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Victor Henao : Forget that word... SPAGHETTI is better

Joyce Night : subscribed 😁

Candilee Beltran : Respect to PewDiePie. G.O.A.T.

Darkruler16 : Kudos to owning up it and not trying to bs your way out of it. People make mistakes and it happens. You approached this mistake properly and in the right way. People are gonna be upset no matter what but they'll remember you did the right thing afterwards and that's what matters.


Jaka Jeršin : This is how you apologize to wamen


The bad Namers : I want someone to make a video of how many subs he lost after saying that

Lilly Storey : You know I'll be honest I really don't care pewds to me you can say whatever you want but you're still my favorite dude 💚 but seriously don't forget there are conciquences to your actions and I'm glad that you know that and you might learn your lesson after all this dies down

Beatsdr12 : SAY NI🅱️🅱️ER

Surrendead : Everyone makes mistakes and it takes the bigger person to apologize and try to move on when others only try to use this opportunity to bring them down. I can only hope that this drama won't hurt pewds motivation for live streaming. I greatly enjoy the livestreams whenever I can watch them.

Chrisxulo : I'm black and that word ia not a big deal. It's stupid to say that you did it proposly watching your reaction after saying it. Whit your apology I think that is enough.

Lupe Ruiz : Don’t beat yourself too much about it, love. We all make mistakes and you said it yourself “you got caught up” now I can’t speak for them but i can tell you are genuinely sorry! You’re a great person! We love you!!!

Lee Higgins : I think he's a legend I love u man 😂😂

Sharpixels : Only sensitive ass people took offense to this, I’m black and that clip didn’t phase me AT ALL. It happens and you shouldn’t be blamed for something in the heat of the moment. Continue making cool content and stay positive.

Chrollo : It's ok Pewds, we all understand! What the Media does is worse than what you did. They profit from putting you in a bad daylight! No matter what, You will have my respect! 👊

RandomG/PianoSheetz : Who cares what he said ffs. Its just a word that us as a society holds so highly.

RadRedArrow : I took offense and unsubscribed due to me being african american. I forgive you but if it slipped out on stream😭then it has to mean that you say it off camera all the time and that to me is disrespectful but, its just a word right guys? Ok😂🤦‍♀️ it isn’t

MrNightOwl Owl : I do not associate with biggurs

Arnell Golden : That's sooo DISRESPECTFUL 👎👎

Rodica Catona : Lmao look at iDubbz

Skullo : If Jake Paul said the N word, no one will care. When PewDiePie said it, world hates him.

RighteousCMB : Pewdiepie chill man this should help thank Dave Chappelle.

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Dead Inside : White people: You dont need to apologize xD we forgive you pewds ignore the hate!!! Idk why people take such offense to that word its just a word >:((( Actual POC who take offense to this: what th e f uc k

EvinEdits : Say nibber

TheMadgamer : BLM ✊🏿

funnyvideosIG : It's ok mam I still love watching u in English classes

David Robinson : Why do people refer to each other as NIGGA to show love, when it's wrong to use it as a insult. How can it mean two things, that are total 180 degrees opposite of each other

Khunais Azeem : Funny how his previous video is about stream fails huh

Dante Smith : Valar Morghulis

cyrax stax : The amount of white 10 year olds in the comment section is crazy, don’t get too hurt 😞

foxy/ everything man : Its OK man we all make mistakes and I'm glad you owned up to it😀

Victor Deram : What did he say ?

JayTha Reapah : Kys

Meriem Mastouri : "I feel like over the years people have gotten more and more easily butthurt over everything especially on youtube.. you have to be really careful with what you say because everything you say is gonna be used against you and it is gonna offend someone. You can't say or do anything anymore without a bunch of people being so dramatic. And the thing is i don't even think these people are actually offended half the time i think that they believe that it's supposed to offend them so they act that way but really it doesn't even bother them or maybe they just say that so people agree with them..." *RYAN HIGA*

Mr.Roach : You're just a part time bigot.

TECHNO GAMER Yt : Im black and i didn't get offended

Go Herohh : I understand why he's apologizing but every true gamer says some messed up stuff when they get heated or frustrated I be dropping the n word sometimes that doesn't mean Im racist and I hate black people it's just a rude word to call someone shit I've called my redneck friend a nigger its just a go to rude thing to call someone regardless of they skin color like if you've every called someone a nigger I better get like 50k at least everyone has slipped it on accident

Cher-Bear Nalla : Literally everyone says the n word. White, *even black* people, say this. It doesn't matter anymore. People have moved on. In the end, they only use the excuse that it's offensive (which it is under certain circumstances) when they want to whine. I'm not saying that 5 year olds should say it, but it's not a big deal. The only people who press you on this are the ones who snap at the chance to have power over someone popular.

NicoPlays : For those supporting Pewds, this video is great. For those who are now against Pewds, this video is great. It's true that he messed up but we can appreciate that he acknowledges that and hasn't just cast the issue aside. We all do slip up sometimes, yeah it's shit but it's just what it is. It so happens that Pewds is obviously famous, so he's in the spotlight all the time so if he makes any mistakes, it'll be everywhere. What he said wasn't the best thing of course, but hey, he knows it.

Faith Marube : I wish there was a word for us blacks that we can say to white people that can offend them the same as the N word. So they know how it feels.

Ian Lee : I'm gonna say something that most of you aren't gonna like: Everyone is a little racist. But that doesn't make it okay. We all make mistakes and presumptions based on our internal prejudices, usually without even knowing it. This prejudice has its basis both in instinct and learned behavior. You have to recognize the racism within you and work to overcome it bit by bit each time you encounter it. I think Pewdiepie did just that, and I think his sentiment in this video is sincere and concise, and I applaud him for that. What do y'all think?

LahanaCapasso : I don't find it as rasist. I'm black and I don't really care because white people and other people of cultures say it behind our backs. I don't really care who says it. However, I am disappointed in what was said, and I truly from the bottom of my heart forgive Felix for what he has said. Thank You for reading *my response* have a nice day! :)

Victorious 39 : That word will never be ok to say i know the origin of that word and it is highly offensive to people of color! I am a women of color and to hear that come out of his month blew me away! There is so much hurt and pain behind that word . i belive he should have made his apology more personal towards the black community because i doubt he had a white person in mind when he said it.

Lj Fernando : We are all in it together

Zombie Destroyer : At least u admitted it and apologized ur cool bro

ņ0ţHinĞ tøo nörMəL : What a friccing ni🅱🅱er💯💯😇😇

- pega : Copione

Pepperos : Lol it's okay because the entire world is fussing over this and making bucket loads of dollars from this incident. You've helped people gain some money and popularity and a subject to argue over, so it's all cool. Btw 농담이다