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Tyclone : If the memestar gets to keep his career than Felix will surely be fine.

Bruce Wayne : Can you guys believe it's been 4 months already?

gamepro555 : Take notes Logan

Queen_B : I just thought it was hilarious that you posted a "stream fail" video just before this happened LOL

Gen Vievang : I bet Logan Paul watched this first before he made that apology video

Logic-Films : I just thought it was hilarious that you posted a "Stream Fails" video just before this happened lol


Gem Godspeed : logan paul copied your apologie bro

Fahim Shahariar : Who is here after logan paul's controversy?

Barbecue Sauce : As someone who is black (well actually half) and has been a long time fan of pewdiepie , I’m just glad he apologized and actually owned up to it. I’ve seen people like Onision blatantly and ignorantly say the word with no remorse. I’m still a fan of pewdiepie since he handled this in a mature way and tried to move on from it, and it looks like he actually meant the apology, unlike how Logan Paul acted his.

Surrendead : Everyone makes mistakes and it takes the bigger person to apologize and try to move on when others only try to use this opportunity to bring them down. I can only hope that this drama won't hurt pewds motivation for live streaming. I greatly enjoy the livestreams whenever I can watch them.

Tito Tio : Who watched this after watching Logan Paul's sorry video

Silence Gains ED : This is a real apology not logen Paul’s , iam black and I forgive you brother


Jorge Sanchez : Chill man at least your not Logan Paul recording a fucking dead man

yU doNuT nU Da waE! : Youtube didn't include pewds in their video (thank God for that cringy-ass video) and flagging all his vids yet here Logan is.............. Filming and joking about the dead body that gone from suicide and they made it to top 10 trending... Ok Youtube.

Tanner Grelecki : #Roadto60mil

Angie Gl : No sad music , no heavy breath and cheese cuts. Straight to the point and simple. Thanks

Vjohn Jamon : Felix we love you from Philippines 😍😍😍😘😘

Junior Watson : oh yea bb

TheRealDirtyDan : Take notes Logan Paul.

Mustard On My Anus : I hear this specific word said by others, alot. It isn't a good word, but it's commonly used, in many different mannerisms. But what isn't commonly done, is recording and joking about a cadaver. Someone who had recently killed themselves. People who stick up for Logan Paul are also the ones who blast hate at Felix for this. Can someone please time travel me back to the 90's... Thanks

acid crybaby : I’m very late but it’s fine.You apologized after at least

Epic_Mondo : I'll be honest with you, with the context you used it in, I couldn't really give a rats ass. I'm black myself. When I hear someone (who isn't black say it) I'm just thinking "Mmmmm well ok, seems like a dangerous road, but do you" XD


Sanjid Rahman : The people who want to criticize him are mainly parents who try to PROTECT their kids. Why the hell do you even let them use internet in the first place?

GreenLlama : If black people can say it why can’t a human being with a different amount of melanin in their skin say it?

Risu : How many times Logan Paul watched this video before he recorded his own so sorry video? Because there are whole lines from this one in his apology. 😂😂

mistyyfalls : It's disappointing how so many people notice and create a huge controversy about a slip up, but it doesn't matter if he had raised 200k for the hurricane. It doesn't matter about all the other great things he did to support others.

TheRandomGamer 238 : What's the recommended video after this? *STREAM FAILS*

Shahrin Chowdhury : I hear this word all the time while playing games from people of all races! and I'm a Muslim female Australian of Indian origin lol. Still it's a very bad thing to say as kids also watch your videos. I totally understand you didn't mean what you said. I forgive you!

Hasyim Kurniawan : Is he wrong? Yes Did he make a mistake? Yes Is he a racist? No. He didnt mean it, and he already apologized. Move on..

Niggato : Neaghers

JINXED 04 : Everyone forgives him YouTube bring back scare pewdiepie season 2 Like if you agree

Mega Ian 507 : #1 lol

Mantas : I Like how this was posted way before logan paul and his dead body video, but comments are like '' chill atleast you're not like logan ''

The Masked Man : Malayalam subs bruh!!..

im really weird : 👏👏👏your a cool person

Fluttercruel FIW : Aw, Pewds! Anyway, Yes, that was a stupid thing to do, and I agree. Im not one of those people who brush this situation off with "Its just a word they're overreacting!". No, Im a fan. And I only have to say this: That apology was solid. You pointed out that what you did was wrong, and Im proud of you for that. That was an unnecessary move of you and you acknowledge that. Everyone screws up, but they normally dont apologize as well as you. Now, that word was wrong to say, and it can be an urge to say it, but that was very wrong of you to say that. Those commenters out there dont understand that it may have offended lots of people, and Im glad you havent taken their advice and stuck it to your channel. Basically, Im proud of you for apologizing, and for pointing out the flaw in the situation,and apologizing once more without making it seem like a joke to your fans. EDIT: Frick i forgot to say this, I forgive you.

Maya A : The people that will continue to drag this will only do it for attention and money, let's be real so many don't even care, they just see an opportunity to get views

ScoutBoy 3000 3000 : Its okay piewds we all make mistakes

Dean George : I watch his slip up video, he said it with the hard R lmao. I love this dude, he is awesome, but this is so shocking for me. He should be careful with his words, stop creating anymore bad drama and make all youtubers looks bad. Still a bro tho *brofist*

Jenna ExoBts : I dont actully care if u said the n word bc im sure that almost all of us made a big mistake atleast once in peoples lifes im not gonna say that u shouldnt apolgize bc u should to be honest but we have to forgive you bc you probably would have forgave us if we made the same mistake so what once i said a bad word infront of my teacher and class mates when i was in 6th grade words slip out but it doesnt mean you actully mean it bc i never mean bad stuff to happen to anyone even tho i say bad stuff to them... So i hope that this comment made you smile if you even read it (probably not) and i hope that it made some changes in some peoples hearts.

BlackCat Gaming : How do you get more backlash than Logan Paul *AFTER* he shows and *LAUGHS* at a *DEAD* body? YouTube needs to explain.

interlace : All said and done, when you spend the biggest part of your life in front of a camera, in all those thousands of hours a split-second major fuckup should be considered *HUMAN*

Narfism : Listen man, as a black man that has spent a lot of time on the Internet, we know you aren't racist

Hamza Elnaggar : As a black man, I took offense to that stream immediately, but then you uploaded this video fairly quickly. This is something that can happen to ANY gamer and this is a better apology than Logan Paul. So, I forgive you PewDiePie, BUT I'M STILL MAD AT YOU.

dolce card : as a mexican i really don't understand, why is there this culture with english speakers to get offended with everything?? it's just a word? like wth? is this what culture shock feels like??? ,':0

WIlliam Azazel Miseria : Don't hate the Player hate the Game (metaphor)

David : Next time say chigga