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Shawn4168 : I liked the part where he ate the almonds.

Manu O : The nod of unstatisfactory approval

MrGrantmandude : This guy has liked almonds a long time. His expression tells me that he invites the almond's into his mouth like an old friend.

alex : starting to get exhausted huh

Mister Boi : What happened to the bowl?! Where is the bowl?! How can those almonds lay there on the table, unprotected?! Truly dispicable!

Fourskillers : He clearly does not like it!

Chariots97 : 🌰

Hans Grubb : Sounds like he broke a tooth at the end

MR GOOD : Русские есть??😂

Lord fartamor : Goatmonds



BarGauze : Eat frog?

Espen S : look at the finger wave technique when he enters the almond into heaven

Magnus_Terrarian : Damn

Gabriel Keane : John those better not be almonds I told you what would happen

mamutepeq : But were they activated?

AIR_Dextonator : He clearly likes it!

ЩΛᄂЯЦƧ : nice mate

Weird Champ : Eat me

Juna Meri : I like how he only has one shirt

Scott Garrett : He clearly likes it