorial note*: This post is mostly towards crazy defenders, but this note is for pewdiepie. I have watched your video and appreciate your apology and am a little more proud you have come to the acknowledgment of your mistakes, i hope the internet doesn't wreck you more than it probably already has since the start of this. Nobody seems to understand *context* at all, did anyone learn context clues in english throughout school? anyone in the defense lines of "well it's still the word" -- you will find millions of examples of same words that were used in different contexts, such as parodies of even alternative meanings, language is fluid. Ian began to use it after a white male hater (implying that if we go by "racial" allowances of the word, not using it from sjw views) called another white male (ian) a "Ni----Fa----", he began to use the word as a parody of that weird moment of twisted irony, that another white male was saying this derogatory word that has been for years directed towards black people, to another white male. It was a parody, and even i personally don't completely enjoy it i have a brain that understands the difference in context clues and also i'v seen the origin of his use of the word and no he means no harm towards anyone else, and it's almost self-deprecating in a way as well since he's only targeting himself. Pewds use, direct and in a manner to eject anger and hatred to another, and i know he probably didn't use it thinking it was a black man or that he has anything against black people but he used the contextual hate in the word and said it as such, which i cannot defend, no matter who it was targeted towards. (as in race) That's the big difference, and i also hate hearing people say "he's the biggest youtuber let him do what he wants" No, as anyone with any spec of humanity or common sense will know when we think of judges, chief of police, our own *president*, we want those people who have this absolute power against most any white or blue collar worker to be role models, or at least acknowledge that with this power it has a lot of responsibilities, so you have to watch yourself more. Now i don't completely hate you, i'm just like Ethan right now, it's disappointed, and in your video i appreciate you'v come to terms with accepting that shame of falling into the toxicity of gaming pubs, i understand being a gamer as well it can sometimes be influential on an unconscious level, that exposure seems to only generate in the same given circumstances.

sayyonce tate : You could've at least said nigga instead of nigg er

The Irish Kid : The Irish kid is coming

Teddy RufStuff : No worries man. People make big deals out of nothing these days. Even moreso when youre in the limelight. Much love bro stay solid and keep live streaming. Your pubg games are solid. Maybe get to game with you one day!

Cringineer : that is one sexy mustache and beard

UnGoded TreyGaming : If he said "Nigga" we would have been cool but you lost a sub pal

darkblood626 : Stop apologising! It's nothing but more blood in the water.

john zaccone : You just chummed the waters.

Diamon Smith : Honestly I'm black and I dont really care that he said that.Its not wise to say the n word on any video or something like that that will be put on the internet bc there are always ppl out there ready to bash u when u make a mistake but really.Obviously pewdiepie isn't a racist person who uses that word to specifically target black ppl.It was a bad word used to negativity refer to black ppl back in the day but over time it has kind of lost its meaning for everyone who isn't racist.It has become a word that black ppl call other black ppl by.Its a word that white ppl or other races who aren't rasict u call their friends and stuff.And also its become just another bad word like the f word or shit or ass that ppl use when their mad or something but has plenty of other meanings and ways to say them too.This is just another instance of ppl having double standards and wanting to hate on someone just bc.When he corrected himself in the stream and said asshole instead he was basically saying that the n word is equal to the word asshole in my opinion.Just another meaningless stupid made up word that has been made into "bad word".Ppl are going way more deep into this than the should.If u wanna get technical then asshole mean donkeyhole.Its all stupid and doesn't matter unless u want it to.

Yang Xiao Long : omg ily pewds. all the other people can take big dick because all your fans know it was by an accident and you took it the professional way i thank you for that

LetsRage : lol I've never really watched, or cared for pewdiepie. To be honest I find him extremely annoying and happily avoid any video or live stream with him in it. However this is just childish, no one actually gets offended by these sorts of things, you can deal with it irl, you hear it on tv, on video games online, but when you hear it on a stream from a famous person it's a big deal? Any of you who want to sit here and say you got offended by it, quit lying to yourselves. I don't give a fuck if you're white or black. If you're black, you're just looking to ignite long passed issues that don't matter anymore. If you're white, you're just trying to make yourself look good. You will say anything to the people outside your head, especially online where you think you're safe. Or in a group of your friends who will protect you if anything happens. I could go on for hours with this and I don't care if I offended anyone. Grow up, I say this to the news, the youtube community, the gaming community, everyone. You know what's going to happen? You're gonna say what you want, get a reaction, make some money of it and two months later no one will give a fuck about it anymore. You're not going to do anything about it that will actually be pro-active so just sit your petty little butts back into your own life and admire that the world never stops spinning. What is the moral of this story? No one cares. To have to make a video to apologize for something like this in the 21st century is pathetic. I respect pewdiepie for doing so and obviously it was the right thing to do, but come on. Who doesn't hear these "terrible and horrific" words on a day to day basis? We all live in the same community, and I do respect that it is a very derogatory word, I'm not afraid of what will happen if i say it, but I respect that it is, like I said, a very derogative word so I refrain from ever using. I'm just sick and tired of everyone trying to make a big deal out of EVERYTHING now-a-days. You know what will happen if you let it roll off your back? NOTHING, you don't break a bone, you don't lose a tooth, and you can just enjoy the rest of your day. Why be angry when you can be happy? Because you get attention. Good job. The world is proud of you. You feel good for 2 hours at most maybe and you're right back to being miserable. What a waste of time. Now don't get me wrong either, if someone is using it towards you as a "person", I'd probably smash their face in, and not say anything if you smashed it in yourself. This wasn't directed at anyone in the audience, it's not your problem.


Lolalexz00 : Rap music says it all, and Pewds should not apologise. If you buttpains can't listen to what he says, just quit watching him. He didn't mean it in a offensive way, it's just "buddy". I listen to african-american rap music, and if you are so clingy about it just because he's popular, then first write a petition to every rapper to stop using this word, because it's by you internet tacky super-over-offended random drama makers considered as "offensive". You are being racist yourselves if you'll tell he can't use this word, because he's white HYPOCRITES

Cynthia Lynn : That was an excellent apology. For those who don't get it, that word is reserved for African Americans, not acceptable for White people to use, even Eminem won't use the word. A double standard, but, who said life is fair? Let's not forget Larry Wilmore's use of the word with an a rather than er directed toward President Obama at the 2016 White House Correspondents' dinner.

KaitaAlabaster : I wish he didn't have to apologize for this shit.

CookieBear T : He didn't mean it when he said it he made a "man I screwed up" face I forgive pewds...even thoe I. Late for this vid XD

RennyGotSkillz ROBLOX AND MORE! : Just because he's the top youtuber, means if he says a word to offend a few people even though most of the people on the website say that word. Those other youtubers say it all the time, and nobody goes off at them. And they ment to say it, Pewdiepie did not. I'm not a all time fan, but I just want to say it. Most people are saying it too. But, most of us have to state the obvious for the dumb ones. Which, in my opinion, is sad. Pewdiepie, I am sticking up for you, not because I'm a fan, it's just because some people make no sense.

Pascoal Freitas : you shouldn't have done that apology.. now you're gonna appear in some South Park episode in some pejorative way :)

Marvin Nelson : Really real that's all I'm going to say you real

Tyler Tucker : Whats funny is that im looking thru the comments and the black people said they accept his apology and just said its ok but the white people are like dont every say that how could you im unsubscribing even tho he gains like 100k a day lol

freckled cracker : All the matters is that he apologized.

Mark Grassl : Am I the only one, thinking, that this "N-word" - thing gets way too much attention?! I mean, why are you letting a word hurt you so much, especially if there is no intention to discriminate or hurt anyone in the first place.

Ogie : there is a Japanese whisky called black Nikka no shit lol ?

Matthew Guzman : You did good apologizing and owning up to your mistake. Proud of you. Don't worry, you're not the only that used that word. I did too and I don't hate black people or think I'm racially superior. I know you're not racist. I was a dumb mistake. Racists don't apologize.

thysmartgeek _ : What sucks is that yea it was an accident but no one gives a fuck and is going to bash him :(

Casey Winchester : People get there thongs in a bunch all the time, people need to chill

Déjà vu : If not used in offensive, racial way, doesn't really matter. Like he didn't meant it to say it on purpose because he is racist, it just came out...

Count123urdead : If anybody watch's the video where he said it, watch his face. When you look at his face you see the transition from anger to when he said the word to sincere guilt, he knew he screwed up and he didn't mean it, people say it all the time why do we care now when a big YouTuber says it?

TrustymcCoolGuy : WAIT WTF DID I MISS? My internet was out for a couple weeks while i was moving.

Justine H : Americans need to understand that words have different values, meanings and history depending on where in the world you are. Period.

Mason S : The thing Is if you wanted insult someone, out of all the insulting words to use, why that one? He's probably used to hearing all the other kids say it online

Tsmoshen Ifunny : Don't call yourself an idiot just because a bunch of black people get so easily offended.

Alex smeeth : when us blacks can't take responsibility for desensitizing the word but can flip out a white boy said it. Y'all are a disgrace to our colour.

Jacob Singer vlogs : Dw everyone knew it was a joke thing really 👌🏻


James Wade Jr : I'm staying subscribed to pewds he's my favorite YouTuber I don't care what he says

EWWBO Programmer : hi my Pewdiepie Fans really with you, and it's out words are not you just like that who do the rough words, ordinary many do not like you because you are the best among the best ..... even though they are those who make lo like this assume aja lesson, maybe they baseball self-conscious who pass through words like that, ordinary them they may enggk like same lo .. but let's assume a lesson for you brother, the spirit hopefully the future nyalebih better I will support lo anytime because karna gameplay is the inclusion karna is what makes us happy ... from erwan asland Indonesia

TheMadgamer : Black people saying it, is completely diff from a white guy saying it.

ElfixVR _ : You didn't say it because you hate black people, just because u didn't think (or something) and that's not racist, am I right? Anyway, I'm always gonna LOVE u

FAG Sporco : Lol, I hope that everyone doesn't care.

Lady Blackgrave : Why are you even apologizing. Lmao. You used a bad word. And? There are bigger problems in the world and everyone who witch hunts you for something idiotic as that is probably Million times worse than you. Those people are the disgusting ones. You are completely fine compared to these monsters. Keep doing what you do and don't let yourself get stopped by people who search for reasons to hate you.

sam hawk : We still support you PewDiePie! Life will go forward take care.

khiori shikar : i don't know Pewdiepie personally so i can only judge him on the actions and words he says publicly. he has now on more then one occasion said or did things that portray him self as a racist. his own words and actions portray him to be a racist.

sabaa olywi : You didn't actually hurt anyone, you missed up, and everybody does from time to time We still love you man

LPS Imaginary Studios : He isn't racist, and I can tell this was a legit apology. People are just pissed off that the "Biggest" YouTube made a comment that find is found "offensive". I can guarantee, if a "Small" YouTube said +]^{%^+] they would just get a small amount of hate. It wouldn't of ended up the way it did for pewds. How bout y'all go live your fucking lives, and do something better than hate on people's mistakes. You make your own, and I'm pretty sure if you were in his position you wouldn't of have been able to react better

Kourageify : Bro? Why are you apologizing? A words only offensive of the context of what you were thinking. People get offended, boo hoo - It's not like you were thinking in context of 'BLACK PERSON' Dude, what the fuck. You're going to get a lot of mixed emotions and responses, but don't ever apologize for having a slip up of emotion or being yourself. Seriously bro, any black person or person offended is just looking to take chunks at you because they got shitty stuff going on in their lives and they need something to be in a tizzy about. Just have fun, game and be yourself. Oh and ni🅱️🅱️er ni🅱️🅱️er ni🅱️🅱️er ni🅱️🅱️er ni🅱️🅱️er Wheres my youtube backlash?

TheDerpHead : Basically any white kid at my school says the n-word: Nobody bats an eye Pewdiepie says the n-word: everyone goes crazy.