How It's Unmade - Oreo Cookies

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Syf : "Water is extracted for use in rivers" That was the best line. 

cheapo911 : It took me WAY too long to realize this is fake.

Ryan O'Mullan : I'm disappointed by how long it took for me to tell this was in reverse.

Atomic Charge : "The centrifuge pulls the baking powder and flour to the top where a wizard extracts them"(3:19) This is where I died

ryan mccoy : I thought it was fake until the wizards, it has to be real because it has wizards.

BaronNedTheFirst : The wizards part killed me.. im dead now. thanks.

Jacob Soboroff : These aren't Oreos! They're NEWMAN'S OWN! That concludes this investigative report. Also - this is awesome.

l : Is it bad that I didnt notice this was backwards until the wizards came in?

NerdishByNature : haven't laughed that hard in a while.. thanks... so many ideas now!! ~Sara

AndyB9 : Now do sewage de-management. I heard this is how food is made.

Yung Matsuda : I thought they were legit undoing it until he started talking about wiiards....

Khusuke : 1:40 minute in I realized it was being rewinded.. I feel dumb.

Jason Bonedi : I'd like to see them do it in 10 seconds!

FiStCaKe Just FiStCaKe : Can you do how you where unborn? That would be great.

Nathan Wickland : Didn't know if this was real until half way. Then I could not stop laughing...

Manko Slayer : powerful fans keep them cool LOL

sisepuedemaybe : It took me the whole video to realize that the video's rewinded...

Auhydride : This is absolutely brilliant, I never thought of making something like this and I've seen every episode of how it's made... just.. it's good..

TheOfficialRainX : But, can you do it in 10 seconds?

Avenol : tried not to laugh, smoke bucket got me, lol.

Caitlyn : Lost it at wizards...

SlashXel : 3:01 Cookies got mind on their own so they jump into the wizard's shovel

Timothy Guan : 3:00 Please, I'm dying

Dancingshifter : anybody know this song?

M. Boyes : good shit

Matthew Diamante : This completely had me going.... hilarious. 

Kohlton Miller : Who else came here because of NerdCubed?

Eneliko Smith : I wonder if you run a cookie factory in reverse that it will become a harvester.

Chanchillavanilla : This is hilarious, please make more "How it's unmade."

Annielou : I'm so dumb. I actually thought this was real 😂.

Osiris4441 : fake! this video is in reverse !

gustavo37209 : you had me until "leaded and un leaded"

Gatsby : is it bad I didn't catch on till the wizards showed up. ahaha

SHIFTKICK : As soon as he said a magnetic gripper lifts up the oreos I thought wait what the funny, I thought at first it was going to be the making of products like crushed oreos

Moistenator : I lost it @ Vancouver building insulation.

DannyDef : Who else thought this was real for at least the first 2 minutes? LOL

HobbsO : It's all suction and wizards.

forfluf : I keep watching it, I love this idea and hope to see more.

Kendra Fitzpatrick : I was sent here by a 10 second Nerd-ja (he's like a Ninja...but nerdier)

Together We Are Robots : Please please please do more "How It's Unmade"!

stok5445 : That was awesome. I demand more How It's Unmade. 

James Smith : Why is the video running backwards when they enter the ingredients?

Sean Lavery : Hilarious video. Hope more like this are made.

UpHigherMusic : This looks so unhygienic...

101Jgold : Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Scott : How It's **UNmade** - Oreo Cookies! (I typically keep things PG-- this has mild language at one part.)

mnorberta24 : I thought this was a legit thing, until the part where the wizards came into the video xD

Joseph Stalin : im on my period and i laughed so much i sneezed. thanks. :|

George Moncayo : Jesus said "So it will be at the end of the age,the angels will come forth and take out the wicked from among the righteous, and will throw them into the furnace of fire, in that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth."Matthew 13:49-50. Jesus also said "You are my friends if you do what I command you." John 15:14. Jesus taught that the only way to be saved is to choose him as your Lord and Master, repent and believe that he died for the sins of his people on the cross see John 14:6.

BoodleBops : i was brought here by a ninja³, with glasses, that fulfills his mission in under ten seconds