The Old man silicone mask by Metamorphose masks Making and Unmasking

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Available at: Facebook @metamorphosemasks Instagram @metamorphose_masks Metamorphose masks Specializes in premium quality silicone masks, creature design and special effects for collectors, The Film and Haunt industry, and more...Our silicone masks will transform you into an award winning make-up in a matter of seconds! Welcome to the world of Metamorphose Masks. SHOP NOW! Metamorphose masks Specialize in premium quality silicone masks, creature design and special effects for collectors, The film and Haunt industry. Our silicone masks will transform you into an award winning make-up in a matter of seconds! Welcome to the world of Metamorphose masks. SHOP NOW!


Silas Moa : "and I would have gotten away with it, if it weren't for you meddling kids!"

Sam Nichol : Everyone else is thinking about ways to get away with murder and other crimes..while I was thinking about that senior discount anywhere you go 🤷🏻‍♀️

Loopyjoker97 : 0:42 the thing

Slave Holder : If you’re lazy to checkout their website, these masks cost $500-2000, price depends on amount of hair.

XanWasting : I knew it! DON'T BE FOOLED! The goverment might say otherwise, but this video is definite proof: humans exist, and they LIVE AMONGST US!

OrganicChemistry2 : That's how 2 Pac is roaming around nowadays.

Alexander : Pause at 0:44 That's me after 3 beers

tobo86 : Amazing how realistically that old guy took off his face

slicktheripper : Update: Don't buy this mask. This face is on the FBI most wanted list and Interpol. This character has a wrap sheet 10 miles long!

Lily Wolf : It's incredible! But also very terrifying, imagine if a criminal makes use of one...

nikos23a : Police Ok sir describe the suspect...

Dale4329 : That looks like Arthur from King of Queens

Trash Shinobi : Could I get one of my uncle. Gonna show up at his funeral wearing his clothes >:D

Chopsy The Homicidal Maniac : Think about this for a second. this is a mask that a CIVILIAN can make and sell for under a thousand dollars. which in today's money isn't all that much. think about what SPIES and other high ranking members in the Government can do with 20 or more Thousand Dollars of Tax Payer money?

name : Fake; the mask is a paid actor.

Mr. Butterworth : *This would be the perfect mask to hold up a bank teller with* 💰💰

Zrob : *Mission Impossible is all fa.....*

E2070Swn : Senior citizen discounts here I come!

christopher johnson : V I E J O L E S B I A N O

Thomas Anderson : Your misson, should you choose to accept...

Broc the metalhead : *now i can buy beer without id*

Trini4th : ^^ When you want a seat on the crowded bus

Freddie frisco : 0:16 What my girlfriend looks like without makeup

H. Hipocampo : My grandma wants to order The young and beauty woman silicone mask XDDDDDDDDD

Door-to-Door Hentai Salesman : I can use this to stalk the boyfriend of my wife.

SHOOK ETH : People are saying that “I can get away with murder” but the person you bought it from will probably report you....

Dimos Tychalas : I won't fall for that. We all know you gutted the poor man.

Imnotyt : *The Next Mission Impossible*


Maximum Casualties : Without mask - 1 lvl crook. *Puts mask on* 80 lvl boss. That's how mafia works!

Nightcore Mus8c : If i had that mask to do list Underage: 1.wear granpa's clothes 2.get dad's credit card some beer 4.go to a strip club 5.Gets scolded 😭😭 R.I.P

Mridul Ahi : Legend says the man trying the mask is wearing another mask

S C : Yeah. Mission impossible masks. Now I too can dangle outside top floors of skyscrapers and hang outside planes.

H. E. Finley Jr. : If these are available to the public, imagine what the government has.... these are frightening times to be alive. Everything has to be questioned now...

Khwām สุข Happiness : Omg you handsome and sooo cute 😱


DimaSTR : Finally, I can fucc Mia Khalifa. Order a mask and wife do the job.

Chris Clarkson : Under age to buy beer no problem borrow grandads clothes and off you pop to the boozer

love4lust7301 : Great... HoldUp Masks for sale

MsJoVega : За водкой заебись ходить, когда не продают еще

Master of Science : Looks like my grandfather's face... R.I.P papi.

Vaner Inaba : Mwu Deus que horror ! Parece muito verdadeiro é perfeito incrivel

Niteesh Katiyar : Ahhaa.... I knew you were from free city of Bravos and you live in that temple

EpicGameBoi : I can already hear the Mission Impossible theme

Yapool's Dimension : Much less creepy than those lifelike robots in the uncanny valley

Exvalos : 2.. Weeeks!!!

raul sully : Oh WOW it looks so real!

Bruno Ignatius Wartofsky (Student) : that old man mask looks has a familiar face

Еlоn Мusk : Mask for Musk, please