How It's Unmade - Oreo Cookies
How Its Unmade Oreo Cookies

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In this episode, we follow an assembly line as it processes bags of Oreo-style cookies into raw materials. The black screen at the end isn't a bug-- it's a feature! ------------------------------------ voiceover: ytknows script: dhamster Subscribe to the channel for more: Follow Jerk Circle Media on the Facebooks:


cheapo911 : It took me WAY too long to realize this is fake.

ryan mccoy : I thought it was fake until the wizards, it has to be real because it has wizards.

Jacob Soboroff : These aren't Oreos! They're NEWMAN'S OWN! That concludes this investigative report. Also - this is awesome.

Ryan O'Mullan : I'm disappointed by how long it took for me to tell this was in reverse.

Atomic Charge : "The centrifuge pulls the baking powder and flour to the top where a wizard extracts them"(3:19) This is where I died

Jason Bonedi : I'd like to see them do it in 10 seconds!

BaronNedTheFirst : The wizards part killed me.. im dead now. thanks.

l : Is it bad that I didnt notice this was backwards until the wizards came in?

Matthew Diamante : This completely had me going.... hilarious. 

NerdishByNature : haven't laughed that hard in a while.. thanks... so many ideas now!! ~Sara

Yung Matsuda : I thought they were legit undoing it until he started talking about wiiards....

Khusuke : 1:40 minute in I realized it was being rewinded.. I feel dumb.

Manko Slayer : powerful fans keep them cool LOL

Nathan Wickland : Didn't know if this was real until half way. Then I could not stop laughing...

FiStCaKe Just FiStCaKe : Can you do how you where unborn? That would be great.

TheOfficialRainX : But, can you do it in 10 seconds?

Auhydride : This is absolutely brilliant, I never thought of making something like this and I've seen every episode of how it's made... just.. it's good..

HobbsO : It's all suction and wizards.

Caitlyn : Lost it at wizards...

AndyB9 : Now do sewage de-management. I heard this is how food is made.

sisepuedemaybe : It took me the whole video to realize that the video's rewinded...

Chanchillavanilla : This is hilarious, please make more "How it's unmade."

Annielou : I'm so dumb. I actually thought this was real 😂.

Together We Are Robots : Please please please do more "How It's Unmade"!

Kendra Fitzpatrick : I was sent here by a 10 second Nerd-ja (he's like a Ninja...but nerdier)

forfluf : I keep watching it, I love this idea and hope to see more.

Gatsby : is it bad I didn't catch on till the wizards showed up. ahaha

Osiris4441 : fake! this video is in reverse !

Kohlton Miller : Who else came here because of NerdCubed?

mnorberta24 : I thought this was a legit thing, until the part where the wizards came into the video xD

Avenol : tried not to laugh, smoke bucket got me, lol.

stok5445 : That was awesome. I demand more How It's Unmade. 

SlashXel : 3:01 Cookies got mind on their own so they jump into the wizard's shovel

Nathan M : "Wizards collect the cookie extract and shovel them into a large tank"-- I died.

Dancingshifter : anybody know this song?

Timothy Guan : 3:00 Please, I'm dying

Sean Lavery : Hilarious video. Hope more like this are made.

DannyDef : Who else thought this was real for at least the first 2 minutes? LOL

That one N00b : Oreo; when high tech and wizards team up!

BoodleBops : i was brought here by a ninja³, with glasses, that fulfills his mission in under ten seconds

MrPisster : Just as calming and beautiful as the original.

gustavo37209 : you had me until "leaded and un leaded"

Zen Yorkfield : Surprisingly, this is satisfying to watch as the real one.

Tom Fowkes : On the first viewing I was rather amazed by what I was seeing but then I watched it again and just laughed at my stupidity...

Michel Angelo : genius, I hope you make another episode of another product again

Scott : How It's **UNmade** - Oreo Cookies! (I typically keep things PG-- this has mild language at one part.)

Sandro The Great : It took me 4 minutes to realise that it's just the normal process but in reverse...

thewigglyninja : was drawing and watching this video (from NERD3) and only realized it was a joke at around 3:55 -.-

808 : 1:26 may be one of the hardest times I've laughed