Eddie Murphy - Oh Jah Jah
Eddie Murphy Oh Jah Jah

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Official music video, Oh Jah Jah, Eddie Murphy Music http://www.vevo.com/watch/USQY51567967


Yahuhanan Benyamin Eliyahu : Amazing Eddie!!! You really surprized me, Yah bless you!

Cleiton Santos Costa : Eddie Murphy - Oh Jah Jah 2019?

Tim King : Why this came up in May 2019 in my list, I don't know. But I really enjoyed it. Eddie's great.

Jack Coltrane : first thought this was a joke, but it`s actually very good!!!

Bryce V : Who let this man hit the spliff..? Look what you did!

TheDMV420 : Holy shit! Where TF have I been?! Hail to Eddie, always quality.

Enrique Rodriguez G : I can't believe youtube recommended this video in 2019... im actually glad it did.

Hacked Account- Do NOT click any links : I'm so glad you're awake. All praises to the Most High!

RETURN OF THE SAVIORS : I can't believe I'm just finding this

laking1979 : OMG!! This is amazing, has a truly authentic sound.

carsylla robinson : Eddie You are so talented. You have an amazing voice, I remeber some of your old music, but I love you singing this type of music.

Maree Walsh : Damn Eddie you bring this one.. must say you sound irie

Ioane EGGLESTONE : I would love to see a featuring with Damien jr gong Marley. Much love

Fox Blue River : So now I'm an Eddie Murphy reggae fan.

Tiger Owndabea : June 2019 and I'm just now seeing this?! YouTube is playing too much with me right now.

Angie Heart : You kno the kind of song that hits you the very first time you hear it...this is one such song. Great song Eddie...I love it!

Aaliyah Binta : Dam.... you really can be anything you want once you believe (confidence). The world may not receive you at first or perhaps never but if you believe in your dream keep pushing. One day it's gonna be worth it.

H MARSHALL : Wooooow Incredible.. reminds me about Bob Marley

Shermz Goodz : Oh Jah Jah man you have been hiding this wonderful talent all along. Up!

Dav Gar : Chune yute! You ain't acting bwoi!!. Am Jamaican where reggae was made, and I can say you did well bro. Anything you touch is gold

Ms. Und3rst00d : Go ’head Eddie! You found your niche Is he really playing the guitar?

Fay I : He kinda snapped 😃 I didn’t expect this 🤭

good vibes : What a talented man. They bump this song on local radio here on Maui. I didn't know it was Eddie till now.

R.J. Ronquillo : Just seeing this, very cool! Sounds killer. AND, Lionel Joseph from the African Education Conference would be proud ;)

A Andrus : Wow, just heard "Red Light," now this. Love the vibe!! Didn't know Eddie did Reggae. A fan!! 💖💖💖

the furry kid : Fitting Word Song for 2019 Eddie...SELAH AND SHALOM

Conor Doyle : Bro! How am I 32 and only JUST finding this?! You know, despite all the fighting and horribleness of YouTube these days, it still throws the odd random curve-ball at you to cheer you up

Lago Fael : Ué Eddie Murphy virou cantor de reggae? Se você não sabia como eu dá uma curtida aqui kkkkk

Igor Freitas Oliveira : Very very good! Messejana-Fortaleza-Ceará-Brasil.

Tony Amani : Mannn this track is hot 🔥🔥🔥 Eddie man I want to collab with you. I have some original songs that we can do.

Jay Boothe : 1,600 Jamaicans thought the dislike button was Dis I like.

Sania Crumbie : Wonderful song Eddie. Jah Bless. From Sania and Stephen Marshall.

Paul Denet : This is the reggae version of My Girl Wants to Party All the Time

Steve Asumadru : Very very good!. I believe the "funny man" has heard the cords that move Jah YiHaWuHa ALeHaYiM: YiSA Ha MeSYiCh!!! Ital brethren!!!

garvin harrison : When a black man finds the Truth there is nothing he can't do... Welcome Back Eddie to Creation😊

Unknownium Vids : Anybody getting chills (2019)

Michael Grenfell : Wot a fecking tune . One love 🎼💥💣💣💥

Blue Flower : We jamaicans love eddie murphy. Keep up the good work eddie. We would love to see u in jamaica doing more reggae music.

mcjango27 : Very impressive! I like it a lot & your movies too, Eddie Murphy. God bless you.

Imagine It : Jay Boothe 😂 Wow I must have taken a nap 😴 good to see you Eddie

Matt Franks : Stoned as f#$k and I find my favorite actor singing my favorite genres. ......Jah rasta Eddie ..Jah rasta.

Lucenator 69 : Awesome, my favorite cop ever gettin' the vibes from Jah !

ORIGINALTHINKA : lol. Eddie Murphy is a damn trip, Party All The Time and now Oh Jah, Jah. I must admit Oh Jah, Jah is good though.

Adeseye Inniss : Eddie Murphy really did his homework man nuff respect keep making hits

Michael Brewster : Hot damn Eddie you better do it man!!!

fjones1914 : I see a lot of folks forgot Eddie has been singing for years. He had a track with Shabba Ranks called "I was a King" back in the day.

Bastard Kitten : "And in the morning.. IM MAKIN EDIBLES!"

Garry Cosey : Awesome. Bring peacefulness back. Someone has awakened form the programming, Eddie Murphy Jah/ Yeshua bless you.

Dorie Tow : See what happens when you wait a few years? Awesome job Mr Ed!