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Maya A : The people that will continue to drag this will only do it for attention and money, let's be real so many don't even care, they just see an opportunity to get views

ZufallsGeist : I love it how there are subtitles in like 5000 launguages

Clarie Krogh Madsen (SON 4B) : Se here's the difference if you look at Pewds face in the live stream after he said the "N-Word" you see he realized what he said and he knew it was wrong but Logan Paul here he was filming editing posting it and he didn't stop and say "No this is wrong you don't film suicide" and if you see a dead body in the woods the call someone to help AND YOU DEFINITELY DON'T MAKE FUN OF THEM AND PUT THEM ON YOUTUBE like boi he needs someone milk

the succster 5000 : *me having to make an apology for saying your mom gay to someone and being caught by a teacher*

Strictly Introvert : Don't compare his mistake to Logan Paul's, its not fair on pewds. There is definitely no comparison. Actions speak louder than words. When he said the N word he instantly realized that he did wrong in the live stream itself. And people got mad because we don't expect anything like this from him. When Logan did that video I wasn't surprised because he's a piece of shit and you can believe him doing something this horrible.

eKKA : At least he didn't make song about it

General66 : But still, he said sorry right after he said the N word

xXThe Alpha MakerXx : idubbz does it all the time, people are hypocrites

T1ny Dempsey : I'm not gonna lie, I felt like applauding for him, from the fact that he realized what he said and how people see him as, he went out of his own way to say sorry to the fans for what happened, honestly Felix, I forgive you, so stay awesome man👊👊👊👊

Fresh Josh : Who else is watching dis in March 2018??!?!

Godzilla 123 : It's never ogre.

DanTheGameYoutuber : Thanks for not being like ricecum and not making up excuses.

MidgetIdiots : why hello there, family friendly felix.

Brave New World GAm3inG : My white friends say it all the time i don't get offended if they mean it in a joking matter then it's fine by me

Xtended Reality : So when Logan laughs at a dead body and uploads it, people don’t care. But apparently this was much worse according to YouTube. Seriously, YouTube needs to get their priorities straight

Brando : #unitedwithpewdiepie

Spice : Nigger boi

FELEX WONDER : your not the only one that said the n word **cough** keemstar **cough**

AshToxin : It’s 1 word Jesus Christ calm down internet

ArkFalcon : I’m black and it’s all good but that was hilarious. My white friend has said it before but we all make mistakes it is all good

Daryn C : Can we still somehow make this Tana Mongeau's fault?

GodDom : Its better than Logan Pauls apology

MR DiamondHQ : No problem I will still love you.....forever

Greg Connor : Felix we are all men in the heat of the moment shit happens. You are under the most incredible pressure daily. Breathe it’s not the end of the world and nobody died. X Much Love Mate G x

Handfloboxingreview : You owned up to it and From my own experience that slur is used a lot by immature live gamers. I can see how you were influenced to use it in the same immature context you did and the fact you realized what you did immediately shows you knew it was wrong.

Dat : its the beard

Janella Corpuz : So this is after 1month.. But funny guys video was 5days ago? Are you kidding me?

Aquatic V5 : Its just white people pretending like they're angry so that they dont look racist lol

Irfan Kamil : It must be hard to be offended by a word

Yeetesh Pulstya : ok nigga

Daysi Sampson : Bro since i can remember and still a bro Sorry I mean sister fister Sorry again FAM SQUAD

Son Godock : U are completely forgiven

Angry Nerd80 : 65k sjws disliked

Nice Good : LOGAN PAUL disease

Nelson The N : I find it awfully funny. Racism is dead, it's the people that keeps reviving it. *Edit:* This is obviously a metaphor about why racism is soon to end. Racism is dying and so is the KKK & Nazis. I compare it to a dead meme, it's still there but nobody cares or even likes them, so it's "dead". I'm not gonna freak out if someone poking at something from half a century ago.

JM #NeverAgain : What happened I just got power and internet right now since irma

techboy04gaming : Pewds, we all make mistakes, literally, I admit saying the N word just to offend someone for offending me in many ways and got me major in trouble, but yet, it makes all of us human. Love you Pewds, and stay awesome bro


nicholas arnett : Cunt

Creative_Cow_Gaming : I'm black and I didn't get offended by this I hear it all the time from keemstar and idubbbz and even on cod

B-Radz : I'm just here like, "Damn tf happened in the last day?" 😂

Navarixzen : Anyone here after the Ninja incident ;D?

Amm Ar : Every one knows that he didn't meant it i mean look at his face when he said it he was shocked

Life’s Least : *Christian Channel*

Kody Ouart : NIGGER LOL

TimoGaming : Loving that kaws doll/figure there

Nathan Cockx : Saying the N word is not so least he didnt film a dead body and make fun of it *LOGAN PAUL* *COUGH*

Elijah Bizarretty : U r a racist

Brenda Hornyak : O well I still hate u now

alex Pereira : do be sorry, its ok we all make mistakes. unlike logan paul. that was on purpose.